Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Evo Review for Forefoot Running

Hi everyone its Bretta Riches from RUN and today I’m going to be doing a minimalist running shoe review forefoot running. I’m going to be talking to you about the vibram fivefingers Bikila EVO. When your feet thrive your running form thrives as well. Not only that when you can feel the ground you can focus better on your forerfoot strike landing when you run helping you and more cautiously and when you can fully perceive and feel the ground and be fully conscious of how your foot’s interaction with the ground when you run, this is a strong stabilizing force to help you run strong and steady and this is why i really liked the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Evo not only for the shoes ability to protect and strengthen your feet but the Bikila EVO is a zero drop, grippy long-distance running shoe that has a long-standing record of reducing runners knee, improving symptoms of plantar fasciitis, alleviating shin splints as per anecdotal reports all over the web Llimited support features in the Bikila Evo’s makes them more qualified as a clinical tool to improve abnormal biomechanics, restore your foot function at its best, better posture alignment when you walk and run and Overall, results in less stress on the feet because the barefoot-nature of Bikila Evo’s stimulates healthy structural changes within the feet. In addition the outsole of the VFFs Bikila Evo is super thin but it’s not as thin as the VFFs kso classics but it is still thin enough to amplify sensory input or sensory feedback at the foot which is what your feet are actually thirsty for as the strengthening of the intrinsic musculature within the foot is heavily reliant on tactile or sensory stimulation on the nerves that line the bottom of the feet. This heightened sensory awareness at the feet is going to make it much easier for you to run with better forefoot strike accuracy when you run with low-level impact patterns. You can feel pebbles and other ground characteristics so these shoes do deliver clear ground-feel. The shoes are also a good alternative representation of running barefoot. What can be the VFF Bikila Evo’s be worn for ? The vibram fivefingers Bikila EVO re durable for running long distances on the roads so you can easily wear these shoes for the marathon and even longer distances as well as shorter distances. Many wear-[ testers love the vibram fivefingers Bikila Evo for 10 km and half-marathon distances they are also good for trail running but how does the Bikiola EVo compared to other be from five finger running shoes the bikini Evo’s are an upgrade of the bieber fivefingers makela LS because the vibram fivefingers tequila Evo’s are more durable in the outsole in the upper as well according to anywhere testers the tequila evil was rated one of vibrams most comfortable endless running shoes next to the beam five fingers kso classic of Aquila evil are lighter thinner and more flexible than the bieber fivefingers Komodo sports tequila Evos has eight millimeter maximum outsole thickness which is thinner fan from AMD evo which is V bronze marathon shoe became to eva has an 11 millimeter underfoot protection the key level is made of thicker materials on the upper the upper is made of heavier thicker material so you can look forward to wearing the bikini Evo’s for running and cooler weather despite the thickness and toughness of the upper be picky Evo’s upper is still stretchy so it wraps comfortably and conforms over your unique foot structure so they fit well if you have white feet or a bunion the upper is made of a polyester mash which is why upper is so flexible is also tear resistance especially at the toes the upper also has some 3m reflective strips so you stand out more when you run at night releasing cord makes the issue here you take on an easy to take off overall the shoe fits like a glove just like most vibram fivefingers running shoes the key labels can be worn for not only running on pavement and running on wet pavement as well but you can wear the bikini levels for running on the treadmill cross-country running walking boating weight training they’re so light it feels like you aren’t even wearing anything on your feet depending on the size the tequila Evo’s way about 4.2 announces their super durable so you can at least get about 400 miles without showing any signs of wearing you’re tearing on these shoes the toe sockets are slightly wider so they’re great if you have wide toes overall the thinness of the tequila evil provides good ground field which will really help you get the most out of your running one of the most important qualities of the tequila evo is that they have zero stability support and motion control features so they don’t have any type of possibility elements wearing a shoe that does not immobilize your feet improves your foot strength and will fundamentally advance your foot health making the tequila evil a sustainable solution to reshape your feet treating foot pain strengthening and heightening collapse arches your arches will get stronger if they are being supported one of the major things that really sets the demon five fingers apart from traditional running shoes is that their ability to prevent and help common running related injuries according to wear testers tequila Evo’s has helped with back pain pain plantar fasciitis and me pain and I find that a very helpful sign that the key level can do the same for you and I know you will reach the same conclusions if you try these shoes of Aquila evil really sets a president for being a complementary asset to the human foot by activating your feet not deactivating your feet like the traditional running shield based on the high injury rates and runners traditional running shoes clearly have an impressive record of delivering real results traditional running shoes have no place in our human evolution hence why running injuries are high and those who wear them because the traditional running shoe causes you to lose muscle power over time in your feet which of course limits you’re running performance and progress thankfully runners can liberate themselves from chronic running injuries with the barefoot inspired running shoes like from Aquila Evo’s which create a more natural climate for your feet to restore their natural functionality for more information on how to run properly these head over to my blog run perfect calm where you will learn about the health benefits of corporate running as well as the health harming effects of heel strike writing there you will also find my reviews and recommendations on more barefoot inspired but wherefore for running over get to subscribe to my youtube channel to be updated on all the latest research regarding the proper biomechanics of running thanks for listening and watching have fun out there on the roads bye for now

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