Trump Flip-Flops Wall Strategy



  • Was Trump the richest president who has spoiled rotten life? And never been telling NO in his life?
    Seem like it! Mr silver spoon in mouth, Mr role model for all the Trumpers out there!

  • That's the perfect way to tell someone is spoiled rotten because they keep thinking of different ways to get what they want different ways to say stuff and act to get what they want the truth be known Trump is just a sport 12 year old brat that has Tantrums like 12 year old Bratz do he does not know a damn thing like he wants people to think he knows Trump is a draft Dodger treasonous con artist just like his whole damn family con artist he going to run America like he already has been doing from within the white house but the dumbass is it voted for him or blindsided with blinders on I don't know how to think like Trump does not know how to think they're stupid just like Trump is stupid and stupid is his family's just as stupid as he is Trump is destroying America and Americans from within the White House is his own little Vendetta trying to be a dictator with cheese stupid he can't be he does not know how to be he watches too many movies to be a dictator or even try to be Trump is destroying America and Americans from within the White House the only way to get America great again is get drunk and his stupid family out of the White House Americans can make America great again they don't need a communist asshole German and his German family from an immigrant to tell them how to do stuff they don't know how to do it their self this is my opinion

  • The only national emergency is the Russian asset sitting in the oval office!

  • I think it's funny that republicans think meth is coming from across the border. That would be like saying North Dakota has a huge problem with crack. It's not really a thing.

  • If it was a legitimate national emergency, there would be no hemming and hawing

  • TYT is the lefts version of Alex Jones. The people demand more cleavage!!!

  • You remember how in "Shrek" when they arrest the Donkey and he's going "You didnt say I have the right to remain silent!" And Shrek goes "You do have the right to remain silent, what you lack is the capacity."
    DT is like that. "I have the right to declare a National Emergency!" …..
    Yes we know. We're just saying you shouldn't. Simmer down.

  • Come on, Cenk, it was Canada that burned down the White House, remember? Jeez…

  • love that shirt/dress. Looking great today Anna!

  • Ana's outfit is really nice here

  • This is So funny Sorry America. To the rest of the world your leader is a joke. Trump will do as he always does when he negotiates he asks for the best deal but quickly he gets screwed down in the deal. Yes he will get some very small section of actual wall and the other portion would be barbed wire or another strategic placed fencs. Which all will still cost just under a billion or that's all he will get. But then come on this is Trump, he will only show the very small wall section close up, and say "SEE I TOLD YOU SO, Hillary started the lied, I never said i build a WALL… BLah blah more liyers all of them liyers. " I even added some simple word he will get wrong. Then take credit for the deal.


  • This is the end of all your rights. He might declare national emergency. He could truly be your last Elected President. He will NEVER LEAVE until he dies. Then his love of his life, his daughter will take over, she will be the next.

  • National Emergency: Is that when they declare martial law?

  • Damn, what happens if/when we have a Real emergency?! Thank goodness the rest of our government will take up the slack… when it fully reopens.


  • What a sad situation, why is he still in the White House?

  • OMG what an orange idiot!

  • There were a lot of people, politicians and citizens, that were absolutely elated to see ANY executive orders being signed by ANY white hand after Obama.

  • There has been a national emergency exsisting since Trump was elected, easy to fix, sack him.

  • Depending on which side the pea in Trump's rolls to and hits hardest decides what will spill out of his mouth.

  • I have a question for TYT. Why the hell does Trump try to talk to people in front of a running helicopter? I used to work in aviation and wouldn't get near a dual jet engine helicopter without earmuffs. He has to scream like an insane idiot. But like his hair I guess he hasn't figured out this is ridiculous.

  • Extortion: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
    Trump is guilty of extortion and the blackmailing of America.

  • Technically us Canadians burned down your whitehouse (which was green at the time)

  • The Young Turks fronts as a small grassroots organization but Youtube actually promotes them to the entire country on their page in the App Store. lol

  • It's so funny to see republicans get super confused when getting critical questions on Fox News.

  • What we need is a successful American Guy Fawkes.

  • "I can fix this problem immediately, but I haven't done it yet and might not do it because I want to blame someone else when the problem isn't fixed."

  • First, any man who keeps stressing as much as Trump that he has the absolute power to do something, would worry me. For one, if he really did I'd doubt he'd feel the need to stress it, and for another the way he glories in his "absolute powers". Second, what kind of emergency, national or otherwise, is willing to just wait around until the president has decided it is one or not? If it really was an emergency, there would be urgency. Though considering how long it would still take to actually build the wall even if he did get the funding, it would be a rather slow response. Faster to just reopen the government and hire more border patrol for that money if it is an actual emergency.
    Not that I for moment believe him. On anything.

