Vasque Men’s Snowblime Ultradry Insulated Boot

Built like a solid summer hiking boot, but
designed specifically for those cold wintery days, the Vasque Slowblime Ultradry is a good
option for winter activities. Let’s take a look at its fit and its features. First taking a look at the upper, we have
got a lot of things going on with this boot. We have got fully waterproof textile and leather
materials. So we have got really good dura-bility in that leather, really good weather protection
and it is fully waterproof with that ultra dry membrane. So we have got really good weather
protection there. Around the toe we have got a fully wrapped rubber toe ram so that gives
you really good protection when you are snow shoeing or doing any winter hiking, so nice
protection there. We do have fully metal hardware so really durable hardware on the boot, not
going to break down over time, definitely going to maintain its durability over a long
period of time. It has got a really nice D ring on the toe of the boot for gators so
you can easily attach gators to that D ring to make sure that the are snug and they stay
in place. So definitely an enhance-ment for those winter hikes. We do have a fleece collar on the boots so
that enhances that fit, enhances that comfort, a nice soft next to … kid of next to sock
feel there, also gives a little bit of extra insulation. And, speaking of insulation, there
are 200 grams of thinsulate insulation on the boot, so, again, designed for those winter
days, designed for that cold weather. This boot is cer-tainly designed to keep you nice
and toasty warm. Moving down to the mid sole we have got a
molded EVA midsole with a TPU shank, so you have got really good cushioning there with
that shank for some stiffness and protec-tion from any sharp rocks or roots or anything
you may be stepping on while you are out hiking. And the foot bed that is on the inside of
the boot is a dual density foot bed so you has got really nice cushioning there, so it
is going to give you some nice, soft com-fortable fit. So excellent fit and enhancements from
that foot bed, a very comfortable boot here. Moving down to the outsole we have got the
Vasque Venture Outsole and it has got a cold hold compound. So that is designed to maintain
its traction and maintain its grip on those colder surfaces, so you won’t be slipping
around as much on any frozen mud or any hard packed snow. It gets really good grip there.
You have got really nice aggressive lugs here that are going to provide a lot of grip when
you are outdoors. You have also got kind of a cool heal lock on the back. So it is kind
of a rubber kick. And that is designed to help keep those snowshoes on or help keep
anything on. Also you can kick the boots off pretty easily when you are back at home. So
got really nice durability enhancements to the boot all the way around, really good grip
on the bottom and a very comfortable midsole and foot bed. The Vasque Snowblime Ultradry is certainly
going to keep you dry, comfortable and warm when you are outdoors in the wintertime.

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