Valerie Plante’s Flip-Flop on Mount Royal and more

Well we may finally see some common
sense from the folks at City Hall but we will have to wait and see if we are just
being played. Now Projet Montreall did a flip-flop which may turn into a belly
flop over the closing, or better put, the amputation of our road over the mountain. Yes there will be consultations although the mayor says the project will go ahead
June first. “we’re moving forward with a pilot the consultation that stores back
beforehand is not about deciding if there will be whether or not a pilot
there will be a pilot.” Seems to me like Projet Montreal has a whole crew of
pilots “flight two-zero-niner you are cleared for takeoff Roger huh
LA departure frequency one two three point nine err Roger
Request vector over but like to the zero Niner clear for vector at
three to four we have clearance clearance
Roger Roger what’s our vector Victor?” Well that’s the way this is beginning to
feel Churchill said “a fanatic is someone who won’t change his mind and can’t
change the subject.” Yes there will be consultations but from what it feels
like from here the fix is in. A word of advice – Valerie Plante your first 100
days have been marred by broken promises abdication of basic city services such
as snow removal and unilateral decisions based on ideology. Montrealers were
willing to give Projet Montreal a chance because they felt they were not being
listened to. If this keeps up this administration will be doomed but there
is still time there are some good and well-meaning people in Projet but a
progressive mayor from an earlier time named Jean Doré will forever be
remembered for his refusal to leave his cottage July 14th 1987 when Montreal was
hit by the worst flooding in its history These are still early days Madame
Plant but the tags stuck with Mayor Doré. Just saying. Also in the news this week the Quebec
government has plans to ban some of those awful sugary booze filled drinks
that teenagers take for a cheap drunk. Well it’s a good idea but why did it
take the death of a 14 year old before someone had the common sense to figure
out selling this poison wasn’t a great idea.
Now the PQ wants to raise the speed limits on our highways to 120 now most
people already drive 120 with a 100 limit push it to a 120 limit and drivers
will be flying down The 20 at 140 not particularly a well-thought-out idea.
More young drivers and moto riders will die also enforcement I don’t think we’ll
get very much better. Now politically would someone please help put the Bloc
out of its misery A new poll puts support at 12% an
historic low. 52 percent of Quebecers think that Martine my way or the
highway“ Ouellet should go. Federally the Tories have quietly crept up to tie the
Trudeau liberals in recent poll the honeymoon officially over for Justin
Trudeau it happened somewhere south of Mumbai. And the Prime Minister committed
another faux pas when he avoided meeting Belgian royalty visiting Ottawa this
week. It didn’t help the Canada greeted the royal couple with a German rather
than Belgian flag. Oh close but no cigar. The best photo of the week came when
rocket scientist Donald Trump jr. was campaigning in a chocolate factory in
Pennsylvania and he appeared to be interviewed by a giant Easter Bunny. Now
Trump jr. later joked it was a hard-hitting interview something tells
me he wasn’t totally joking. I am Barry Wilson you can follow us on Facebook and
Twitter and please subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t forget to
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  • I am so glad you have this forum to present your Postscript 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Mayor Valérie Plante really bugs me big time and she is just starting her mandate.

    Whenever I see this dishonest politician or hear her screechy voice, I either have to mute my electronic device or leave the room.

    I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that is actually repelled by her virtual or physical presence. I wonder if Ms. Plante is fully aware to what extent she is viscerally DESPISED by far too many Montrealers.

    It is indeed a tragedy of our electoral process that Montrealers do not have a 6-month trial period in which they can either confirm or terminate the mandate of their Mayor if they are not satisfied with the choice(s) that they have originally made at the ballot box.

  • Fuck motorcars.

    Long live bikes and public transit

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