UNBOXING: INSANE adidas BOOST Sneaker Package From Pharrell Williams’ Collection

Hey guys what’s popping Jacques Slade here back with another unboxing and today I have something Massive for you guys. I don’t know exactly what’s in this box I do know it’s from adidas, but usually I get something from adidas It says adidas soccer or adidas basketball or adidas originals This one literally just said adidas, and it’s this huge box and it is heavy It has a lot of weight to it. I’m not exactly sure what’s in it, but that’s why we’re here, right? We’re here to do the unboxing to see What’s inside the box so without further ado let’s get right to it I mean this box is literally packed to the gills I don’t know if you can see but like it’s bulged here in the middle. There’s like Whatever is in here is packed to the very tip-top of the box which is fun I guess it exciting I don’t cuz I like I literally have no idea I wonder I wonder if it’s like from like making like adidas like I Don’t know lacrosse football volleyball adidas has the new volleyball thing. I saw today oh Okay, the box is literally opening by itself Alright, so it looks like this is some sort of camo stuff I don’t know. I think I’m gonna take the box down and we’ll just go or maybe not let’s go through so this is a backpack Looks like there’s some some gear here, and then there’s this What is this oh? My god oh, this is some Pharrell stuff. Oh, okay, let’s Oh there’s bells or something inside Alright, let’s start with the gear first, and then we’ll get to what’s inside of here Oh man, wow look at this? Alright first, let’s start with the gear see what we have here Looks like this is a jacket, oh This is dope oh, this is nice. Oh look at that Oh, it’s dope has like it’s a turquoise, but it has like this like almost like tribal hhahahahahahahahahah wtf That’s dope so this is all Pharrell Williams Gear very very dope and then the pants looks like these are pants. These are actually camping so yeah So these are actual like Camping pants like to go camping in. That’s crazy It’s really dope though Big shout-out to Adidas and Pharrell and they have these crazy patches on them. There’s one of the earth There are some constellations and obviously the tent with the rainbows And they all have like Pharrell’s signature bright colors mixed in with them that looks really cool. That’s really cool That’s awesome. So these are the pants these pants if you’re interested these pants are called the human cargo pants so they’re of Pharrell’s human collection these are called cargo pants, and this is the Hu pack WB Maybe just jacket the WB hu jacket all part of his like camping outdoor collection and this oh I like oh look at that. That’s fire. So this looks like it is a sweatshirt. It’s a crew hoodie. Oh That’s dope it’s the hiking clouds moon Soul and walk all this is really really dope so let’s check out the back look at the back there It has everything there on the back that is fire. Oh That’s so dope Very clean nicely done adidas nicely nicely done. I like that I think I’m actually I am headed to London I think I’m gonna actually wear this to London cuz that’s fire, and then it looks like there is a jacket as well same sort of thing on the back Has that same hu human stuff on the back? And then as you can see here the print actually changes the camo print So there’s two different camo prints here on the jacket and this jacket is actually padded, so there’s a little bit of cushioning So it’s almost like a one of those puffy jackets But it has a little padding so I’ll throw this on real quick. I really like the way this jacket looks It’s reversible as well, so it’s a reversible jacket So if you wanted to go with just the plain brown You could rock it this way and then have the little accent of color Right there. That’s very cool, and then a little colour pop on the collar or if you wanted to wear with the adidas all-out You could rock it with the adidas all-out with all the words on the back, which I really like that’s really clean That’s really don’t I really like this this is fly so check out all the info on the back Very very cool, and then there’s also a backpack Has the human hiking clouds moon Salil solo solo the lily, I don’t know I’ll here says the brand with three stripes And then the German version of those words, I don’t speak German has two nice two big pockets here I wonder if they have a laptop compartment in here this would be dope to carry like the laptop in Let’s take a look inside and this backpack is just called the outdoor Backpack as part of the Pharrell human collection has these nice roped Holders are roped hinges for the for the top that you can hold on to It’s like braided rope here at the top very nice. Then like these really thick tags It’s a very cool touch there and then inside here is another jacket Nice, so this does have a laptop compartment in there And it’s quite roomy to throw your stuff in there if you wanna throw some stuff in there very roomy nice and big and roomy And so then they have another jacket here this jacket is called the winter jacket very Clean has the three stripes On the sleeves and again. This is looks like a goose down or feather down jacket is what they call them And then on the inside Same same sort of thing where it’s reversible has the adidas logo there And if you don’t want to wear it with a camo you can go with just the brown Which