Try Not To Laugh Challenge #18

Here we go again… It’s another Try Not To Laugh. I’m not gonna lie to you guys… I would never lie to you guys… I only tell you truth. These videos are not funny. There is nothing to laugh at. There’s no such thing as “funny” in the world… it all is a farce. A lie… It doesn’t exist…
and therefore, there should be no reason… for any of us to laugh Makes sense? Okay, let’s do this. (Thunderstruck by ACDC plays) THUN DER Not funny.. *CLUNK* (Laughter) Ayyyyy nope! ♪ Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting! ♪ HUH! I don’t think that was funny at all! It was harassment! or something I don’t know (Man playing saxophone) That’s the hero I wish I was. (man still playing saxophone) I wish I was half as cool as that guy was, I wish. (Woman speaking in Russian)
Translated: So accept this petunia please The prophecy is TRUE The prophecy is 𝙏𝙍𝙐𝙀 Man: Bitch Woman: I see you’ve grew a couple inches huh?
Man: Please, stop. You gotta stop. Woman: You’ve been drinking your milk?
Man: You really gotta stop.. Woman: You’ve been drinking your miiilk? I feel like that one was a direct attack at me… …and I feel very offended… (Music) ok bye What? Woman: Hundreds gather today to say their final goodbyes to this fallen police officer. Woman: Dee Dee Woman: Mega Doo Doo That is SO disrespectful and therefore not funny. (Mark snorts) (Opening Suite from “Halo” playing) I don’t like this. Oh, I don’t like this. Mmmmhhhh… What?? What????? What happened?? Hooper: Don’t you remember me? Avery: Get out of the car. Hooper: Don’t you reme- Holes: For the very last time, I’ve never seen you in my life. Believe me, I would remember. Hooper: Can’t you remember my face?
Avery: Oh god, what the fuck is that?!
Holes: Oh hell no! (Screaming)
Holes: No, nonono Hooper: Can’t you remember my face? Hooper: Can’t you remember my face?
Avery: Go!! SPDNCholo: Oh yeah, they remember you alright. Holes: Is there something in my teeth? HUNGHH (Inhale) HAAAAAH Not funny. Woman: Has you really been far? Even as decided to use even go want to look more like? Woman: Call 985-655-2500 inside the details for! Go further and even more decided to use! Woman: You can really be far as decided twice as much to use and go wish for it! Woman: When you decide far even once to use and go want then get really far even as decided to use, and look more like and go after. Woman: It’s just common sense! Apply today. (…) Did I have a stroke?! (Girl singing “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande) (Thumping) Girl: Oho! (Thumping) Girl: Aho! (Girl falls) Girl: Oof! Well, I can’t say you didn’t deserve that. Okay, here’s the first face where she realizes she came very close to… …pain and/or death. THIS is the face of a little shit who… realized that they didn’t die and therefore are now invulnerable. This is “Shit Level 2” where the shit-lord in question has discovered that, they are indeed not invulnerable. Hmm. Yeah, especially their grundle. Yeah (Man beatboxing) That’s real cute. Petite gâterie au poteau means
Little “treat” to pole
*according to google translate* (Mark coughs) Oh.. *slaps table* What a completely innocent video of a giraffe….and a fence post (Men arguing, inaudible) Man: Are you crazy? Cameraman: You fucking… bitch?
Man: YOU ARE FUCKING! You are fucking. Cameraman: You fucking fucking you bloody. Man: Fuck you…
Cameraman: Fuck you bloody… bastard! Bitch! (Both said fuck you at the same time) Cameraman: Bloody fuck you, bloody! Cameraman: Fucking mother bloody fuck bitch Man: Bitch why didn’t (you)…
Cameraman: Fuck you, you… Cameraman: You fucking bloody bastard
Off camera: Sir, we gonna we gonna… Cameraman: (Bench?) you bloody…
Man: (Bench?) you! Cameraman: You (blender?)
Man: Motherfucker why… Cameraman: (Blend?) you know!
Off camera: Hold on hold on… Cameraman: Bloody fucking…
Man: Then tell me, if there is an accident, Man: then what you’re gonna do?
Cameraman: Why you fuck me I fuck you bloody! Cameraman: Bloody bastard. Cameraman: You running like that one. You wanna fucking fall in it, hurting yourself (Back to inaudible) Okay, have a nice day! 😀 *MarkiSnort™* *slaps table again* Aight.. That… is… …beautiful… They came to a reconciliation, they got all their anger out and no one got hurt. (Man screams) EUGH (Mark sighs) I love sequels. (Man) You’re on camera, say something. Last night, and night before, There was three women walking down the street that way I saw ’em and I said “Hey you three women. Why are y’all walking down the street that way? there’s nothing down there” And they flew away. I saw them was some birds. (Man behind camera starts laughing) Not. That’s a good story negaoryx: That’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (negaoryx screams) (Mark Snorts) (Chest Abuse) Ah….. that’s so sad. Woman: Is there anything you can’t do, Faith? Faith: See (Mark snorts) Officer: I want you to focus on the tip of this pen, so just follow it with your eyes, okay? Man: Mmm hmm. (Mark chortle-wheezes) That wasn’t a laugh, it was spastic movements of my diaphragm. (Music and jingle bells) *explosion* (Mark bursts out in laughter and finally loses) Oh geez, oh my god! Oh my go- (Mark laughs again) (Mark continues to laugh) Well.. there…. There, *ahem* there that, there it goes, there goes. poof, my chance There it goes, poof, gone. my only chance. GreekGodX: This eye tracking challenge is going to be the easiest challenge of my life! and I will prove to all the other men in chat! That we don’t need to look at boobs We can look at people for who they are! Me! GreekGodX! I will represent all men!! in the chat! And I will not look at a single boob! And I will not look at a single butt in this video! Let’s GOOOOOO! *sees boob* FUCK!!! (Markimoo laughs again) (Mark continues to lose) I’m mean- I knew it was gonna happen. I knew what was gonna happen. I knew I knew what was gonna happen! Fuck, well that’s it for now. Thank you everybody so much for watching. If you want to see more funny videos that I’ve… laughed to and also not laughed to,
I’ll put a link in the description below. or go to the “Try Not to Laugh” playlist There’s a bunch of them. Subscribe for more cool videos, ring that bell, comment, like, add to favorites, are favorites even a thing anymore? I don’t know. Shout it from your rooftop, write it in the sand, put a link, write out the URL to this video, put it in a bottle, cork it, toss it in the ocean. Then have a good day! Thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always I will see you in the next video, Buh byeee!


