Uma Slipper Clutch (5 spring) Full Review – Yamaha Sniper 150 (Eng. Sub)

Good morning Ka-Gala!! I’m going to test something on my bike and guess what it is… what is this? It’s UMA slipper clutch and UMA clutch disc. what do you think the performance of this in our bikes? (Yamaha Sniper 150) I’m so excited to know if this upgrades will improve the performance of my bike. Slipper clutch baby!!! its also like your using “hyper clutch” too because it is 5 spring. this is the one! so go with me at Yamaha shop if they allow me to install this upgrades on my bike. and after that, Im going to test drive my bike righ away at Sierra Madre mountains twisties. I’m so excited, Let’s go!!!!! I’ve been at Yamaha service center and I ask them to install my slipper clutch set to them luckily… they allowed me to install the slipper clutch set for me. the problem they dont allow me to take videos while doing it. because its has CCTV on that place and they dnt allow upgrades for they bike they only recommend the genuine parts of YAMAHA. and I’m here to test the performance Im so thrilled right now to experiece the slipper clutch mostly in Sniper 150. and because I have not seen any reviews of UMA slipper clutch for sniper 150 on the internet or youtube so I decided to be the 1st one to do it here in PH. coz I can’t find any in FB and youtube there is some installations but about review are none. so I got balls to do upgrades lol. so I dnt know if its gonna work or not but still im going to try. Im with my bike “Kickass” his name is Kickass by the way so good luck to us we’ll see the performance and Im excited now. I hope there is no “Kamote riders” right now or else wer dead. lol what are we waiting for… lets go!!! oh yeahhhh!!! big bikess.. and another one!!! whoahhhhhh yeahh lets go back to the review of UMA slipper clutch as you can see i’ve just tested it in twisties of mountain of Sierra Madre. and so effective, you can feel the difference from stock clutch to slipper clutch 1st you will noticed is the clutch lever it;s little bit hard to press compared to stock clutch for daily commuters, and you been using the stock clutch for long time you will notice right away the clutch lever because its going to be more hard to squeeze I think the downside of this is in the long run of using it mosly in long rides. much better to bring an extra clutch cable coz its like it going to snap anytime. its not to much but.. in everyday using it.. for sure its possible to damage the cable will stressed and its gonna snap its gonna be a big problem for sure. but Im not sure of that, not unless your regularly maintain your bike and one more thing i’ve notice is.. its not just a slipper clutch, it is also a combination of slipper clutch and hyper clutch it is because technically ohhh shooot!!! its because the hyper clutch are also 5 springs or 6 racing springs so its the same as UMA slipper clutch the performance are the same coz before I also tried the racing springs so its a big diffrence. hey zup guys!!! let’s go back technically 1st thing you will notice when you change gear from 1 to 2nd is the acceleration its’ like your riding a wild horse. which is I like.. lol its scary right!! if your not into a fast acceleration like this this is dangerous for you its gonna kill you. because its going to be aggresive. lol in down shifting you can feel the difference from the stock mostly in double downshifting abruptly on stock you can feel the rear locked tire on slipper clutch it was eliminated or minimal Hi paps!! it has been minimal while down shifting performance? its superb!! there is no problem in performance and accelerations it is more responsive now compared to stock clutch I really can do the jump here lol ovel all review is two tumbs up for sure there is a down side for this the first thing will suffer in your bike for sure is your tires. because of sudden acceleration 2nd is the clutch cable but I hope is not there is possibility the cable snap and then Im not sure about the clutch disc but Im sure in the long run too but if you have budget for that, its a problem just replace them in time I try double shift love it!!! yeahh baby!!! minimal rear tire locked in downshifting acceleration is good and when you do the rev matching ,its going to be more smooth in cornerring lets try again whoahhh lets try here in strech up hill whoahhhh!!! double down shift!!! 3 downshift!!! ohh yeahh baby!!! smooooth cornerring!! lol Im so happy and contented for this review because u know why? I only tried the slipper clutch on BIGBIKES. thats why after installation of this on my bike.. I said “I MUST TRY IT RIGHT NOW!!” cos I wanna experience the feels of using bigbikes on my sniper 150.. u know that!!!! ahahahaah whoahhhh approved!!! no problem…!!! until next time thank you so much guyss dnt forget to subscribeto my channel your always updated on my channel whoahhh always remember always ride safe guys.. bye


  • lupit m elyong..

  • Recommended po ba yan pang araw araw na byahe from bulacan to makati diba makaka ngalay sa kamay kung matigas yung clutch?

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  • idol

  • Nays neym kekass!

  • Magkano po ba yung slipper clutch paps?

  • good day paps salamat SA slipper clutch review mo Kasi gustong gusto ko na ting magslipper clutch hehehehe… if SA cable medyo tumigas dapat palitan Ng bago Kasi fully lubricated Ang bahong clutch cable… Kasi daliy user ako Ng motor Kong SNIPER. at slipper clutch Ang gagamitin instead SA hyper xlutch

  • paps para medyo lumambot Ang clutching cgeo maghydraulic clutching cgeo paps para lumambot ???

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  • ganda ng review mo paps, sobra helpful hehe ride safe lagi

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  • nawala b un helicopter noise

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  • Sir lumakas ba ung hatak??

  • Nice review paps! ECU ka ba? Parang walang rev limiter na paps eh. 😀

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