Damien: (ad) Check out World of Tanks, the online World War 2 sensation where you collect and battle authentic tanks Everyone: GAME BANG Joven: Hey, you know? Joven: Game Bangs is sometimes whatever we want ’em to be and sometimes it’s just us having a good time and laughing Joven: You know our fam over here Joven: We got we gotta Shayne we got we got Courtney here also
Damien: both of them Joven: They, they did uhh.. the Do Not Laugh Challenge Mari: *correcting him* Try Not To Laugh Challenge Shayne: Do you watch our content?? Joven: I do I just don’t speak English.So we thought it was a good idea so we brought some Joven: Experts over to help us do it as well, and we’re gonna try it too, t o o.
Shayne: His first language is JavaScript Damien: Joven I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while. What’s your favorite color person Joven: (confused) hmm? Damien: What’s your favorite color person Damien: Nah I’ve got a lot to share with you, but I’m just gonna give you a Pete of it – Pita it today Mari: Stupid… Damien: It is stupid! 😀 Damien: Uhmm.. DOOH Damien: Yo bready for this? Damien: Ah, sh*t *hits him with the bread* Mari: Oh my god! Boze: Want some more? Boze: You want some more? Boze: Do you want to do it with my fist or with my open hand? Boze: But this time it’s going on you Flitz: Okay.. Now it says here, “You can’t breathe under water” Flitz: *imitates underwater noises* Shayne: *laughs* Nice! Mari: Can you face me please? Mari: Eww, it’s all over my face Shayne: What did you do? Mari: Why’d you do that in my face? Joven: You told me to face you!!! Joven: That was a horrible idea Joven: I’m so sorry Mari: I don’t like that at all Wes: Oh, hello there Wes: *in a Russian accent* So who ordered the chowder today?
Joven: *muffled screaming* Wes: You like this? You like what you see my friend?
Joven: *more muffled screaming* Wes: Do you like it? No? No, you don’t like the bear?
Joven: *even more muffled screaming* Wes: I know you’ve seen videos like this, I know you like them.
Joven: *even more screaming* Wes: Don’t run out of time you should laugh. Because- smile, my friend, no? Wes: You don’t like it? *yelling* You don’t like it? Like it! Like it! Mari: Jesus Christ! Joven: *yells to signal that time is up* Wes: Dammit! Flitz: You’re an aggressive bear, man Courtney: You’re not allowed! You’re not allowed!! You’re not allowed!!! You’re not allowed!!!!! No!! Shayne: All right mister Ovenshiré Shayne: It’s time for your colonoscopy, sir Shayne: That’s not a good sign. I still have to enter your ass though Joven: Noo!! Joven: *burps* Everybody: Yaaaaay! Damien: Sup? Courtney: How do you feel? Joven: Uh, violated, disturbed, and slightly aroused. Wes: I know which one you are for me, Joven.
Joven: Shut up! Next! Joven: *imitating sexy music* Joven: Yeah! Joven: Mmm, summa that, yeah. Lemme move a little bit closer Joven: *just repeatedly saying yeah* Everyone, from behind the partition: *celebratory noises*
Shayne: Nice! Good God!
Courtney: That’s so good Mari: Will you be my friend..?
Boze: No, get away from me Damien: *burp* You think you’re better than me? *burp* You think you’re better than me? *burp* You’re not my real dad *burp* You’re barely my real mom *burp* Damien: *burp* I’m not even sad we broke up. *burp* I’ve moved on Damien: *burp* I had a son *burp* he fell down a manhole. *burp* He’s dead, *burp* so I’m pretty available (burp) Damien: So you know *burp*, if you want to see anybody or whatever *burp* Damien: This is basically like real life Tinder *burp* Damien: Do you think you’re better than me though? Damien: Aww, man, that always gets her!
Boze: I knew you were gonna do that though.
