Unboxing My COMMAND Custom Italian Leather Shoes

Hey everybody its Nabeel Mulla with you
here again today and today I’m super excited to show you my new sneakers that
just came to me. These are the first pair delivered. These are called COMMAND and
these are a collaboration with the fine folks from Alive Shoes. So, these guys
came from Italy I’m in the United States I can’t wait to open them up and let’s
see what’s inside. So coming from Italy that’s a long way and this box is in
impeccable condition so I know the shoes inside will be in just as good
condition. So here they are. Not only is the box super cool but it comes
gift-wrapped with the COMMAND logo sticker right there on the outside of
the paper. This is a custom box. It’s almost a shame to take the paper off
because it looks good just as it is. So exciting! Oh yeah, here it is. Check out
that box. There you go, you’ve got the COMMAND logo right there in the front there it is on the back it’s got my name
on, it the limited-edition number. There you’ve got a picture of the shoe with the
size. This box feels great this is a super high quality box and unlike the
typical shoe box that you just lift up the lid this one has a magnetic closure
in the front just pop that open and there you go. More paper inside and the
smell of leather oh my gosh that smells so good and each shoe comes individually
wrapped in plastic here they are. Set the box aside for
right now. All right ho ho guys if you could feel this
leather right now it is so soft How do you like those gold soles? Got
some nice bling to the basic dark blue so let me get into some details here for
you so as you can see up here you’ve got the COMMAND logo. These are classic retro
style high tops full leather everywhere except for the sole. We’ve got yellow
stitching with the gold bottom and here you can see the soles. Now I have to
point out that these are not for playing basketball in. The soles on these are
really slick. We’re talking like brand-new dress shoes slick. So it’s
gonna take some scuffing to get these worked in and so you’re not slipping and
sliding out on the street on the sidewalks. But they look so good this gold is like
the color of C-3PO. Fantastic. Alright and then on the inside let me show you here got this design inside the tongue if you
can see that and these are indeed made in Italy. Shipped straight from Italy to me.
When you order these, the shipping is included which is awesome. That’s why
that’s part of the reason why it’s such a high price the other reason for the
price is that well first of all they’re limited edition and second of all these
are all handmade and if I’m going to have shoes handmade I can’t think of a
better place than Italy to have them handmade. So here they are. What do you
think? Leave a comment down below. Do you like the look of them? When I designed
these I had Star Trek Discovery in mind. All the
commanders on that show wear this color boot with the gold soles. Others other
people have either bronze or silver soles but I thought this was super cool I’m gonna try these on
first of all you see the way they come laced which a lot of the shoe companies
like to lace up their sneakers in fashionable ways which are not always
the most practical so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep mine laced like this
or not it looks cool but it’s a little weird for getting them tight and things
like that so let me slip one of these on and see see if the fit is true. Normally
I wear size eleven and a half to twelve usually 11 and a half as my best fit so
that’s what I got here. Please excuse me while I try these on. All right, off comes
the grungy old Adidas Silvers and into something a little sleeker. So here they
are on my feet .What do you think? Do you like the look of them? Is that something
that you would ever wear? Let me know in the comments down below I think they look pretty sweet I’m super
happy with the way they came out now like I said these are 11 and a half
which is my normal size and they fit great they there’s plenty of toe room
and if I’d have to say the width is the width is normal – maybe a little bit
narrow alright and these are pure leather these are gonna these are
already comfortable to wear and they’re just going to get more comfortable as
they break in. So there they are! How do you like them? Let me know I can take it
if you don’t like them believe me I designed another pair a
couple of years ago in collaboration with the live shoes and I put the video
on here and I got crazy remarks now keep in mind these are crazy shoes that I
designed the last time they were meant for a specific purpose which was Disney
I went with Disney colors for them so that whenever I’m in my Disney scheme
actually you can see my picture my profile picture I’m wearing those shoes
they’re bright yellow with blue soles and red accents and they were out there
I will be the first to admit they were out there but they serve my purpose well
and they’re still comfortable and they still look great these much more
laid-back and casual I call them retro futuristic so yeah I’m
not gonna be playing any ball on these these are definitely just chill shoes I
hope you like them I hope you liked this video and if you want to subscribe go
ahead and subscribe that would be awesome!
I would super appreciate that. And if you like the shoes maybe you want to give
the video a thumbs up that’s always nice too – I appreciate those those likes
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you want to if you want to break my heart that’s fine that’s cool okay so
anyway it’s on to the next video for me so I’ll see you there


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