welcome back to my channel guys! here i am again edmar candelario and this is ukay x hunter season 1 episode 3 sorry there’s a wound on my face and now we we’re headed to monumento but before that i will send first the order in me i will show you if i could get some there i will show you there’s so many nice ukay there and now we are here in baclaran and now i’m headed to lrt stations so near later again and now we are here inside the lrt a few station and we’re there at monumento and we are here inside clayton their first ukay shop there is more in the second floor in this is what you first see get it now there’s more too small this one is great so good get it now guys for someone looking for a champion shirts there is one here plain champion get it now as long as it’s still here here i found one on fire! oh there’s another one this two is fire this is legit should i get this? and here is their shoes what’s this? nike zoom hyper dunk so good this one is great i think the price is high under armour drive what kind of shoes is this? cool style if you know this guys just comment below we’re headed to second floor here there second store is located here and now we’re here this is their second store i will show you if i could get something it’s not yet new arrival here they are on sale their shoes i got nothing i’m still thinking if i should get the x-large maybe later i would get it i will go back here in 20 i will show you again and then till next time again don’t forget to subscribe in my channel season 1 episode 3 of ukay x hunter are you looking for an oem shoes? here there’s a lot of it inside the mall of victory of you like oem shoes go here at victory mall inside victory 3rd floor i think here they have a new release of jordan it’s oem only i’m going to monumento i will check if they have a new arrival and now i’m here at lrt monumento i will show you if they have new arrival and here their shoes they still not in new arrival i get nothing today maybe to my next visit here and my vlog is ended here don’t forget to subscrbe guys

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