Damien: *imitating himself* Everyone: *screaming and laughing* Mari: What’d he do? Boze: As soon as I saw his hoodie, I started laughing! Shayne: We’re going for the classics. Wes you have to pick that up Boze: I looked at his Hot Topic hoodie and I started laughing Everyone: *laughing* Flitz: Excuse me ma’am do you know fast you were going? Flitz: Probably about… Flitz: 98 BPM, but we need to get you to 170 Wes: I like this beat. Shayne: I want to get him under covers Flitz: She don’t like cops Courtney: *yelling* Shayne: *imitates McDonald’s jingle* Courtney: Order up! Courtney: I love you! Boze, confused: Yea- Oh, thanks! Shayne: Ha! What up? It’s your boi, BigBossBoze here. *laughs* Um, what’s up? Um, so we’re just here doing *inaudible* Shayne: Yeah. BigBossBoze, yeah *weird noises* Shayne: It’s me, BigBossBoze Shayne: C’mon BigBossBoze, try to make me laugh Shayne: *more weird noises* Shayne: It’s ya boi! … It’s ya boi! … It’s ya boi, doh! Shayne: Wow… Well I have that recorded so Shayne: Hey Mari, it’s me, Peter, your fiance 😀 Shaybe: Weather sure is great up here. oops seagull ~O~ Shayne: Anyways, oh, man I can’t wait for, you know, the big day Shayne: It’s gonna be tough bending down the entire time though gosh – just bend down with all you other peons down there Shayne: What’s it like? You’re just like ants from up here Mari: It’s in my nose T0T Damien: Mari likes my, the triangle mouth Shayne: So good! Mari: *inaudible* – person does a cat! Damien: Got ‘eem! Shayne: *narrating* Middle school was weird for joven Shayne: He got laid! Courtney: *gagging noises* Courtney: Here…… Courtney: Here you go… Courtney: Happy birthday.. Courtney: Did I get her or no? Damn it! Mari: Oh my god Wes: *wheezing* Sorry, took a really long.. run from over there Wes: *wheezing* Wes: You want some? *inaudible* Whoa, I’m dizzy.. Wes: Dammit! Flitz: *attempts singing the beginning of Circle of Life* Flitz: From the day we arrived on the planet Flitz: Blinking stepped into the sun Flitz: That hurts! Mari: I almost lost when I saw the crotch Mari: Why is your crotch inflated..? Boze: *throws something on the ground* You wanna go the mall? Mari&Boze: *laughing* Mari: I wasn’t prepared for that one! Mari&Boze: *talking about Wes’ dumbass jacket* Wes: Hey! It’s not stupid! Joven: Wait whose sock is that? Mari: It’s Wes’ sock in the jacket! XD Joven: Why is there a sock in your jacket..? Wes: Because I did laundry and I couldn’t find the other sock Damien: Hi, my name is Randall Pibbers and I’m here to audition for the group, Amigos Damien: *spitting hot bars* Raindrop, drop top, flip flop, crop top, *random words* beep beep cheep cheep Damien: We came from nothing that’s something doctorrrr Damien: *more random noise* Damien: beep beep beep Damien: Um when you like wake up in the morning, just like broke time bro time, like do Damien: Do your weiners ever like lock in? (Time…) Damien: Do your wieners ever like lock in..? (Time…) I got this Damien: Do your weiners just, like.. Do you just like wake up and they’re hugging..? cuz I had sort of like a pretzel snake situation Damien: I went on this morning, and I was trying to figure out what to do… Background: …time… Wes: I F*CKING LOVE CANDY!!!! Wes: Nothing? *spits out plastic* Wes: I popped it. I feel bad about that… Joven: *inaudible mumbling* Wes: Dammit! Courtney: Now you know why you’re benched kid? It’s because you keep peeing across the bathroom and missing, you’re not- DERICK!! *blows whistle* Courtney: Stop playing hand ball against Jessica’s head!! Now you need to learn why you’ve been a bad boy! Quit pissing on everything Courtney: Okay, you’re pissing on my tiles, you’re pissing on the teacher Courtney: You’re pissing on the other teacher, you pissed on my shoes. You know expensive this Sketcher is?! Courtney: $34!!!!!!!! Courtney: Y-your mother’s.. Damien: No one broken Flitz yet? Wes: No Boze: I know what you’re thinking. The rent is too damn high!!>:C Boze: It’s too high! I don’t work for this!! Boze: I don’t work for this! But you do and those people do and we can change this together. Put this in your mouth. Boze: And you swallow the whole thing. You got 20 seconds, open that PIE HOLE UP. Boze: This is an intervention. Look– JERRI. (nu not Jerri) Wes: You OK Boze? Boze: I didn’t get him… Mari: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Mari: JOJOOOOOO Mari: アドベンチャー! (Adventure xDD) Mari: いきましょう! (Let’s go!) Mari: ここみてな! (Look here!) Mari: ここ! (Here!) Mari: ここみなさいよ!! (Please look here!) Wes: I think you just broke Flitz at that point.. Mari: His jaw hurts XD Flitz: It does! Shayne: There’s no time.. Mari: If it came out of your nose Shayne: I know I’m not gonna make you laugh, so I’m just gonna relate on something funny Shayne: You ever have to pee so bad that when you hit the urinal Shayne: Finally after like hours of waiting an Alan Watts recording starts playing in your head. You’re just like “Ahh” Shayne: It’s like “The universe is strange in that way and that it’s all possibly your own creation” Shayne: “We look around the trees.. Do they think the way we do?” And your just like “AHH” just