TVS Apache RR 310 2019 Review | Price in India, Slipper Clutch, Features and more |

We first on the TVS Apache RR
310 back in December 2017 and the bike certainly had got of excitons
we even did a thorough as well notice of the motorcycle and you can check that
backlinking on the links are right up there now though for 2019 previous have
introduced a new version of the Apache but it looks the same so what’s
different well to find out here are five things you need to know about the new 2019 TVS Apache RR 310 one the biggest change
is that it now gets a slipper clutch but previous says that this is a race
derived unit and in fact they’ve spent over 200 hours of track testing to get the
settings just right and I must say on the racetrack it works really well the
slip function ensures that has almost no rear wheel hop when you’re down shifting
aggressively and that doesn’t mean this Apache a lot safer in certain conditions
especially if you need a down shirt when the bike is leaned over or on a loose
surface and then the assist function also makes the leaver effort lighter by
as much as 20% which should definitely help the Apaches case in traffic now
there’s good news your or existing Apache owners as well because this unit
has been designed specifically to be interpreted on the previous bikes and
that means if you own a TVS Apache RR310 then you can walk into a showroom and
get one of these double clutches for under rupees for thousands
Two there is a brand new paint scheme and it’s called phantom black now there
was a black Apache are after them before but this one is finished in glass black
and it gets newly cast on the nose on the tank and on the tail also gone is a
sticker on the tail which said 35 years of racing because it’s 2019 and it’s
been 37 years since TVS began racing in India that said a part of this there
are absolutely no visual changes 3 there are no mechanical changes in this 2019
update which means this RR310 runs the exact same trellis frame the exact
same suspension and the exact same riffle before even the 312 CC
reverse inclined signals when the motor has been untouched which means it makes
the exact same power and torque figures so that’s not a bad thing at all well it
still retains its lovely meaty mid-range and that makes the bike great fun on the
racetrack and very good to use on the roads as well but because there are no
changes to the engine one issue that plagued this motor still remains to a
certain extent and that is vibration Four speaking of vibrations previous has been
rolling out minor updates over the last one and a half years to actually address
those now the primary of these are as follows firstly there is a new ignition
lap which takes away some vibrations from the motor and improves throttle
response at really really slow speeds then you also have these bigger and
heavier bearing weights which take care of handlebar vibrations and now they are
almost non-existent then you also have a softer cheese roller which takes care of
that slapping noise of the chain especially when you are riding at slower
speeds or on bumpy roads and there’s also a rubber seal between the
windscreen and the bodywork of the fairing to reduce that sort of rattle
that comes from plastic plastic contact now there are of course a lot of minor
updates and I really improved this bike and the best part as all of those have
been made available for free to existing customers of the RR310 and they come
as standard on this new version five at rupees two point two seven lakh
ex-showroom Delhi this new RR 310 costs just rs four thousand more than
the previous bike and that’s exactly what it cost to retrofit the previous
bike with a slipper clutch as well so finally is it worth it well it’s still
not the perfect bike but all these small updates have really taken care of those
nickels that bothered us with the previous bike so in that sense they’re
fairly worth it


  • First!

  • When is Honda cb300r review coming?

  • Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

  • I want to know your definition for perfect bike …?

  • I will fuck this bike


  • They could have tuned the engine to produce at least 40bhp

  • I haven't ridden this bike so I can't comment but the 300 cc segment is not a sweet spot, Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a twin but thanks to made in india the prices have dropped
    R3 is still one the best at a premium price
    RC 390 is a hot pocket rocket with heating issue at very aggressive price
    Honda is not in the race – CBR250 is thing of the past
    Suzuki 250 is new kid on the block
    Bullet 350 is out of this league

    Need I say more ?

  • Isse achha Mai ek JCB kharid lu

  • Zigwheels rock. I will work with them one day.

  • Yes…. But change in that paint scheme and Slipper Clutch is enough for Minor updates…. Sad that the Vibes are still the same….

  • Miss twin cylinder.. !

  • The exhaust note and design remains the same. An increase in power too would've been appreciated, considering the updates on the 2019 Dominar

  • Affordable on road price and this beauty would be at everyone's home

  • Bro where is the Hero Xtreme 200S review ?

  • This is definitely the best bike in this segment!

  • No one spoke about the vibrations on this bike when it was newly reviewed!!