is a very cool look as well Kind of like that as well So I kind of prefer this look like the coach’s jacket. I think this one, but this one is dope as well. I like that And then so they’re on the inside if you wanted to rock with that on the inside Or if you wanted to rock with that on the back. Alright, let’s switch up jackets real quick Yeah, nice big keep you nice and warm. Oh, I like this look too not mad at that look either alright alright this is nice, and then the back there has the letter in the Hiking and all that stuff there in the back The reversible pockets, there’s a pocket here zippered pockets there zipper button pockets here And then you can tighten it up a little bit here little elastic around at the bottom very nice very nice touch Thank you with you this. Oh my gosh. This is amazing alright now for the big box So this is Insane so it’s a big huge wooden box Has Pharrell and Adidas right there on the front and now it’s time for a thumbnail All right now then with that let’s take a look inside and see what we have This looks pretty insane you see that up there. Do you guys see that up there you see it look at that alright? Let’s open this up and see and this is like this is all wood Just open this up and see Oh Nice Oh there was a bell as I told you guys ah This is pretty cool. Oh, that’s very dope That’s very cool. Hold on and set this down Alright, so inside it looks like we have some climbing rope believe that’s what this called climbing rope. There’s a Moleskin I call these a moleskin Don’t know if that’s the official word for them, but like a blank notebook very dope very clean. There is a water bottle Adidas branded water bottle adidas Pharrell all part of these. There’s a bell Literally a bell in case you get lost. There’s a I believe it’s a flashlight. Oh, no these are Matches in case you’re lost in the woods. You need to start a fire which is in it’s waterproof There is a compass as well and these are I don’t know. What these are I’ll be honest with you guys stainless steel Bérenger I believe these are what you tie to the rope or a tent There is a first-aid kit as well with band-aids sting relief medicated pads Band-aids stuff like that and then it looks like there is a battery. It’s in an Adidas brand and cell phone charger now Let’s take the final look At the sneakers put all this down take the shoes out of the box put those here So this is the adidas hu this is the human race NMD trail so a part of the whole outdoor Trail series, so let’s take a look inside and see there’s actually a note here Jacques Great cloud body clouds from adidas inspired by the human nature to explore Hu hiking so hiking outdoor trail pack very cool the shoe The brown pair I love these and the one says Breathe very nice so this is actually going to be my first pair of Pharrell’s Pharrell’s NMD’s, and this one. Says walk, so let’s take a look at the Details on these so obviously they have this tan upper that come with an extra pair of laces These are purple, and then it come naturally with blue Then it has the orange and then the white boost as you can see there’s a ton of boost one here And these are heavy I’ve had NMD’s. I have other NMD’s These are really really heavy, and you can see it from the outsole. This is an extra thick outsole This isn’t like the Continental out soles that you usually get like on the ultra boost or any of the other NMDs These are thick this I would say this outsole is at least three or Four maybe five times as thick as the usual outsole, and then these have a lot of weight to them They these are like legitimately heavy. I don’t know what the difference is. I imagine it’s part of this the outsole Maybe it’s the boost or just the materials that they use maybe they use materials that are a lot thicker and stronger for this then they have the Usual out insoles that you see on Pharrell stuff that have like the body are parts of the body on the insoles But these man this outsole is just so thick it’s so crazy it’s so thick and then they have obviously walk and breathe and then they have the blue laces and very nice and then on the Rear you have the Pharrell logo and the adidas logo So this again is part of the hiking set these actually released I believe a few weeks ago or a week or so ago So if you are interested in these I believe some of this stuff is still available, so yes Let’s take a quick look at everything that was in side the Box There was the shoes which are really the most important part in my opinion the walk And the breathe very nice the water bottle the string the battery and the first aid kit There was the reversible winter jacket. This is kind of like this is more of the coach’s jacket There was the backpack there was also the sweatshirt that shares the same camo print and the Camping cargo pants the brown camping cargo pants if you’re into that camping life We have the this kind of a raincoat the overcoat the overcoat jacket You can fold this up and basically make it disappear all right guys, but that being said I’m Jacques Slade. This is the incredible Pharrell package from adidas Thank you guys really appreciate that as always guys Make sure you like favorite and subscribe Make sure you stay tuned because I have some really dope stuff coming up for you guys in the next couple of days I’m Jacques Slade, and I’ll see you soon peace


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