Urdhva Prasarita Padasana: With a Yoga Sandal

Hi there, so in this video I’m going to show
you how to create… a yoga sandal! One of the presentations in the practice card
for Urdhva Prasarita Padasana I showed with a block between your thighs and your
ankles belted. It would be completely fine to literally just wrap a
belt around your ankles, make it nice and tight, do the belt up and have it nice
and tight like that. However, my teacher showed us, I study with Marlene Mawhinney at
Yoga Centre Toronto, and she has shown us how to create a yoga sandal, and it looks
like this. Okay, so you have a belt opened up and you place it like so, between the
big toe and second toe. Okay, and then you cross this little piece over like so, the
tail comes like this, and then you take this and wrap it all the way around your
ankle so it’s really nice and secure. And then, the buckle is perfectly in place
here so that you can then do up your belt. Okay, so you can do it up like this,
nice and tight, and what’s nice about this is that not only do you have the
reference around your ankles, but your big toes are coming together. Okay and so
you can get that nice breadth across the underside of your foot. You can certainly
work the pose just with your ankles tied, legs up and in that way. Or, at this point
you can do both, put the block in place and lay yourself down. So from here Urdhva Prasarita Padasana. From
the outer leg squeeze into the block and push the block away. In terms of the
feet, the ankles, here the big toes are touching. It’s almost like I’m trying to
hit out against the strap with my ankles so the ankles are hitting out but the
outer legs are coming in. It’s this weird push and pull kind of action. And then
from here, I quite like working with the arms over, okay, to get that extension, and
from here, extend extend okay when you’re if you’re working the lifting and
lowering of the legs, from the back of your legs raise the legs up and then
when you’re lowering the legs, lower the leg from the front of your leg. Okay,
anyway, that’s that – a block, a yoga sandal and lifting and lowering your legs. Try it
out, see how you make out. Namaste happy practicing!

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