  • How did you not laugh for 10 minutes on the giraph one I died laughing

  • THE giraffe was doing something it might be gay🤔🤔

  • Nobody:

    Not a soul:

    Markiplier: ok this is shit level 2

  • 1:40 everybody be like to me

  • 1:40 That woman is marriage material right there.

  • I couldn’t hold it in any longer at 0:38

  • 4:26 when you have lag

  • I gave up all hope when the one with the Loli pillow came up , l swear I was just laughing for a good 5 mins

  • 2:20 got me..

  • 4:43 Giraffe swallows black pole while short man watches

  • 3:10 bRaiN HurTy

  • Rip deedee megadoodoo

  • 2:09. :q

  • Markiplier saying did I have a stroke is funnier than the entire ad

  • 5:08

  • Hhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahabhahahahahaahahhaahhahahhaahzhahahzhzhha!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m really small and I’m in 4th grade😡😡😡😡😡

  • For that tall girl

  • 3:56
    That escalated quick.

  • "That's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen my entire life."
    bunny dies

    Me: laughs maniacally

  • 5:08… ur very welcome

  • Mark analyzing the exercise bike girl was my favorite part lmao

  • 8:20 santa just yerted a Goku blast at bem kids

  • No you are all cool as that guy with saxophone 🎷 bc you PURE

  • God I hope that Faith girl came up with that on her own XD

  • Lol. I broke at the eye-tracking speech

  • mark always laugh on end

    so get rid of end

    but make new end


  • You should watch “Secret Santa” by TomSka

  • 5:19


  • I am a family friendly female child version of this dude right here (points at markiplier)

  • face one – realizes has come real close to pain and or death
    face two – little shit phase 1 that has now realized they are now invulnerable
    face three – shit phase 2 shit lord is not involved

  • 4:32 the cats lagging

  • At 3:10 yes you had a stroke 😂

  • 9:20

  • 9:10

  • Deedee, Megadoodoo.

