Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

(happy pop rock music) – [voiceover] Rugged Dog Boots for active, hard-charging dogs when extra sole protection is needed. This is the boot for
hunters, urban settings on asphalt or concrete,
rocks or gravel, and snow. In red, black, or orange
water-resistant polyester, in four sizes with a recycled-tire sole that is flexible and skid resistant. With two straps, the
top strap seals the boot and the bottom pulls in
the opposite direction to really tighten. This patented boot opens wide with foam pads front and back. The pads work with the dog’s anatomy above the metacarpal or metatarsal pad. When compressed, the pads
lock the boots in place for comfortable fit. To put on the boots, open the two straps and expand the sides
seams forming an O shape. Slip the paw all the way into the boot, turning slightly to
slip past the foam pads. Tighten the lower strap
first, then the top. Check the boots periodically during use and re-tighten as needed. For dogs that are between sizes, or for additional warmth, we recommend using a Doggie
Sock inside the dog boot. In heavy brush, some customers use tape to cover the Velcro strap so they don’t get snagged on the brush. There’s no ideal solution yet
for dogs that drag their paws, but customers coat the toe with Shoe Goo for added protection
from abrasive surfaces. To extend the life of your
boots, apply Shoe Goo, or a similar product, to
patch small holes in the sole that can appear with wear. Some customers have even
used bike repair materials on the recycled-rubber
sole of Rugged Boots. Measuring your dog’s paw is
important for the right fit. Here’s how to measure: Place
the paw on a piece of paper, press down to mimic the
pressure when walking, mark the left and right sides,
measure the distance between, and compare it to the size chart. The paw width should be
smaller than the boot size. Dakota, at two and a half
inches, fits a medium boot. Ultra Paws patented dog boots
are guaranteed to stay on. Remember to properly size your boots, and periodically check to make
sure they’re staying tight. (happy pop rock music)

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