Vibram Running Shoes Review: Rothman Institute’s Dr. Ross discusses running and foot health

Well Springtime always brings runners back
outside in force, but this year some are leaving behind something surprising: their sneakers. Instead, they’re slipping into a unique
new shoe. Eyewitness news report Ben Simmoneau shows
us. “For years, running has typically meant
wearing padded, sturdy shoes. But this year, more and more runners are going
bare bones, ditching their sneakers for this: a thin layer of rubber.” “Every time we get them we sell out.” “Running barefoot is not new. A small group of runners have done it for
decades. But this shoe is. Made by a company called Vibram, it’s called
Five Fingers. Omar Andoni at Benjamin Lovell shoes in Center
City can’t keep them in stock.” “It started as an outdoor sort of activity
shoe for people that like to do whitewater rafting, you know, water sports, go to the
beach, snorkel, swimming.” “But then, Pennsylvania author Christopher
McDougall in his book Born to Run, released last year, talked about how running barefoot
or in these shoes can prevent injury.” “They have really taken off. It moves with your foot so much that it just
takes– it is the shape of your foot. “Now if you think less shoe means the price
tag will be less, think again. These vibram shoes will still cost you about
80 to 90 bucks– just about the cost of regular running sneakers.” “The theory is that we were born without
shoes and we run without shoes. That’s how you run; you hit the ground,
you roll through.” “Orthopaedist Dr. Michael Ross says these
shoes can change that. They force you to run more carefully on the
midpoint of the foot. But don’t count on that, he says, to prevent
injury.” “The foot is a dome. It’s got an arch that goes this way and
an arch that also goes this way and if you need something to really support that arch
while you run, they’re not going to be for you.” “His advice– check them out if you want,
but just one step at a time. In Center City, Ben Simoneau, CBS 3 Eyewitness

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