Vans Sandals – DIY – Shoe to Sandal Tutorial

In this video I will show you how to make sandals out of a pair of old Vans or similar shoes especially the one with the holes in the front because you don’t really want to use them any longer let’s start with the tools and materials I use I use a grinder and then I use some scissors, a very sharp knife, a needle and thread and some paint. here we have the old shoe. this is the front part we cutt, and this is the back part we will cut so let’s start now we will remove this rubber so it becomes flat also for the front part we remove the rubber part so it becomes flat as well for the front part I use the grinder but maybe you can also do it with a knife but the grinder is a bit more easy after the grinding there’s still some fabric left here I will cutt it away now so it looks more neat so it looks more neat then I try to clean it a little bit to remove all those kind of things next what I will do is sew this, this and this part. next step is to cut the laces because they’re a bit too long I’ll make a rope so the lace won’t slip out and when that’s done I will attach the lip to the rest of the shoe so it won’t fall down the sandal is ready now but we still need to clean it a bit more and then we paint it black so it will be shiny well; that’s it best walking free sandals in the world so that’s it thanks for so that’s it, thanks for watching if you have any other ideas or know how to improve it please let me know

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