Tutor Nick P Lesson (147) The Difference Between Slippers and Flip Flops

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is
lesson 147 . Today we’re going to look at the difference between slippers and
flip-flops. Yeah this is one where I often hear students use the word
slippers when they should be using flip-flops. So let’s look at the note
first. All right slippers what are slippers?
Slippers are shoes of soft comfortable material that are made for indoor use. So
there’s the key points first its soft material and it’s the type of one that
you don’t wear outside. If you wore it outside you will probably destroy it. All
right so what are flip-flops? Flip-flops are casual open shoes held in place
around the front of the foot and often like and and often like sound like a
slap against the foot. So when you walk and kind of slap slap slap slap like
that. So those are flip-flops. Let’s give you thongs. Thongs are a little similar
to foot flops but thongs are the ones that have to be the
V in them so the big toe is here and the small toe is here and you have the piece
that goes in here like that. So thongs are casual open shoes with a v-shape
between your big toe and the second toe. So especially in a lot of Asian
households they often have a lot of footwear that you can wear mostly for
indoor use you know because you’re supposed to take your shoes off on the
outside but a lot of times really what’s inside are what a Westerner would call
either flip-flops or possibly thongs.But often Asians will call it slippers but
those are not really slippers from a Western point of view. From the Western
point of view the soft material ones you know. Ones that are nice and comfortable. The
ones that if it’s a cold day or cold floor would be nice to be wearing and
again they’re ones that if you wore them outdoors would probably be destroyed
quickly. All right so um again here’s a common sort of mistake because the
weather is so warm she wore her slippers to the park. No, in this case it should
be flip-flops. Again you never wear them slippers outdoors because they will be
destroyed immediately. They will be dirty. They get holes in it. They won’t
last at all. All right and here is an example where you do
actually use like slippers. That little boy has a cute furry you know because
sometimes they do have like furry hair on them.
Furry pair of Doramon slippers he wears around the house. Especially for children
sometimes even for adults they might make them with cartoon characters on them. Where sometimes
they’ll just have nice soft material. Those are slippers. Slippers can be used
in a few other ways like we often say a ballerina’s slipper. They’re often
a soft shoe too. But the ones that typically people wear outdoors like the
rubber sort of ones are either flip-flops or thongs. Again flip flop
it’s open in the back of it kind of moves up and down and slaps a little bit
and the thongs have the v in them. So I hope it’s clear, I hope you got it. Thank
you for your time. Bye-bye

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