Under Armour UA SpeedForm® Fortis 2.1 SKU:8797321

What’s going on fellas? My name’s Joe and this is the SpeedForm® Fortis 2.1 from Under Armour Now these running shoe was built for the neutral to underpronate and it’s got a very lightweight design Has a 8 millimeter heel-to-toe differentials, giving you plenty of cushioning back there in the back You see those deep flex screws there as well giving a really nice movement out there on the road Breathable mesh, got some synthetic overlays, back here around the heel has a seamless design So it’s really gonna cut down on the irritation and the seams I’ve used on the inside too Very minimal to give you a socklike feel Now the outsole it’s got strategically placed rubber right where you need it Just remember when you put these guys on, you better run strong, they’re from Under Armour

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