  • How did POTUS obtain these powers? Another power ceded power. Where specifically does this POTUS "power" come from? That is the real question; not all this reactionary ipso facto stuff….sorry, TYT.

  • Trump is obviously depending on the wall money for kickbacks from whichever one of his cronies would wind up "building" it as cheaply & shoddily as possible. Money is his only motivation for anything.

  • America, you had one job to do – elect a president. and you stuffed it up big time.
    sucks to be you

  • Why is anybody still listening to TYT? There is so much bullshitting going on at TYT. Like Shaun King, Cenks nephew, Ana not calling Cenk out on his denial of the armenian genocide, Cenk and Ana absolutely losing it when Madman Alex gets on their stage… I mean really :: Ana calling Alex a fatfuck or the other TYT guy spitting on Alex? Or Ana calling all trumpvoters garbage and saying she is superior over everybody? Anyone with more than two braincells sees that TYT is not accurate or truthfull, they are a propaganda machine in it only for the money and power…
    TYT is rediculous to the point of insanity… When I started watching TYT I fell for their lies but I soon started to make out TYTs flaws and lies because I always tried to hear both sides of the ( any ) story… And I was right… Same with Reza Aslan! He is a fraud , claims he has degrees in fields that don´t even exist, omitting facts and so on …
    Look out for vids that tell you of the lies that Cenk and his friends are spreading…There are tons of it that cleary show wht TYT is really about…

  • Fake news fat cenk at it again with the Russian collusion. Lol

  • Lmao, the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for getting people hooked on opioids?

    I guess that sounds a lot better than the truth, doctors get people hooked on opioids by over prescribing them and giving in to the demands of their patients to increase their dose.

    Pharmaceutical companies cannot give anyone and opioid legally without a doctor signing off on it.

  • I love TYT, especially Ana. She is always right, but sometimes I can be fickle and maybe I do love Cenk as much as I love Ana, but I'm not sure. So when I say this next thing, I hope Ana wont hate me or think I am a douche-bag, but I think President Trump is right. We should build a wall to keep illegal aliens out of our beloved USA. Legal immigration is fine. Illegal immigration is a crime and should be adjudicated as such. Having said that, I'm sure I can forget about getting a blow job from either Cenk or Ana. No great loss.

  • Armenian genocide.

  • Oh? Trump doesn't look so well….

  • Probably almost definitely

  • U.S. troops guarding poppy plants in Afghanistan ain’t helping the opioid crisis.

  • US Presidential Oath: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Keyword here: Ability

    US Military Oath: "I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Keyword here: Domestic

    Think about these…

  • President Underwood already did this for his America Works program.

  • Doesn't Congress have the right to address the "National Emergency" that is the Moron-in-Chief in the oval office?

  • Trump 2020

  • Absolute right to do it! Yeah, no. Lawsuits are waiting to be filed to challenge "your right" to do it, don't put your cart before the horse skippy.

  • I am so sorry he is such an idiot we do not need a wall. I can not stand him.

  • Theres a difference between rights and privileges the qoute mexico is gona pay is privilege talk is like me saying ima get a car and my moms is gona pay for it privilege talk

  • She did not almost just say she was okay with Heroin being brought into our country.

  • So, I guess this is what winning feels like. Yep, he was right, i'm pretty tired of winning.

  • I dont allow my kids to watch Trump because his constant lying is a bad influence.

  • This wall bullcrap is stupid. We bombed people a half a world away with DRONES….and yet we can't use similar technologies to surveil our border? I feel sorry for the people that own land on the border. Imminent domain and an unsightly wall and We the real taxpayers, get to foot the bill. How dumb is that!!

  • Its Mitch McConnell that is the problem right now. The 6 spending bills presented to the Senate for a vote from the house funds everything but border security. McConnell is refusing the bills to be voted on in the Senate even though in the house the bills passed with a 92% vote which means they could override the president if they had to. So McConnell is filibustering it right now.

  • I'm a MAGAt proud and true….I will do my yells for you: BUILD THAT WALL! LOCK HER UP!

  • Tyt are just brilliant at pretending to be news.

  • Trump is a true Gemini.

  • How do you declare a national emergency…slowly?

  • Can’t wait for a Democrat president to declare emergency and take away guns, send medical teams to the community and increase the Supreme Court to liberal majority. How u like them apples then republicans?

  • Walls wont stop terrorism or immigration ,it wont even halt drug traffiking it Will make it harder if not almost impossible if you wanna seek assylum in the United States of Amerika and were Born in the region of South Amerika and are unable to affort a plane ticket and or the option to have a VISA

  • Someone needs to tell this yahoo that American troops are currently guarding the poppi fields in Afghanistan. Can’t blame Mexico for that. And the CIA traffics cocaine.

