TSP’s A Day Before Resignation

Hi, guys! It’s Rizwaan Khan. Guys, It’s a fourth
travelling vlog of my channel. And because of your love,
my small channel, Bikers pride, Rizwaan Khan,
today he has 300 subcribers. Guys, to celebrate this, we’re going
to your favourite destination… So guys, any guesses? Yes Rohit! You got it right.
Toranmal hill station. So guys! I’m all set. With special jacket, special ligament
guard, special elbow gurad, special shoes. And special gloves as well. And guys, In this video,
there’s a special segment… …where I’ll tell you how
you going to earn money through biking. When will you give me my salary? Hey, when will you pay the house rent? Who’s going to complete
the fucking target? The dream I saw was seen by you through me. We the people of who work 9
to 5 see such dreams everyday. Earlier these dreams used to
break through a nightfall. And it was awesome. And now these dreams break
through a client call. And it is fucking annoying. You keep calling, brother.
I’m not going to answer. Sister. Why didn’t you come to cook food today? What’s the point of coming? Sometimes you’ve gas but no ingredients. And sometimes it’s like
you’ve ingredients but no gas. So you should’ve told me earlier. Yeah, so I’m telling you now. I’ve opened my own restaurant. Do come whenever you get holiday.
It will be my treat. Everybody is fulfilling their dreams. And I’m the one who can’t even dream. House rent, increment, marriage… …I coudn’t progress further
because of all these. The testosterone level
has also decreased… …along with motivation in life. Forget about standing on
my own feet right even my… Should I resign? I’ll see whatever happens. Motherfucker! You’re a beer, Jeetu brother, you are a beer. After all doing a second film. But today, your brother is
definitely going to resign. Biker’s pride. Toay I will resign… …done locked. Since today is the last day in office… …and from tomorrow,
I’m going to become a biker, then why that same look? Let’s try something new. Wow! Good morning, Rizwan sir. Morning. Brother, I’ve been coming to
office for past three years, and you said ‘Good Morning.’
for the first time. Why? I’ve resigned. finished. It’s my last day. So what are you going to do next? Nothing as such. Dad had an old land in village. He was
not transferring the property to me. So one day I added a poison
into his chickpea and he died. Now I’ll go to the village
and do chickpea farming. I think he got scared. So brother, what’s your package? What package? If half an hour early coming employee
arriving one and a half hour late, that means he has got a
hike in some other company. – How much you got?
– Hike? Do you know the last time someone
got a hike in our country? – Who?
– Petrol. I coudn’t reach because
my alarm was set off. New beard style,
new perfume and what’s this? Why are you wearing your old shirt? Why are you lying? Did you ate crime patrol
episodes in your breakfast? – Liar, liar.
– Unnecessary doubting on me. – Tea?
– I had asked for coffee, right? – Machine is not working.
– Shit. Why there’s no sugar in it? Sir, it got over. I’ll bring tomorrow. Machine is not working, sugar is
not there and chair is making sound. Is this office or post office? Banu brother,
I think boss is not in a good mood. So he’s taking out anger on you. Really? Boss mood is
important but not mine. Brother, boss does not have any moods.
They only have targets. You, me, Payal.
Motherfucker! We all are targets. Do you know, fulfilling their
targets, the target… …of producing baby has
been stuck for five years. My wife things that there’s
something wrong in me. The person whose 12 hours
are used to please… …the boss and client,
he cannot do anything in life. We all are that yellow
light of traffic signal… …which is there but no
one knows why. Do you know why there
are coaches in cricket? Because if they had a boss, then he would’ve been
telling the African team… …that 435 is good but
try a target of 500. I’ve stopped watching the 2nd innings of
cricket because I hate the word target. My boss purchase new car every year. And here I can’t even purchase
first class pass for local train. And you wanted to become a biker, right? And what are you now?
The target of a company? Nonsense. When is ‘Kota
Factory-Season2’ coming? I feel like hitting you. Hey, can I hug u? Why bro? I thought I’m the only
one who is frustrated in this company. You gave a word to my inner feelings. I don’t want to become a target. I want to become a bikers
pride, Rizwan Khan. – I’ve decided.
– Listen to me. – I’m going to resign today itself…
– …Just shut up! Don’t be inspired by my words, got it? I was frustrated because early
morning I fought with my wife. And boss is the only topic of
showing ones frustration. Company gives target and money. Step back. Yes, boss? Okay. We’ve to achieve more targets? Oh! that’s nice. Okay. No, no. I’m coming. If I stay here for few more years… – …Okay, so you’ll have tea as well.
– Then I’ll become a dog like him. No sir. I’ll have teeth but
won’t be able to bite. I’ll only bark and lick. Too good, Rizwaan. Resign today itself. This is why yyou have
changed your style right? Now even Payal is
giving you a smile. Girl has started giving smile. Sir. Sir, boss is calling you. Go brother. Sir, you called? How come you’re late today? – Alarm, sir…
– …It’s okay. It’s okay if you come late. What’s going on between you and Payal? Nothing sir. – Sir, we just crossed each other…
– …You both make a good pair. Sir? No, sir and all is fine. But why didn’t you answer client’s call? Actually, I’m sorry sir. Don’t be sorry. And it’s good that you
didn’t answer his call. And if you would’ve answered the
call, I wouldn’t have known, that how much the client
is happy with your work. We’ve got the project
extension for two years. Very good job, Rizwaan. Very good job. This time your increment is confirmed. What do you mean? I won’t even talk with you. We used to have client
meetings inside the cabin. Not by having ciggrette
on a tea stall. Get out. Very well done! Rizwaan. So proud of you. Thank you, sir. She can’t stop smiling. Boss got ready for the increment. Oh shit! And this is not a dream as well. Then go and get ice for me. How come everything’s going well. Before this frustration goes away, and the plan to resign changes, just resign, Rizwaan. Duckworth–Lewis in cricket, and surviving notice period in a job. Till date I never understood. I had not even felt the
joy of quitting the job, this notice period came in front me. Now see my bad luck,
this month has 31 days. What you guys thought? That I will serve this
notice period sadly? For the first time in life,
I did something on my own. This 31 days, I’ll live on my own. Stop doing it. Remove your leg. Hi, Payal.


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