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And what is up everybody it’s cheeto finger or for today It’s lieutenant cheeto finger to you pay attention It’s twitch bootcamp First episode some people were like, hey cheeto. Why would you tell everybody your twitch tricks? Well for a couple reasons one, you should follow me too, because I had to figure it out Why not help somebody else three then we’ll all be awesome at it. Right? That’s the good part Alright, so here’s what we’re here to talk about today Twitch loyalty badges right? You might have heard the term II like What is a loyalty bench? So before we get into how to do them? Let’s talk about what they are right over on the twitter Rooneys or where you wherever you’re watching this at twitch There’s this thing called a loyalty badge right twitch works a little bit different. It has different levels level one two and three, right? It’s kind of being a subscriber to the channel or a member Right and as a way of rewarding your members You can give them a special icon right that way whenever they come into your room and say hello Everybody knows that they’re super dope. Alright, that’s kind of that’s kind of how it works, right? So so when you look at that minor gems Why? Why not? We’re clashers, right? Let’s have a big pile of gems that gross So once again a super cool way kind of to reward your viewers, so let’s jump over into a scary place called the internets Right. This isn’t amazing. I’m just kidding. It’s a site called the cheeto fingers thing, right? So I’m actually letting you in look you can see what’s inside right? It’s not not really that scary. It’s fine So I’m gonna click on the button now I don’t have the super duper clicker thing one cuz I’m old too because I don’t care in three because you need to pay attention I’m a lieutenant. Okay top right? You see that beautiful looking man there and those sunglasses we’re gonna click on him Alright, then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to our Creator dashboard and you see that we got to go to the dashboard Because that’s where we run everything now don’t look at anything. Now you can look but I’m not gonna explain it. That’s another video Yeah, well you can subscribe if you want to die that’s up to you, okay, it’ll be out later So I’m gonna go down here. You see where it’s purple on the left and it says affiliate. I’m gonna click on that, right? That’s where they’re keeping the loyalty badges right in here right there Okay, so I’m gonna open it up now as I told you we’re clashers So my current loyalty badges are gems, right and it goes based thirty months six months. Nine month in a year, right? So the longer somebody’s with you the more gems they get right. Look at that one year one That’s like demigod status. That thing’s pink. I don’t even have those yet. All right Now I’m gonna call your attention to the size of the images 18 by 18 36 by 36 now. She knows pretty darn good with graphics. He makes his own thumbnails That’s about as far as you can get now cheeto can also Do an 18 by 18 Graphic, but to make it look delicious. It’s gonna take about an hour Now, let’s think that through There’s 1 2 3 4 5 15 images cuz you gotta have three for each For all devices. All Mobile’s all internets. You have to have three for each right so sure Can you make your own and upload it you bet you can but there’s all kinds of requirements size Storage limitations. So if you have that technical expertise and I do Then feel free But here’s what I’m going to show you It’s a lot easier to have somebody else do that If you were to sit down and make 15 images that’s gonna take at least a couple hours if you want it done Right and visually, so I actually didn’t go out and I bought mine I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m gonna hook my members up. I want them to block in and go. Yeah, I got swagged Let’s go you see it. I mean so I’m gonna take you to a website and I’ll put the link in the Description of you do it I can retire but until then let’s look at the emblems. There’s all kinds These are the badges that your subs can have they have night helmets and giant stars Number emblems burgers. I guess that’s kind of fun. I might have to throw that one in the mix. Let’s just say for example You wanted a fortnight? Llama as your badge you could get I don’t know why you’d want to but let 420 bucks with the coupon, right? I’m not once again. I’m not trying to sell you anything I don’t get anything out of this but I do do graphics and for 20 bucks to save me 15 images all Day long every day, right? That’s what master 101 right there So they’re right there and the cool thing is by going through at least this company and it’s the only one I’ve used so far It’s very very fast. Here was my experience. I found the company I picked the the loyalty badges I wanted I paid for them using PayPal and they were immediately emailed to me right away I actually i’m scuse me. I think I downloaded Yeah, and then I just went over and put them up on on twitch right away Right so that my my viewers have them right away. Now my plan is this And you don’t have to but might not be a bad idea Cheeto fingers plan is I’m gonna change them. Probably even monthly right just based on my member requests Which cool ones they want, right? So so we’ll have a collection of them. It’ll be fun, right? So that’s what loyalty badges are right. Hopefully that helped you out just a little bit Hey if it did likes are appreciated, but even better. Hey, maybe you’re a twitch broadcaster. Maybe that’s why you came here Stop by the room at the cheeto fingers say hi. We’d love to have you right doesn’t matter what game you play? We’ll probably be playing clash of clans, maybe clash royale battlefield. I mean, who knows? But we’re gonna be gaming that’s for sure. Make sure you got your loyalty badges if your people are really gonna appreciate it Hey, if you enjoyed this, make sure you subscribe. My next one’s gonna be on Emotes right now to close out. Let me just kind of delineate that a little bit it moats are a little bit different Okay, and we’re gonna go there in the next episode right here. We talked about loyalty badges. Now. The cool thing about loyalty badges is They’re available immediately. Okay, so the second you put them up your members have access to them Here’s why they’re only available in your room Okay, which means that they don’t have to be approved because they’re only gonna be for use in your room I would give you professional advice and guidance though. Keep it professional. Okay? Keep it professional or just get some really super cool sick ones and have a good time. All right next up Subscriber emotes, you’ll finger out we’ll see you later. Maggot. No, I’m just kidding. That’s a boot camp thing All right, it’s one bias. Get me out of here. We got to go broadcast. So you’ll figure out


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  • Hey cheeto … another great educated video BUT … is there any badge for COBRA like a animal with #cobrabite on it

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