what’s a monk again what he do what do
you do what’d he do do do and I’m back with another booth with the number 1
anywhere yes you have reached for market TV and I first want to thank all of my
new subscribers and supporters think out so much you hadn’t had a chance to go
back and look at the previous videos please take that time to do so I greatly
appreciate it and all to my right and I and yeah boy thank y’all so much for all
your support I greatly appreciate it now why you sitting there listening to me
hand waiting forget that laughing yeah yeah boy so go ahead and hit that like
button why are you doing it gonna hit that
subscribe button and turn it for me to greet me to crate and hit those posters
off hit that post notification bell so that you can be notified for every new
video premiere live every community post you heard me
then let’s get into this video my wife done did it again y’all excuse me well
I’ve been getting a lot of early Valentine’s juice I’m trying to turn it
over this box over so y’all wouldn’t get that Andrea so y’all want me you know
training come on roll up on somebody feel yeah cuz we got that heat up in
here you feel I mean I’m talking like the heat that keep you warm
ya know but hey you know what a buddy’s baseball bat can do right if you didn’t
check out that fall from grace by Tyler Perry yeah on their sleeve for what I
have here this is what I’m showing y’all to be a
part of the love that shown to me from my wife I can’t be happier y’all I
really am I can’t be happier I swear but but she’s been giving me early
Valentine’s I keep wanting to say Christmas early Valentine’s gifts I I’m
gonna have to put a picture on like on the community test so everyone can join
in with all the new Valentines early Valentine’s I’ve been getting so this
one I’m actually do a video on its unboxing and it’s a surprise to me as
well you know so I got my little I feel I want y’all to see cuz I want y’all to
see cuz I hope you I’m playing I’m surprised too if it’s what I think but
I’m hoping kind of like shit haven’t seen a dress I should marked it out of
but hey you know when I gets us excited to do a video and you know being able to
okay being able to be a show y’all and be a part of my world y’all to be a part
of me this is me y’all you feel me Hey so like I said my wife has been giving
me these new gifts early gifts and everything for family times we’re gonna
also take y’all on a trip with us we’re not Valentine’s Valentine’s shrimp
uh-huh we headed to st. Louis Missouri if you out there hit us up and get us
some new places to go to out there I’ve been before but she hasn’t so yeah
this time they’re gonna be a little quick video I got some good news – y’all
y’all my seed in the title I uh I don’t I haven’t decided on putting the title
just surprised y’all I probably put in the title so you know everybody can know
what the dealio with the for market TV you too
can you feel our job the drum roll yeah yeah let’s see do I
want to wait no wait I want to tell y’all something so we’re in the process
me and my wife whether y’all y’all know she helps me
out with my channel as well she’s the person in the background that is on the
support to me and the one that’s been looking into getting t-shirts for me for
this channel so we’ve got two prospects and we’re waiting to see their design of
the falaqa TV t-shirts which I’ll be coming real soon y’all I’ve been talking
about this oh my for a long time and I can’t be more excited
do you hear me t-shirts so man if you wanna go and put your name down DME o4
market TV and Instagram that’s Instagram and for market TV I’m so excited I’m
getting out twisted but yeah it’s for market TV DME if you want the t-shirt I
know you probably want to see it first of course and then I’m when I get those
shirts I’m gonna do another video let y’all see them and you decide which one
you want or if you want both they’re gonna be at least 20 to 25 we haven’t
decided on the amount yet but it’s going to be least 20 to 25 per shot I’m so
excited man good things coming in 2020 do you hear me clear vision baby yeah so
stay tuned it’s a knock around the doors I mean it’s so close y’all right now
we’re just waiting for them to get back with the designs so we can choose yeah
so let’s get into this oh I don’t know I don’t know cuz I know all of his clothes or what but fun right
wait oh my god oh my god oh my god I get the receipt cuz it probably has the
address on another Oh move a box oh please
okay first it is my key right is Mike your baby is my key
I don’t want to block the Nike swoosh oh I watch our CDs yes what it doe do you
not hear me oh my god oh my god oh my God look at me oh my god
yo let me oh oh yeah I hope man I hope y’all got CDs mm no
I’m a whole month just trying to get everything out the way Oh ain’t never glances on y’all the
other tell me how you have a blast soon I can’t see if let me see if it’s on
fire it look like it’s my size though I can’t I can’t see worth court I need my
glasses but these are my favorite y’all I’m yeah I’m telling you look you know
why I like these shoes for one it makes me a little taller yeah but okay thanks
I’ll fly Nike shocks y’all China look at it hey can y’all see I want y’all to see
it okay y’all see that look at the solution
right there a new Nike shop and they all black and red in the bottom inside oh thank you so much baby I know you’re
