Vibram Five Finger Shoes Jaya Review for Forefoot Running

Hi everyone, its Bretta Riches from Run and today I’m going to be doing a minimalist running shoe review on the Vibram fivefingers jaya. The vibram fivefingers jaya is super-lightweight water slipper that is waterproof and is made of warm fabrics so it makes for a good winter running shoe. It’s an excellent forefoot running barefoot shoe that has been enough that allows you to maintain strong forefoot running mechanics and won’t threaten your bio mechanics as they would be threatened if you were to run in traditional running shoes Structurally the Jaya is made of tough fabric so they can be worn for marathons and even ultramarathons without having to worry about the shoe coming apart when you run. I really want you to stay focused on your forefoot strike landing because a proper for forefoot strike landing is what’s going to give you is efficient impact protection and support. You can really count on the VFFs minimalist running shoe for enabling you to clearly detect your foot strike landing to the best of your ability aside from running barefoot of course because of the lack of cushioning and unnatural support, these have no mechanical interference’s in the VFFs running shoes particularly in the vibram fivefingers jaya which gives you a rock steady natural feel of the ground so you are better able to evaluate your forefoot strike landing when you run and run with safer more efficient landing judgment but you don’t make the mistake of landing with a hard heell strike when you run. What I love about the Jaya is that it is strapless which is a refreshing change so there’s no fussing with laces or straps. Because the Jayass are strapless really enhance the glove like fit of the shoe that makes it easier to put the shoe on and take the shoe off and having no straps or laces and remove additional pressure off of the foot off the top of the foot so there’s nothing pressing against the top of your foot when you run. This is going to help with circulation throughout the entire foot I’m also thrilled to recommend the Jaya as a forefoot running shoe because although the JAYA may look more like a summer shoe the JAYA actually provides the warmth your feet needs to keep them warm during the winter especially if you wear these shoes with toe socks. The JAYA really scores points with minimalist shoe wear testers because of the 5 p millimeter thick outsole, the outsole of the Vibram JAYA is thinner than the vibram treks, thinner than the vibram Bikila Evo’s thinner than of Bikila LS, but they aren’t breathable as the Bikila LS and the JAYA is also thinner than Vibram KMD EVOs is one of the Vibrams thinner sole models that feels and physical slipper but the outsole of the JAYA is good because is better for fixing bad form it’s imperative to maintaining good posture and good sound running and walking mechanics. The JAYA is flexible like a true minimus barefoot running shoe but because of the extra underfoot rubber the JAYA isn’t as flexible as the VFF KSO classics but the JAYA does give good grip better than the vibram KSO classics, JAYA can be worn for running any distances, particularly on the road and the track. The JAYA is also great for the trails as the shoe does go hand-in-hand for aiding in balance and agility performance, they are great for rock climbing. The JAYA’s uniquely thin rubber outsole really sets the parameter for allowing extensive sensory feedback which could puts you on a faster track for again acquiring safe and efficient running mechanics the rubber outsole is also grippy which provides traction to be able to run on wet, icy surfaces the outsoles has these grippy rubberized pads which really do give good traction and puts the lid on slipping and handles well on rough surfaces as well as in the snow. The snow does not go through the fabric keeping your feet pretty dry. The upper of the JAYA s stretchy, it’s made out of nylon and the midsole itself is made out of an EVA liner which is a necessity for being able to provide a good fit to any unique foot structure overall the JAYA gives good barefoot effects, you get a lot more sensory feedback collected at the feet better than a traditional running shoe. The JAYA is incredibly comfortable and durable and they will certainly help you continue to build strong feet, which will help you build on your running performance progress by getting you out of your pain i have a high regard for the Jaya because they reverse the strength deficits of your foot imposed by the traditional running shoe. The thin outsole of the jaya doesn’t blur your perception of your foot strike and how you interact with the ground when you run so there’s a lot of high positives of the jayas that I think you will tremendously benefit from. If you are a traditional running shoe wear and are upset and frustrated with running the jaya can do more to help you achieve your fitness goals as the jaya, like going barefoot or wearing other barefoot running shoes resolves a lot of foot pain and ailments by making your feet work which penetrates good stress on the muscles, soft tissues and bones within the foot and of course being able to feel the ground brings so many mechanical strengths as well. There’s an understandable fear that people are less optimistic about wearing less protection on their feet but your feet need to start functioning and the only way to get them to do that is via barefoot conditioning and the jaya is ideal for helping in this effort. For a sizing tip because the jaya is tailored to get a mitten-like fit, make sure you choose one size or even two sizes larger than your normal size because they don’t have lacing or straps, they may fit more loose so choose a few sizes larger to be on the safe side! For more information on how to run properly please visit my blog RUN where you will find information about the health benefits of forefoot running as well as the health-harming effects of heel strike running. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up -to-date on all the latest research regarding the biomechanics of running and to read more reviews and recommendations on barefoot inspired for forefoot running Thanks for listening and watching have fun out there on the roads, bye for now!

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