Vibram V-Run Review for Forefoot Running

hi everyone its better riches from run and today I’m going to be doing a minimalist running shoe review on the vibram fivefingers v-run. You need to let your feet drive your bio mechanics when you run and you really don’t get that in the traditional running shoes I think runners can do better if their feet can feel the ground which forces you to understand how your foot interacts with the ground this in turn will stimulate better movement reactions such as a landing with the forefoot strike not a heel strike during running and I really think the vibram v-run is a perfect example of giving your feet the highest and best use to allow you to make the most out of your foot ground interaction and less muscle force when you run. The V-Run by Vibram has so much to contribute to preventing injury and boosting running performance. The Vibram V-Run had a 4-mm thin EVA midsole plus a 2.5 millimeter Robert outsole which is thinner than many other Bieber running shoes and because of the thinness of the V runs your feet are better guided to be aware of how they connect with the ground when you can feel the ground when you can feel your footing you can put that ground feel into better mechanical action to land lighter on your foot and not with the heel strike during ready in the b-room be run is a fitting choice because the vibrams are after all a running shoe gear to mimicking barefoot running to help runners overcome injuries related to traditional running shoes and this is really how the vibra makes things better for runners the vibra be run replace the vibra tequila evo IV run is really a continuation of the tequila evo but just with the tad more upgrades and that the v run is more ventilated and his lighter van de Aquila evos and offers a smoother more responsive ride with the ground be run have a more durable outsole in the midsole is more padded as compared to the Bikila EVOs, the V-Run is more comfortably even better if you wear them with toe socks so they will become even warmer or cooler run the view runs also give great ground sense the soles of the toes have some structural reinforcements for added durability to keep the material in check so it doesn’t rip or come apart when you run long distances the upper of the V run is well perforated and the upper feels more actually sturdy than the Bikila EVO’s as well the v-runs really keep your feet cool during the summer so they sweat less the upper is stretchy because it is made of polyester lycra material which fills the shoe with lots of flexibility but what strikes me is that the v runs design is really sleek so they would probably fit perfectly for runners with normal to slightly narrow feet if you have super wide feet i would suggest checking out my Vibram KSO and Spyridon LS reviews which i will link below despite having more durable materials the v run isn’t weighed down the materials are still very lightweight the v run weghs around 4.8 ounces. Its sole has the right amount of cushioning not too much not too little but it’s not enough to satisfy the amount of sensory feedback you need at your feet to help you run properly. The v run has a great deal to offer to bring your bio mechanics, certainly reducing foot and leg pain but to gain stronger feet you need more than just good sensory input stimulating the feet you need a shoe that promotes and improve the natural range of motions of the foot ankle complex, and the v run is a smart investment for that as the lack of motion control structures and arch support is what really sets the v run as well as the other people five fingers running shoes in general apart from traditional running shoes your foot health is incredibly deprived in a traditional running shoe because they are too inflexible and give zero ground feel these factors add up to weak crippled and painful feet now getting back to why we’re testers including myself love the v run in that the outsole of the V run is thick enough to give nice protection from the pain of stepping on sharp rocks but ground feel isn’t compromised so you always have that good internal preparation for making later landing strategies when you run in the v runs because of the high level of durability the v run is a great marathon barefoot shoot the be run is great for running long distances on the roads you can wear the v runs on the treadmill if you are adamant treadmill runner weather-wise the v run is better suited for running in drier conditions overall the v run is incredibly comfortable you don’t get any hot spots when running in these shoes they are very comparable to the morale vapor glove to of Iran is of course 0 drop in construction so that means they are perfectly flat like a racing flat there is no he’ll elevation they are great for not only running on smooth roads but you can run on gravel roads as well in the v rents ultimately it is part of our DNA to run and two wrong long distances but I really think runners run this functionally because of the traditional running shoe which has overbearing amounts of cushioning and protection which has corrupted our natural innate biomechanics of ebrahim v runs will really help runners retreat back to restoring the natural default human running style that includes ready with the forefoot strike not a heel strike it’s becoming more clear that traditional running shoes never seen quite good enough for runners because eighty percent of runners get injured in these shoes because the vibra v runs provides a steady pipeline of sensory feedback at the feet gives you the means to respond appropriately in terms of your running form by making you more attentive with your footsteps when you run feeling your foot round interaction should really be at the forefront of injury prevention concerns because being able to feel the ground with good clarity be running the vibra v runs or any of the Bieber running shoes or any barefoot inspire running shoes for that matter makes you a more sensible runner with better and safer mechanical discipline to make sure you are as careful as possible to not he’ll strike when you run for sizing tip the v run does fit a little bit larger they seem to get bigger so try to choose one size smaller than your regular side for more information on how to run properly for more information on the health benefits of former running versus the health harming effects of heel strike reading please head over to my blog run perfect calm where you also find more of my reviews and recommendations on barefoot inspired but where that I feel are best suited for foot running and helping you correct he’ll start running and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date on all the latest research regarding the biomechanics of running and how to run with better running efficiency thanks for listening and watching helping out there on the road bye for now


  • Thanks! I was waiting for this review!

  • I have a warning for anyone with morton's toe do not use vibram five fingers. They gave me the only lasting injury that I have had in the past decade of running barefoot. I do have a video on my channel explaining why, but another reason I do not suggest anyone buy this type of shoe is part of understanding we do not NEED shoes to be a runner as well as the environmental and consumerism element. The company has become just as bad with their marketing and production as any of the big name brands promoting the new "colours" and the latest bling. Regards Russell

  • Hi Forefoot running, i just stumble into your site, and found it quite informative, but i believe u may have to really wear the shoe like for a period before u review it and not so much as in, u describe the shoe visually. Comments from the community is that the upper mesh is too soft and couldn't hold the foot in place, causing the front toe to hit the toe box. My honest opinion is, u can wear the shoe like for a month or two and run in longer miles first and review the shoe ? Thanks ! I am from Singapore 🙂

  • Loooove your review !!!! Thank you ! I just bought mine and can't wait to wear them . I have a question please . I live in Santa Monica CA. Do you think I will be good w the vrun or shall I try the vtrail or just bye both ? I loooooove Vibram . Been running in them since 2011 and ran the la marathon 2014 and running the 2018. I am a single mom of 4 and one of the reason I stay in shape and look forward to running are the Vibram .

  • Dat shoe collar.

  • If you want bone on bone arthritis of the knees then bare foot running shoes is thing for you; you'll love it and you can just be like me where eventually you can hardly walk from the car to the supermarket and when you get there you have to lean on the trolley to get around. Zero drop shoes yes but make sure they have plenty of cushioning

  • Horribly low audio

  • Hello! I am wanting a pair just for everyday use, no running but a lot of standing. Do you recommend to vrun or vtrail? which one has more support? Is one wider than the other?

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