    Only after a couple of years n all the first lot of owners start cribbing in forums is when truth comes out!

  • Lets talk about the all new apache 310rr 2019 … The first most important change – the slipper clutch …. End of review 🤣🤣🤣

  • JCB ki khudai

  • Nobody:-
    Honda 250R:- wait for my new sticker update

  • Super

  • Can we buy it now? It was impossible to get when I was in the market

  • Hello there!
    Great short review guys (as always)!

    I was wondering if you would do a comparo between the new Dominar and this bike, as the former recieved a substantial upgrade this year as well.

  • Where is your CB300R review? Waiting for it…. Bring it on ASAP 👍👍

  • Kya main non abs bike me abs lagwa sakta hun

  • Instead I will buy a300 Honda

  • 2019 dominar 400 is best

  • Need CBR 650R review

  • Please don't cheat us atleast this time…NONE spoke about disgusting Vibrations at its 1st launch…that's the owners who spent money cried upon it…
    U ppl make money and move on…atleast once imagine urslf in the shoes of the owner…

  • the changes that was actually needed –
    1. increased tank capacity 9 to 12 litre
    2. 42 to 40 rear sprocket to minimize vibration and get a higher top speed
    3. making pillion seat usable.
    but no. this is another stupid high nose company. samajhna nahi hai requirement public ki. what to say.

  • It looks cheap in person.

  • TVS should also change the ugly looking exhaust system.

  • 👎👎

  • This bike should really have had 40+hp and 35+Nm and the rear seat should have been practical. Otherwise the bike is pretty fantastic.

  • So good to see u PB sir. How have u been??

  • Which is perfect bike Rr310 or cbr250R

  • Apache 310 looks better than RC 390.

  • Wish had a better digital console..

  • I don't know if only I had this experience.. but i took the test ride before 5 months and trust me I got my mood off immediately. I just took a short spin and handed it over to the showroom guy.
    I don't know why these people praise the bike, just for the looks or what?
    Vibey engine, disappointing exhaust note, impractical pillion seat, big bike with small tank, high spare parts cost, high price… Everything made me rethink.
    If you are spending that much amount, put some more and go for ninja 300 if you can afford. Atleast you will have a the best build twin cylinder bike from the best manufacture.

  • Why they don't make twin

  • Colour is awesome seriously 👌

  • Market is still vibrating at 3500 rpm

  • Can't wait for the BMW iteration at 3 x the price…

  • I will prefer cb300 bcz of brakes(imu based abs 1st in class),showa suspension(1st in class),power to weight ratio.quicker than other rr310.n300 and tie as r3.and its a honda.butter smooth and reliable machine

  • The front end of this bike looks really ugly and bloated in person.

  • It looks so hot

  • Bike sahi hai par TVS SERVICES IS TATTI.

  • TVS 🔁 vibrations

  • App logo ko english me bolne se jaida paisa milta hai.
    Indian hoo Hindi mai bat nehi kar sakte.
    Hindi mai bile se saram ati hai.
    Kaya Indian hoo. App lok.
    Jisko English nahi atibhai o kay se samje ga.

  • Engine technology of Apache is not good.

  • Rr 310 is bad for future of india (heat emmison ). You know what I meant right…..😎😋

  • TVS Apache RR 310 vs KTM Duke 250 which one is better for city

  • Wat abt d vibration problem, does it still exist?

  • but the baf point is slipper clutch is when you in over speed. and sudden somone coming infront of you and your situation not pushing your brake intantly so people to reduce your speed so people do that put their bike in first gear and little bit press the brake and then press full break….hope you understand what i triyng tell😕😕😕

  • What is the bike price??

  • It's a good bike for the price
    1. BMW engine
    2. DOHC setup
    3. KYB suspension
    4. Michelin tyres
    5. Trellis frame
    6. Slipper and assist clutch
    7. Duel channel ABS
    8. Bybre 4 piston callipers
    9. No. heating issues
    It's tuned for the track so it ought to have some vibrations even KTM 390 has a lot of vibrations, even Ducatis vibrate like hell, so don't let a little bit of vibrations put you off, we have to appreciate and encourage our Indian manufacturers for bringing in products like these, otherwise they will just stick to commuters and boring products to make money. I don't know what he means by a perfect bike, every bike has its pros, and cons, and it's own character.

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