Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO Review – 2000 miles run in Vibrams

hi guys welcome back to the car clash Fitness now today I’m gonna be talking about my new toy and my new favorite toy and that’s the vibram makyla evo okay I’ve got going right here now quick explanation about why I’m one reviewing this product and who I am for those of you that haven’t already seen my videos I’m coming up to close to 2,000 miles now run in Vibrams over six pairs including these so I’ve gone through many many many pairs of Bakula’s so this was my first pair I love that let’s pay with the velcro didn’t particularly like that as much because the velcro at this perch my most recent pair sale by the way they’ve been worn a fair bit and my middle pair which I’ve got my half mountain PB so many pairs of Aquila’s there’s also been a pair of and spyro Dom off-road I don’t most my run is done on tarmac and paved services so I don’t do much trails so haven’t had too much where are those of always stuck to the Bakula vast majority my mileage is done in Bakula’s and as such have absolutely loved the blue heeler LS okay never had any issues at all with the per kilo LS absolutely loved it but this year it’s been replaced by the bucola Evo okay so minimalist running in my opinion is best done in Vibrams not only that I think running full stop is best done in Vibrams I think it’s the healthiest most efficient injury-free form of running that you can possibly have alright it’s making you run as if nature intended so your London on your on your forefoot your body weight is underneath year center of gravity and you’re pushing backwards rather than landing forward on your heel absorbing all the shock through your knees hips and pushing backwards with an inefficient strike okay now a lot of people especially with the original Vibrams were very concerned about the lack of padding now the first thing that’s apparent with the with the Bakula Evo is that there is slightly more padding and for a barefoot purist okay or barefoot not see as I like to call them they’re going to be immediately a put off and they probably won’t even consider this shoe and to be honest it did it did worry me a little bit when when I first got it one of my gripes with the vibram and Bakula the original model was that when running on on asphalt and tarmac all the time they do wear out because especially running at speed the heel does wear out quite quickly and for me obviously I do like the barefoot experience I want that and natural strike and I want to be able to have that soft cushioned landing that comes not from padded trainers but from actually from all those tendons and many many many tiny little bones in your foot and absorbing the impact as nature intended not through cuddly trainers so for me it was a concern but not a massive one I think it’s one one and 1.5 millimeters or something like that more so I think the back heel is around seven millimeters and padding whereas this is around eight eight and a half and to be honest I probably build that up in in hard skin on my feet and get rid of it and build it up again over the course of the year anyway so to be honest not a lot but it is it is noticeable there is more pad in there to be honest the quality of this shoe in my opinion is better than the original Vibram okay so it’s slightly heavier it is slightly more padded and but the quality in my opinion is better so I think they’re more durable they last better these were really done close to 100 miles and to be fair they look like new whereas before especially my wonky toes I’d be losing a lot of the padding and when we’re a little bit of this and material will be rubbing along the tarmac there so already a better value for money – in my opinion heels sorry foot strike wise the padding doesn’t really make a great little difference it’s marginally noticeable but you know a couple of miles a couple of K’s you used to it you know is it’s not that much of a difference and I think what actually does do is is reduces that fear factor for anyone that’s know that tiny bit of extra padding is going to help you and come in into the five rooms and for anyone that is experienced in running in the old book healers don’t be afraid don’t be put off by the slightly higher padding and it’s not going to make a difference at all hasn’t made a difference to me I’ve absolutely loved running in these trainers now what I think so they’ve they’ve increased the padding which I think reduces the barrier to entry for new people but one of the other barriers to entry for new runners that want to run in in Vibrams is the fact that they look a bit strange and I don’t think the Vibrams done any favors to themselves by making them so bright so for me I don’t care I went in a black pair I run in a bright pink pair if I had to I just buy whatever is the cheapest best deal on the internet I’ll comb it and I’ll buy regardless of price I don’t care what people think I don’t care you know and if everyone thinks I’m an idiot it makes absolutely no difference for me it’s not going to affect my run something to affect my times or my distance wouldn’t thing like that people can think whatever they want however most people don’t think like that so running along in a bright turquoise luminous yellow pair of Vibrams it’s going to attract more attention than it normally would a lot of people aren’t going to be comfortable that especially if you’re new to this type of running so a little bit of a barrier to entry but that’s again a personal choice and my advice would be if it’s if it’s the color that’s putting you off trying these or the brightness or what people will think put that to the back in mind these are the trainers that you want to be running in okay they’re they’re quick if you want to be quick they’re comfortable you’ll be injury free or you’ll have the most chance of being injury free running than these rather than highly padded heel striking trainers in my humble opinion these are the best barefoot running trainers out there I’ve tried a lot okay trust me I’ve tried a lot different pairs of of trainers barefoot trainers out there and innovate bury wrecks the Vipers these probably can’t seem that we’re in a minute New Balance minimus I’ve got two different pairs of those many many many many many different pairs of and they’re probably the best alternatives Vibrams are by far and away the best pair of shoe minimalist running injury free running that you can get okay you’re going to go up there you’re going to start enjoying the experience you’re going to build up slowly for anyone that’s already used to these you’re going to transition into them well I think they’re more comfortable in the original perky blurs it would take a little bit of time for the original sort and get supple and not rub my feet whereas these I put my feet straight into them start blasting out runs you know fast five K’s sixteen miners whatever it might be no problems at all no additional blisters or rubbing or having to get used to the new shoe absolutely brilliant product don’t worry about the additional padding try and put the gaudy colors to the back of your mind just put these on start running enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy you’re going to be injury free and you’re going to be smashing it so let’s keep this train rolling any questions any requests put them down below don’t forget to subscribe let’s keep it rolling


