Vasque Talus Ultra Dry Hiking Boot

We have got the men’s Talus Ultra Dry boot
by Vasque. This is a perfect day hiking boot that is pretty light weight, but also pretty
supportive. It is going to give you enough support for light back packing, but it is
light weight enough that it is going to flex with you and move with you if you are hiking
fast. The stand out feature of this boot, I think,
is just it has got a mainly leather upper. And you do have a pretty traditional look
with this boot. It almost has the look of, you know, an older style back packing boot
that you just got a full leather upper on there, but it doesn’t have the weight of
that type of boot. It is pretty light weight and it has got some mesh in the upper as well.
The waterproof protection here is Vasque’s ultra dry. So you are protected there from
water and from the elements. And, yeah, this boot is just a recall clean looking, comfortable
boot right out of the box. The boot doesn’t come up as high as traditional
back packing boots, but it certainly gives you enough ankle support for rugged trails. As you can see on the outside of the boot
there are overlays in key areas of the boot that would be subject to wear and tear a little
bit more, you know, here on the sides and on the outside, but overall a very clean look
there. And there are seven eyelets here, very durable. The top eyelet is metal and you can
really cinch that down. Just an added note: the boots do come with another color lace.
So you can change out the laces if you have a color preference. The sock liner on the inside of the boot does
come out so if you do have your own insoles that you need to swap in to the boot, those
come out really nicely. And just all in all the upper is very durable. Here at the toe cap you can’t see it on
the outside, but you have some added durability there on the outside of the toe cap and that
is just going to give you more protection against rocks and against rocky terrain. The foot bed of the shoe is a dual density
EVA. So you do have some comfort there and some cushioning and the mid sole of the shoe
is a molded polyurethane. So that gives you lots of support when you have got long days
on the trail. The outsole of the shoe is a Vibram outsole
and you have got some multidirectional lugs in here. So working your way up the shoe down
here at the heel you definitely have some lugs that are going to help, you know, breaking
lugs there. A little bit of a heel here in the middle and then as you work your way up
the shoe just really deep lugs, excellent traction on the trail going up and down hill. As with any leather boot you do need to break
it in a little bit. But because of the flex of this boot, it is pretty flexible right
out of the box. So, you know, you definitely doesn’t require that much break in time.
But all in all this is a really clean retro looking boot that is going to take you anywhere
from day hikes to light backpacking and for a really, really great value. It is the men’s
Talus Ultra Dry boot by Vasque.

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