Vibram KSO EVO Review for Forefoot Running

hi everyone its Bretta Riches here from Run and today I’m going to be doing a minimalist running shoe review for forefoot running i’m going to be reviewing the vibram fivefingers KSO EVO. Your running form is strongly influence on how well you can feel the ground with your feet and when your feet can feel the ground with good clarity this better prepares you to execute a less forceful footstep when you run and what I’ve learned based on my own experience is that you can go further when you run like this when you run away where you can feel the ground because when you feel where you’re stepping you are better able to attain and maintain good running mechanics that is efficient simply because you will have less intensified mechanical efforts. Important to recognize that activating the nerves in the bottom of the feet the wearing a super-thin running shoe gives you better cues to land properly on your foot when you run and this is what I really appreciate about the Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVOl because like most of the Vibram running shoes, the KSO EVO gives remarkable ground field helping you monitor your forefoot strike land being more clearly. They provide enormous health benefits because of the natural feeling of the shoe really fortifies your foot also enables your feet to strengthen relatively quickly which so nicely fits into the role of injury prevention when it comes to avoid running injuries you really want to make a strengthening your feet the first or your top priority and the kso evo x even my fingers is a really great fit to make your feet strong and exceptional let’s talk about my favorite specifications other where tensors have said that the kso evo is highly regarded as a minimal shoe that is the perfect blend of comfort and function you like the vibram kso ebo the vm fivefingers sprint you will enjoy the kinky soe bow because well the main difference of the kso evo is that they provide better warm for reading and cooler weather especially when you wear them with toe socks but they can also be worn in the summer as well for Speed sessions on the track or running indoors on the treadmill psoe bo has a 4.7 millimeter max outsole fitness and it gives you good ground feel allowing you to apply your best forefoot strike claiming when you run and the kso ebo has a big egg tread pattern on the outsole which makes them very appropriate for trail running as well as road running your outsole is also much thinner than the bieber fingers track overall the case of evil provides a superlight in smooth that they have good breathability for if you want to wear them during the summer shoes overall the structure is super flexible they give your feet full range of motion I’m good flexibility in the toes so they allow your toes to grip to any surface while you run in these shoes and this really helps directly stimulate toe strengths which is a great asset for overall balance control in landing stability when you’re running the toe box is also very wide because the upper is very stretchy so this allows for maximum dose play again for up adding better balance and energy return when your corporate running and because they allow the toes to function on their own independently this relieves toe pain because your toes become stronger the more you wear these shoes these are very incredibly comfortable in light and can barely feel that they’re on your feet because these running shoes have no arch support or stability features they immediately help your feet strengthen on their own the more you wear these shoes which will really help runners whoever pronate because they allow your feet to develop more muscle volume and this will give you better control of your feet during the stance phase of running and because these shoes will help correct severe overpronation this will in turn help reduce other forms of writing injuries like reducing me pain high degree of flexibility of the overall construction of the beam five fingers kso evo helps improve circulation throughout the entire foot especially the toes because the flexibility of the toe sockets allows for optimal deflection until extension and how do the vibram fivefingers kso evil compared to other veeram I finger models as well as other minimalist running shoes out there on the market well the people five fingers kso evil is thinner than the bikini lat Debose they have more padding though they have more padding in the kso evo classics but nonetheless you still retain a high degree of sensory stimulation on the bottom of the foot in the kso evo overall the kso ebo has a much lower profile so they’re more 0 dropped the most evil thing running shoes I would HIGHLY compare these shoes to the stock with g fours in back to the rubberized grip traction of the outsole of the video figure kso evil they have this zigzag tread patterns which handles very well on rocky and wet surfaces overall the shoe is very simple to put on and secure they are great for everyday use they’re perfect for all activities aside from running such as walking and hiking they provide overall great protection they’re machine washable the lacing system is very convenient because there’s added velcro to prevent the cord from moving around upper is very stretchable and adapt to your unique foot structure so if you have a bunion then these shoes will fit nicely over that essentially the bieber five fingers kso evo are the shoes that you really need to help rebuild your foot strength and our good resolution for fixing bad running form on a large scale and that you are instantly able to detect your foot strike and you’re more likely to land on your forefoot strike and avoid heel striking these shoes because they provide massive amounts of tactile stimulation in your initial reaction in these type of running shoes when you run the B from five fingers kso evo is to not he’ll strike they teach you to rein in your forceful impulses causing you to lighten up with your foot round interactions when you are running are a great tool to strengthen your feet because we meet at the heart of the problem for most runners and the lack of support features in the beaver by fingers kso is a big incentive to wear these shoes on a regular basis on a daily basis because these shoes are really all stars at rebuilding your feet and you’re going to have a better shot at avoiding running injuries when your feet are strong when you run into free you actually produce real results strong feet are the centerpiece of providing better protection against for example song feat don’t excessively over pony runners are always looking for answers as to how to correct overpronation or how to correct except of excessive pronation or under plantation owners are usually never satisfied with traditional running shoes because motion control stability running shoes cause the continuation of foot weakness your feet kick it stronger when they are constantly being externally supported me this is how they lose muscle volume they have less deliverable control over abnormal movements of the heel during running so you can definitely add overpronation to the list of reasons not to wear traditional running shoes more you wear the vibram fivefingers kso evil the more your feet they highly engaged which plays a huge part in enhancing intrinsic muscle strength within the foot so you want to make wearing them even five fingers kso the right strategy to strengthen your feet and to become more connected and in tune with how your feet are interacting with the ground you don’t end up landing to forcefully and there’s tons of research that suggests that the standard running shoe is the standard barrier forefoot strike revitalization a lot of runners who are injured are in line with this and this is one of the reasons why minimalist running shoes are very attractive to injured runners because of the fact that they make your feet more capable of developing strength at a faster rate and you and properly on your foot which helps reduce impact and when you can reduce impact and definitely you can reduce loads the body which will help you avoid injury and stay injury-free is one of the great outcomes of wearing the be my finger kso evo that has better transformational effect that don’t undermine your foot health and when you run with less impact the natural way this enhances comfort so that you don’t have to rely on wearing the Commission running shoes to be comfortable when you run but you always be much strong for when your feet are some more information on for burning vs he’ll start running please head on over to my blog run for comm where you will also find more reviews and recommendations on barefoot inspired footwear that I feel are best suited for forefoot running and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated on all the latest research regarding the biomechanics of running a couple of the road thanks for listening and watching bye for now

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