  • Hi , I was wandering about buying a minimilist shoe and I am stuck between the decision of getting bikila evo or lems primal , what is you're view , I want to do road running and trails

  • could you make a tutorial how to clean/wash the vibrams?

  • I've switched from Bikila LS to Bikila Evo and I just love them! I was worried that they were too cushioned, but they are just super!
    I agree with you, they are the best minimalist running shoes out there.
    Best wishes

  • By the way, I will order a pair of Bikila Evo WP when they become available. I am looking forward to having a little more protection when the snow starts falling!

  • If I was to start running in Vibrams which pair would you recommend starting out in ?

  • Hi Steve,
    I´m used to run on Bikila and Spyridon. I saw this EVO but some reviews I´ve read said its much less durable than the normal Bikila. What do u think about it?  Cheers 

  • Excellent video.  I brought mine in August off the net and man are they comfortable.

  • Transition was painful for me but it did help improve my running. After my legs got used to it, it feels natural. I feel that it even helped me correct my posture.

  • Hi! I bought a pair Lontra LS which was sadly to big and the sole was too thick and stiff for me, now I'm thinking about getting the Bikila EVO. I mainly want to run on pavement but also, because there's a nature park nearby, off-road and I also want to cycle and go on (small/casual) hikes with some friends. Would you recommend the Bik. Evo for those activities or should I look for another Vibram model? Thanks in advance! Great video!

  • steve, i have a pair of Adidas Jawpaw. is it something similar feel while running? because i can only last 3km before my feet hurt .. and yeah jawpaw is not design for runner. tq

  • Do they get uncomfortably hot when running on hot asphalt?

  • I'm not much of a runner, but I love being bare foot and walking. These work for that too I guess?

  • Hi Steve. I run in Kinvara 4 and my size is 8, for the Bikilas what size should I buy?  Thanks.

  • Getting my first pair of vibrams tomorrow, I don't care about the barrier of entry, I just want good quality and what is best for my body, this seems to got it.
    Good review, thank you.:>

  • Hi Steve.
    Thanks for the videos. I'm about to buy a pair of Bikila Evos as a result.
    Might seems a silly question, but I'm usually a size 8.5 (UK), but can only get 8 or 9 off Amazon (I have a voucher to use). Do you think I should go for tighter or looser? I've heard they can stretch.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi there, 
    thank you for your very informative video. I like having long walks and I've always bought (regular) running shoes cause I find them incredibly comfortable.
    Is walking good in the Bikila even if they're made for running? (like in regular shoes)
    And what happens when it starts raining? How do they handle small water ponds or rain from above?

  • Great video, and I also agree with you that the Vibrams are the best. I am a D1 collegiate runner and I've had shin issues the past 2 years. I switched to Vibram Bikilo EVOs a month ago and I have been injury-fee…EXCEPT, 2 days ago my achilles and soles muscles are hurting so I have taken 2 days off now and they're still a little sore. Any reason why this is happening? I went from running maybe 8 miles in a week in them and now this week I did 20…

  • Hi I just bought my Bikila EVO and I am from the Philippines. I wore it right away after I bought it and I did not feel any discomfort. 🙂 
    I will try this in my volleyball game on sunday and I know this shoes is also for indoor sports so I will try it, very excited!

  • Thanks for the info. Have you ever tried Topo Athletic shoes? they look like an interesting alternative. They look to be the closest to proper anatomical foot shaped shoes that I've seen in a more conventional shoe, some of them have separate big toe pockets some not but the actual shape looks good. Topo taken from Tony Post ex CEO of Vibram USA who left vibram to launch his own footwear company.

