Urad leather care products presentation

bjbj “6Nl Dynamique 9 Inc. Presents URAD,
a complete line of professional quality leather care products s start with Urad leather cream,
the all in one leather treatment, that cleans, moisturizes, protects and shines most leather
goods in one simple step. Urad comes with it s own applicator and as 2 lids for safe
traveling, because for the average user a jar like this can last 3 to 4 years! Urad
is a combination of natural and biodegradable ingredients. Its concentrated formula means
you use very little Always wipe it off the side of the jar and just with what s left,
you can almost finish one sleeve. Its lanoline oil will moisturize and revive colour and
its carnauba wax is a self-shining wax that brings back a high gloss without buffing.
Urad as been used for over 35 years by the finest leather manufactures in Italy, and
has won 5 time the prestigious primo quality award Here s another good example of what
you can do with Urad. It works great on white leather, it will clean grass stains on golf
shoes, running shoes and even do miracles with kids scuffed up shoes. If you were? to
get only one product, this is the one you want! It clean, shines protects and moisturizes;
it works on leather, vinyl, man made leather and on any colour from white to black; and
dries to a non greasy, non sticky finish in only a few seconds. Urad Neutral is very popular
with families because with one jar you can condition and shine all the family shoes.
But just in case you really need it its available in 8 different colours. Amongst Urad professional
leather care products is Tenderly, designed? to be all you need to care for your delicate
leather; it softens and conditions in one step. Tenderly restores that soft touch to
gloves, jackets, pants, and more you can actually feel the difference. It can also be used after
Urad on regular leather to soften and to help Urad dry even more quickly. This combination
of Urad and Tenderly will produce noticeable differences; In particular when used to care
for leather jackets and leather furniture. For specific but common use Aquila gentle
leather cleaner is recommended for monthly cleaning of leather furniture and car interior
leathers. It will prevent greasy dirt build up on headrests and harm rests.? And will
also clean suede and nubuck. Use Aquila regularly to complement your annual treatment with Urad
and Tenderly. Also for specific but common needs, Sahara Teflon waterproofing spray is
used on suede, leather and fabrics. Its industrial waterproofing agent will last 3 to 6 months
on winter boots and at least one year on furniture! Sahara is colourless and will not alter the
color of your leathers. Though we recommend you use a mask when you do this industrial
waterproofing and stain-proofing step, you will be rewarded with years of added life
span! Use Urad professional products. It s all your leather needs! Dominique B. Dupuis
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  • I bought an original '63 Pontiac Grand Prix with white interior. I noticed a red stain on one of the seats so I tried URAD on it. It took the stain off perfectly.

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