  • Fricking frick fricking fricking frick! Ok have a nice day.

  • We live in a society in which the ones on top try to decide what is funny and what isn't. But just like our laws, we can make them subjective and almost everything is opinionated

  • 3:10 r/ihadastroke ?

  • Dude: Looks at boobs

    Mark: Turns into a helicopter

  • 6:39 I lOvE sEqUeLs

  • 2:08 My god never have I herd anyone pronounce that name so badly.

  • Pretends to be hurt but laughs.

  • It is currently 11:36 at night on a Monday and I’m supposed to be sleeping, inn going to wake my parents up

  • I didn't sign up for giraffe porn

  • 1942: we're going to invent flying cars in the twenty first century!!!!

    2019:….we have a giraffe deep throat a pole…..


  • 1:54… I feel like your offense is a direct attack on me, and I'm very offended…

    Seriously I think mark is like an inch taller than me.

    Side note: That lady was gorgeous.

  • 4:44 she swallowed it whole.


  • What’s the music when the cat starts flying

  • I’m watching this again in class. My teacher now has it on the bored XD

  • the only reason i laugh is cus of mark

  • Does anyone have a link for the road rage vid?

  • How many f words was in this try not to laugh callenge

  • Damn I made it till the last video! I knew what was gonna happen but still that’s damn glorious

  • 5:29 5 grade arguments be like


  • Dee dee mega doo doo 😂😂😂

  • I just realized the graphics on this video are heccinf tasty 👌

  • Me: I'm so good at english, I'm bilingual
    My english: 3:10

  • I want to sit on your face 🙂

  • Idk why but there should be a try not to laugh to your reactions cuz you giggle energy is contagious and it is funny seeing you sit there and try so hard. Sorry for a late comment

  • 8:43 GreekGodX Eye Tracking Challenge
    9:03 "I will not look at a single boob in this video"
    9:11 You were saying

  • He,s causing and the jokes to

  • I ment cusing

  • That guy tried to not look at boobs. But he did and I can't blame him.

  • Ouch

  • Your out

  • Lol your laugh made me laugh

  • there’s nothing wrong with that white cat I like that cat why was he mean to that cat

  • 1:54 they are on a plane. See the wing out the window?

  • Song with the eye tracking video is "Ecstasy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone. Either that or the good, the bad, and the ugly theme song.

  • …. My depression as Mark says there is nothing happy in this world Depression: Well, he's telling the truth. Me: Wait till a little while later, he is a giggly bitch. Deppression: … Me: Laughing my ass off dieing from not being able to breathe My Deppression: How the fuck are you laughing? You have depression! AKA…ME! Me: Shut the fuck up deppression, You know you wanna laugh to. Depression: Leaves the room crying Me: I no longer have deppression.. Goes back to laughing my ass off

  • 5:45 the guys in my dms fighting over who can give me the most money


  • I laughed at the last video

  • ( 7:31 )

    Put captions on



    Mark finally loses



  • I have been watching these, non stop, for the past 3 hours.

  • It probably isn't the best idea to watch this while taking a shit………..

  • 3:53 marks face!

  • when he laughs really hard it sounds like a kid running on hard wood floor

  • Mark you always will be the best and you are better than the saxophone guy

  • 4:07 laughing my ass off


  • welp i failed "DID I HAVE A STROKE?!" and dead lmao

  • 1:56

  • 3:11 this sum gary talk from west of loathing

  • does anyone have the link to the original video?

  • That giraffe is like my soul.. Empty and not getting any. -_-

  • 4:51 my dirty mind 😂😂😂

  • The Rabbit is from the last of us

  • R.I.P Mark's virginity
    1987 – 2019

  • I only laugh because he made me laugh with the bike

  • What an innocent video of a giraffe and a fence post

    The way he said post killed me

  • He laughed at kids getting blown up

  • F in the chat for DeeDee MegaDooDoo

  • Markiplier is 5 inches taller than me and IM TALLER THAN THE ROCK MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I LOVE HIM

  • Mark: there is no such thing as funny
    Me: ….Mom Thomas Sanders iant funny anymore!

  • I love the girl with the bunny holy shit.

  • I love senpai yes I do, he’s for me bot for you!
    Anyone else remember?

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