Tutorial: How to care for your leather bag

(light music) – Hi guys. I wanted to take a
little bit of time today and talk to you about leather care. Leather is just like our skin. It needs to be moisturized. It needs to be cared for in
order to keep it performing the way that we want. The leather itself has pores
just like our skin does, and when they tan the leather,
they put oils and waxes in the leather to make
sure that it’s going to last a long time. The leather that we use on our bags is an oil tanned leather, and
so it doesn’t need treatment as often as some of the other leathers do. This bag is my personal messenger bag. It was actually the prototype
for our kickstarter campaign, and I’ve never done any
treatment on it in the last year and a half that I’ve had it. As you can see, it’s a little dusty, ad it’s got some scratches
and things like that. We should be able to take
that all out of the bag with this treatment. When we talk about the
different treatments that you can use on leather, there’s
a few rules of thumb that you can always rely on. The one is that you
want the leather cream, or whatever you’re going to
use, you want it to be natural. We don’t want a lot of
chemicals or refined oils going into the leather
because as that goes into it, it will definitely soften the leather, but it will also break down
the fibers and make it so that your bag won’t last as long. The stuff that we’ve used here
is Skidmore’s leather cream. Vincent Skidmore is a great guy. We’ve talked to him on the
phone and we’re really excited about his product. The leather cream itself
goes on really easy, and there’s just a couple of
things that we like to have on hand when we’re treating our leather. The one is you have to have your cream. Then, we usually just
have a couple of rags. This is an old t-shirt that we cut up. Cotton rags work just fine. We usually want to have
one rag that we can apply the cream with, and
then one rag that we can buff it out with. So without any more talking,
we’ll start on this. One thing that’s helpful when
you’re applying the leather cream is to warm the leather up. The warmer it gets, the
more open those pores are, and the better it takes the leather. My dad used to put his boots in the oven before he would waterproof
them every winter. But a hair dryer works quite well. (dryer blowing) So now that we’ve got that warmed up, it’s going to be ready to take
the cream a little better. And I’m just going to
fold this up small enough that I can control it a little easier, and I just open up this
cream, and the idea is that you want to rub it on, and
then you want to pull it off, and then you can buff it
later in order to get it to shine back up. Now this is going to darken
your leather somewhat, and we don’t want you to
be too alarmed with that. It will be darker for
sure when you apply it, but if you give it a
couple of days or a week and let it sit in the sun a little bit, that color should return
to what you purchased your product as. If you’re worried about the color change, you could always try the cream
in an inconspicuous place, like on the inside of the bag,
and that will make it so that if you’re not happy with the result, you don’t have to continue
on with that cream. So when we put it on, we just
want to put a coat of it, and I usually do it in sections, and so this strap makes
a good break for us. So I’ll put it on with the one rag, and the longer you let it
sit, the darker it will make the leather and the more
it will penetrate the leather. For this case, I’m just gonna
rub it off almost immediately after I put it on, because I
know that it doesn’t need it that much, and the leather
is still fairly supple, so we don’t have to worry about
letting it soak in too long. Looks like I missed a little
bit here along the edge, and then now I’ll get this strap, and I’ll get under the strap as well. The fun part about leather
is that it’s really durable, and even if you do stain it
or have something go wrong over time, those stains will
come out and you’ll be able to, they might not come out all the way, but they’ll fade and then
it’ll just be another story that you can tell with your bag. You don’t have to worry
about getting the cream on the stitching. We use polyester stitching for this, and I think most bag
makers are using thread that’s not going to be
affected by a leather cream, so just rub it in there,
make it look even, and then you can buff it
out later if there’s extra that’s stuck in the stitching. Take my second rag and wipe it right out. I always like putting the
leather cream on these leathers because it really brings out the grain. It does darken it a little
bit, but it makes it so that you can see the grain a lot better, which is an exciting part of it. See and now you can see the difference between what we’ve just applied
it to and what’s left here. You can see how dry it is and
you can see more scratches. Once we go over that last piece, you won’t be able to see that. One thing that’s good to pay
attention to is just looking in there in the grain and
finding the spots that are still a little bit lighter,
that maybe you didn’t get as much cream in. If you pay attention
to getting it in there as good as you can, then the bag will turn
out looking nice and even. So you can see the
difference now in the color from what we’ve put the
cream on to the bottom of the bag that we haven’t gotten to yet, and that’s just something
that you should expect when you’re doing this is
to watch the leather darken, but like I said, it should come
back to it’s original color fairly quickly, give it, at
most, it would be two weeks. I hope this is helpful for you. I’m gonna go ahead and
keep doing this bag, and if you guys have any questions, you can just send us an email, or comment on the video if
you watch it on youtube. (light music)


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