Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boot

We are taking a look at the St. Elias Gortex
back packing boot by Vasque. This is a really burly, durable back packing boot that is going
to give you enough support and enough traction on the trail while also giving you a lot of
comfort and cushioning and just other protection on different types of terrain. Taking a look at the upper, this is a full
leather construction with new buck leather. And there are some overlays here that give
added durability in those spots where the boot is subject to wear and tear more than
other places. But you do have minimal stitch line so it is also a clean looking boot. As
you go around to the front you have a really nice durable toe rand. So, you know, against
rocks and against hitting your toes you are definitely going to have a lot of protection
there and just, again, that clean look going through the rest of the boot. You have got all metal eyelets as well going
all the way up to the top. So really burly design. You can really cinch those down and
get a dialed in fit with the eyelets and you have a Gortex liner throughout the shoe. So
protection there, water proof, breathable protection against rain, against rain, against
water, stream crossings, that sort of thing. Inside the boot you do have a sock liner that
is removable. So if you do need to use your own in soles you can take that out and replace
it with the one that you prefer. You have got an ASE midsole in this boot which basically
gives you the lightness and the comfort of EVA, but it has got the durability and the
support of polyurethane. So, you know, a very smart design with the midsole and the outsole
of this shoe. You have got a lot of different materials going on in there that basically
give you lots of support while also making the shoe flexible and as you hike and as you
move the shoe is going to move with you so it is not going to feel like a very rigid
back packing boot, but you do still have all of that support and that durability. The outsole of the shoe is a Vasque exclusive
Vibram Frontier outsole and basically they minimize the weight of the rubber here, while
also giving you a lot of traction on rugged terrain. The lugs here, you know, definitely
in the heel you have got some really nice lugs and a moderate sized heel going up, you
know, same story through the toe and through the top of the boot where you just have some
really nice breaking lugs. And, all in all, it keeps the weight down of the shoe, but
also provides a lot of durability and traction. This being a leather boot, it definitely requires
some break in time, but they are pretty comfortable right out of the box. With Vasque’s design
of this boot you have got a lot of durability, a lot of support, but all of the smart features
in this shoe keep the weight down. So you have got a really comfortable, really supportive
back packing boot at a great price. It is the men’s Saint Elias Gortex back
packing boot by Vasque.


  • Very disappointed in my Vasque Gore-Tex Hikers. Used for one (1) hike in rocky terraine and the "NewBuck" is slashed and cut. They look cheap and abused and will never make another hike. Very disappointed in these hikers.

  • Could someone please comment on the reply below from MRBAKERSKATZ …… Because ONE of these people is lying ???? either its a very durable boot as in the review or its not ???

  • Out of the box, these boots are smaller/narrower with smaller toe box compared to the discontinued Vasque Wasatch 7166 GTX backpacking boot. I wore a 10 medium in the 7166. The St. Elias GTX 7160 10 medium is to small. Have ordered size 10 wide. Hope they fit.

  • So what's your call on applying some sort of leather protector (e.g. Obenaufs) to these?

  • How does this boot you are showing compare to the Meindl Mens Buhutan MFS Walking Boot?

  • Just picked these up in 9/10 condition at a local thrift store for $13 ?‍♂️

  • In 2007 I bought a Vasque Breeze GTX, the original. With it during the same summer, I climbed all the highest peaks around Tahoe. Since then, I'd put hundreds of miles on it. Last time I used it was during this last New Years day where we climbed through ice and snow for the Cabane de Collatigues. Although its not very waterproof anymore, it's pretty much intact after more than 10 years of use! IMO, its just a shame that Vasque don't sell their boots here in the UK, cause this boots of mine became a bit short for my feet and I need a replacement.

  • I'm really vascillating between the St. Elias and the Lowa Renegade. Any pros and cons of each vs the other?

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