  • Fantastic review Steve, thankyou. I hadn't run in years and years after constant problems with Shin Splints really put me off, a few months ago I bought the Brooks Transcend 2, used them twice and seemed to be getting injuries (probably pushing it a bit hard purely out of wanting to run) – then, I read Born To Run and all the stuff about most modern running shoe designs being completely backwards with more and more cushioning. Then it all made sense. After hearing your feedback I'm really keen to get a pair of these EVOs or the Bakila LS (can still get on sale), which would be better? I consider myself a new runner since I haven't run for so long. I love running and want to be able to do it as injury free as possible. Any help much appreciated, cheers.

  • So true most people that I talk to (including other runners) think I'm crazy running with these shoes and I even have the bright yellow ones which attract even more attention. You can actually see people looking at your shoes, pointing fingers and whispering to each other. I don't care right now either but it did trouble me a bit when I first ran in these shoes but only for the first few miles.

    This is the shoe for me, I always had injuries in my hip and mostly shin splints those are all gone now. Before I had these I ran on Nike Free's 4.0 but it's not really the same. There's no shoe out there that beats the Vibram. When I walk on Vibrams now it feels like walking on cottonwool that's how comfortable they are for me.

  • It was a great review, thanks. As I can see, we are in the same club: I'm a FiveFinger runner with 2000+ miles at the counter. I'm 41, and during last weekend I ran my seventh marathon (in my original See-Ya) in 3h05' but now I questioned myself if a little change could be (in a pure performance point of view).

    If running with FiveFinger was SO efficient, why there's no elite runner use them?

    To be clear, I'm not looking to turn my back on the minimalism world, but may be look somewhere else like New Balance 1400v3 to add a performance perspective. What do you think about it?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your great reviews and the time you put in it.

    I just got the Bikila EVO as transition shoes to go minimalist. One question: have you ever experienced any problem (at the beginning) fitting in your fivefingers? I do have some pain between the little toe and the next one. Does it require some time to adapt the shoes and the morphology of the feet?

    I'd really appreciate your feedback

    From Belgium, Nicolas

  • Steve: do you also recommend the SEEYA LS? Thank you.

  • As a newbie to barefoot running, i've found your channel and i must say that i am so hyped about trying these on, Cheers!

  • Do you have a site that you recommend in the US that I should order Vibrams from?

  • Been looking at these since I did my first half marathon and at km 15 the bones in my sole were aching a lot!!
    (I've done over 30km but only on trails. This was my first run over 10km on pavement and I was wearing my usual city shoe, the KSO Evo, one of the thinnest 5fingers, only beaten by the MAIORI, wich I use for pavement too).

    Do you reckon the padding in these will be enough? I can run on Merrel trail gloves too, they are lightly padded and don't change my running form, but the lack of toe pockets makes my foot less secure inside the shoe going downhill and sometimes I get blisters from the shaffing around, so I really really would rather a pair of toe shoes! I was even considering a full marathon, but my foot simply doesn't have enough padding of it's own!

  • Hey, great review.
    I found V-Run model on the original website :

    Any ideas how it is different and comparing to Bikila EVO?
    V-run seems to cost ~20 USD more

    Appreciate any advice.

  • Nike Free 5.0?

  • Haha! I watched an older video of yours, asked a question, then found my answer in this video! Cheers! Thanks for advice and for trying out all those minimalists!!

  • Hi, thanks for the review I've just bought a pair.
    I would also recommend trying out the FREET 4+1 running shoes which are similar overall to fivefingers Bakilas but have only a separate pocket for the big toe and you can get them for under £40 if you watch out for their sales.
    Though I would avoid the ones with Poron midsoles & get the ones with EVA midsoles as mine separated from the sole after 100 miles and trapped water in them.

  • hey bro what pb did you achieve in you half marathon ?

  • hi, I've just come across your channel and think it's great! I tried minimalist running a few years ago with merrels and also just barefoot, but I overtrained and couldn't run for ages due to calf pain so dropped it, but would like to get back into it.

    why would you suggest vibrams over minimalist trainers or Barefoot?

    I thought half of the argument was that you never have to buy trainers and feel closest to the ground, why replicate what is already there? thanks mate 🙂

  • I only run 5k's and they are on concrete. Will any model of Vibrams do the job?

  • question? I have a pr of five fingers left shoe sides r coming unglued minimal use what do u recommend for repair? sorry off topic….love the videos

  • Should I also get the toe socks or do you run without socks

  • I bought them due to the colours!

  • hey, i'm going to buy a pair of those! i have 45 but i think it is better to buy 46?

  • Noticing that this video is a few years old, any comparable shoes to this model offered by Vibrams you reccomend?

  • Good review 👍

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