gonna be watching this soon thank you so so much my early Valentine’s gift I’m
gonna put on the community child the other early Valentine’s gift I just took
a picture of it I doing a video when I put it on my Instagram you might go see
it at my Instagram so don’t forget I forgot to say this at the beginning you
have to like comment in the first 10 minutes to get a shout out to get a
chance to be shout it out you also can be shouted out all in
grim I’m gonna be going live on Instagram soon and I’m gonna start doing
more lives on YouTube I gotta get busy oh it’s hard working two jobs and trying
to do the doggone thing I don’t know what what what what I didn’t do it
thumbnail but I’ll pick it out later I can’t show y’all news out there y’all
gotta see these where you keep the video but yeah don’t forget you gotta like
come in within you can’t just leave a comment in not life
you have to like and come in cuz I could tell how many comments and how many
lights if if there’s more comments than like somebody is not like in man Oh
cramp program yeah yeah but we’ve got to do
the shoutout hey so like I said so if you want to be shouted out you had the
following on Instagram that’s it for market TV to like and comment within 10
minutes of the video being published for a chance to be shouting out young and I
always do at least three and the main person who got to the video the first so
it’d be a total of four now why I know my cousin is looking at this she watches
this and she’s been telling me she wants a shout out yeah caring wonder what I
don’t even know if you wanted me to say your whole name cuz but caring you know
you know you know what he do yeah yeah she doesn’t have a channel but that’s my
cousin she’s a singer and she loves God Carrie shout-out to you
oh yeah thank you for all your support I appreciate it
good okay I’m trying fan oh shoot I’m trying to find I’ve got them write them
down yo you know I get excited I don’t wanna act excursion
I know y’all probably in today hey earlier trying to watch what I eat y’all
and that’s hard to do that’s hard to do well we bout to find
out who done shout outs go to we already know you gotta cook okay all right let’s
see now you can’t just like and not coming and think you’re gonna get a shot
at cuz I’m gonna know you are to be shouted out what you got to do follow me
on instagram x4 market TV then what you got to do out there you got to what what
what oh got this afro up on there y’all now I’ve looked up this guy right here
he doesn’t have a channel but I look I’m assumin ISM a male I don’t know but the
first shout-out goes to him and he is do another one he was the first one to go
on to the video n said first Gordon groaning you just been shot I don’t
shout it out on four month of TV alright second yeah y’all letting these people
beat ya’ll getting shout it out y’all then yeah
hey it’s only up one other person oh fuck me
cut it the comment goes to I need to comment the shout out and she keeps
getting out yeah man y’all keep letting a beat ya’ll y’all keep letting a beat
child diamond give her east she has a channel y’all very very good content
open and check her out to do that do that do that go over and check that out
her name is going up right there you can feel me you feel me
alright all these other people y’all coming in what four or five days after
so but I do want to apologize again – Korey bomb I know I said in that video
where I need to say cheese challenge go check it out is to say cheese challenge
created by a court ball I do want to apologize again because I say Corre bail
but I meant to say Corre ball he created it go check his channel out hey
so we backed it man I am so excited y’all oh you know I wear nice to my
second job not to miss these but my day job my day job my day job I’m when we’re
not go third today is Tuesday you’re gonna see this video today Tuesday
Thursday I’m gonna be we need to work I’m gonna wear tomorrow when I go to the
eye doctor yeah baby so I think we got it all down pat on how to get shouted
out and you know and don’t forget about the t-shirts y’all a family if you don’t
care if you you already know no matter how looks you give me DM me so that I
would know how many shirts they’re gone and put in order y’all forever you can
hit me up on my Instagram deal or you could try me out on Facebook
under my my name is under for Michael Collins I ain’t ashamed to say my name
or my ecology feeling because hey you could deviate many on there if you want
a shirt yeah baby and like I said we haven’t decided on a exact price but we
do believe 20 to 25 and I think y’all for joining me again to here again today
here on for maka TV that’s fama c8 t v– yeah bye and and if you still hadn’t had
a chance to hit that like button cuz she was so in tune to the video and you just
didn’t want to turn away look for the like button don’t hit that like button
go ahead and hit that subscribe button and turn on those post notifications
yeah baby for a chance to be shouted out and as you know hey gonna share with
your friends share with everybody you know about for market TV we up and
coming baby we on the rise 20/20 we here baby yeah like he’s saying that yeah but
as you all know we owe ya peace you



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