like “Yes. It’s all a simulation…” Shayne: “All very fine” Ahhh… Shayne: The beads are still there Flitz: That hurt Mari: You’re hard to break! Mari: No, you– nobody broke you Shayne: Okay, I really want.. This is legit, this to you guys. I really want a Willy Wonka, Attack on Titan Shayne: Combo with Wes as the star and they’re like “All right come on in who won the golden ticket?” and Wes just enters like Shayne: *singing(?) the Attack on Titan opening* Shayne: He’s just grabbing Oompa Loompas’ and just taking bites Shayne: And they’re just like “OOHHH MAI GOD!! WHO– WHO IS HE??” and just like *weird sound effect* Wes: That visual’s gonna be stuck in my head, for, like, three hours Damien: Next up at the Gun Lovers Convention, we have a presentation in concealed carry as of yet never before seen by man Damien: Where is the weapon on my body? *lifts up shirt* Is it here? Damien: *grunts* Damien: And the day is saved, but what of my bullets?? Damien: This last one’s a growler Damien: It’s a real growler Wes: You got.. you got very close there Damien Wes: The pooping bullets almost did it Joven: Hey, you got some change? I just need like 25 cents.. I don’t know anything will do man Joven: I’ve seen something I’ve seen some stuff today Joven: See.. I was I was under.. Joven: Underpass and someone… someone was pooping and when that he started pooping and my and my buddy Earl was like “Hey Man, you can’t be pooping here.” *takes money* Thank you Shayne: This is why I don’t play Watch Dogs 2 Courtney: Okay, Wes, here I come! Joven: Someone should have told her that chair’s almost broken Courtney: So you swiped left on me. What’s the deal? Boze: Hi, I’m Katie Carmichael Boze: And this is the man with the smallest feet in the world. That’s right, this man right here. His feet are only a size four Boze: We feel bad for him, but you know what that means he’s got a really really really small… Boze: Penis Boze: It’s the tiniest penis you’ve ever seen in your life Flitz: Now I know what you’re thinking…. Flitz: Darrell, how do I get my soul into the surrogate? Flitz: Well you see we have a little back access chamber right here just for you. So you put your head in your own ass Flitz: and you whistle seven times Flitz: Imagine redfish afros and yourself gliding along the clouds on the cosmos.. Neil deGrasse Tyson is your dad Mari: So good Mari: Wes, have you seen the new Hulk series? It’s awesome, it’s got Red Hulk, it’s got reverse Hulk Mari: It’s got every single Hulk you can imagine. It’s a new series. It’s really really good Mari: Umm… I think it’s even got Iron Man in it Mari: Umm.. I think he has like a kid, anyway. It’s a really really good series. Um, it’s called YouTube Demonetization Courtney: *confused* How are you laughing while having water in your mouth? That’s not like, I don’t understand… Shayne: He’s actually boiling water Mari: Also, we’re all gonna be fired. Sorry Matt Raub.. Damien: I’m just gonna start thinking of sad memories like uh…… Damien: Eh, it’s whatever Damien: Noooo! I got Joven mouth on my Damien hands Courtney: What the heck is happening..? Joven: I don’t.. know….. Courtney: He’s so good at not breaking Mari: It’s in my hair! Flitz: So the cops gonna roll up on me like Flitz: “Yo slow down!” Flitz: I was like, I was like “Eat a dick officer!” Flitz: He was like “I will arrest you!” Flitz: I was like “Bro I’m a cop, I do forensics!” Courtney: Oh no! Oh no help me.. I’m Princess Peach you gotta save me oh no.. PSYCH! IT’S PRINCESS LEMON Courtney: *hoos* Courtney: Thank you for coming to my birthday dinner, you can eat me now Courtney: Sorry first putting lemon on you, I wasn’t planning on it Damien: You are the one of the few people who.. you’re– one of every single person who is spat on me so far Damien: I didn’t rind one bit *laughs* (wat??) Boze: Imagine all the people… Boze: Living for today… woo hoooo Boze: Imagine there’s no.. government.. Boze: Imagine there’s no Boze: Imagine there’s no.. people Courtney: That was so good Damien: “Imagine there’s no air” almost got me Damien: That’s what was funny! Shayne: All right here we go.. Shayne: F*ck I lost my boomerang at that Angela Knox concert.. Shayne: Hey, buddy.. Shayne: God you’re so.. stupid… Shayne: Hey, this is probably the best time to ask Damien: Son of a goose! Damien: The silver bullet.. You guys this has been the game bang version of the try not to laugh challenge, thank you guys Damien: thanks for joining us from Smosh main, Courtney and Smosh Shayne Joven: Go watch their version! Damien: yeah Damien: And then go back and watch this version and then put them both on loop in your house for all eternity Shayne: Yeah *awkward laughing* *slowly turns into screaming* (oh mai gah chill..) Boze: Thanks for watching the try not to laugh challenge if you want to see more sexy content from the 12 Days of Smosh click on the box to the left! If you want to see the candy cane taste test Challenge that we played last week click on the box to the right Don’t forget to try world of tanks the authentic World War 2 tank experience


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