  • What I want to know is how a law was not created to prevent this type of girdlock? America's legislative system really needs work.

  • The US portrays itself as the big shot capitalist nation on the block yet they don't even pay their employees.
    I cannot think of another developed nation on earth that has ever done this. Meanwhile they're eating cold Big Macs at the White House.

  • This situation is getting nasty. Cant wait for congress to tackle social security and healthcare

  • hey ANNA KASPARIAN! thanks for endorsing that woke gilette commercial! gilette has lost a LOT of male customers pushing their ideology to the hygiene products i use. i hope ANNA buys all the unbought safety razors and shaves her hairy taint

  • II missed Cenk's horrible impersonation of Trump lol

  • where are all the shaun kings "talcum x " videos did the turks delete  because they were BS ?

  • Anyone else have a link to the young turds attacking everyone for calling them out for their absolute anti white lies about the 7 year old girl murdered in Houston by black dudes? I heard they have released a video responding to honest criticism.

  • Republicans don't care bout facts.

  • Before Obama a conservative number was 62k deaths from no insurance probably closer to a 100k so shove the distorted death numbers from the border

  • Why they call this young Turks. Call this "old fat retarded fart and whiny bitch"

  • He has o plan
    he never had. Just an idea. He has no idea on how to get Mexico to pay or reimburse America.

  • 1:09 you can almost see the rectangular mustache sprouting under his nose as he says "absolute authority".

    Here's what you get america.
    Capitalism in crisis, AKA fascism.

  • The young turk's is named after a group young men in Turkey who committed GENOCIDE .. AND KILLED 1.5 million Christian's ..

  • 4.2 mill subs….4.199,900 just come here to expose their retarded views ….lmao

  • Perhaps someone needs to suggest to Trump that the USA could save billions if they PAID Mexico to build the wall… and please film it, I want to see his face go blue before it explodes.

  • President Adderall is angry because finally what his mother told him as a child "everyone hates you" has borne fruit with the last election. Trump is retarded, Mitch is a weak old man; hence, shut down will last 4 months. Hey Trump supporters, MAGA!

  • Please make a video about the Armenian genocide

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  • I can't believe this dumb bitch just said that we should legalize heroine!

  • She phucked up on the heroine and free market example by using a strawman argument.

  • Which way did he go George which way did he go George

  • Did she just suggest to legalize all drugs?

  • Did this trailer trash bish just suggest we legalize all drugs? No wonder nobody watches this garbage channel anymore

  • What about Jasmine Barnes? How's that story progressing??

  • someone needs to fire the person in charge of wardrobe and makeup at the Young Turks.

  • Someone please tell Chenk his Trump impersonation is just annoying at this point. Don't become the fool your impersonating. Your drawing away from your message.

  • Because TYT is so stupid and can't understand the English language or President Trump here it is
    The president has been advised that he can declare a national emergency
    President Trump wants to give Congress all the time he can so he doesn't have to use that authority to declare a emergency
    If he declares a national emergency he will do it very quickly

    Not hard unless your TYT then you're as dumb as rocks or appear to be

  • 100% of illegal immigrants commit crime.

  • Sheriff Babeu went on to make this point:

    County is roughly 70 miles north of the border. In 2010, the U.S.
    Border Patrol reported 212,202 illegal aliens were caught in the Tucson
    sector alone. The Border Patrol admits for everyone captured, another
    2.7 make it into the United States undetected. Of the individuals who
    are apprehended, as many as 30% of them already have a criminal record
    in the United States.

    The liberal Huffington Post
    writer Chris Kirkham recently noted that, “this year, more than 60
    percent of all federal criminal convictions have been for
    immigration-related crimes, federal data show.” He went on to observe in
    his August 23 piece, “In Texas’ southern federal court district this
    year, where nearly 90 percent of all new prosecutions were for illegal
    entry and reentry into the United States, federal authorities are
    looking for more room to hold detainees, many of whom are charged with
    immigration crimes.”

  • He's been saying this since the shutdown began… how has he flip flopped?

  • nice dress Ana, kool old skool

  • I'm thinking the Founding Fathers would not define this as a "National Emergency": because it is simply and confoundedly a creation of the so-called Potus to manipulate the outcomes of his TANTRUMPS.

  • You are trash.
    Worse than CNN.

  • He is saying the same thing in both clips. He has the right to declare a National Emergency but wants to wait to see if the Democrats will come do their job they have been elected to do. If not he will declare an National Emergency.(duh…) He said he would do it if this doesn't work out (talking if the shutdown doesn't work)

  • I might do it quickly, but not so quickly, WTF is wrong with this pumpkin head president ? Only in America….?


  • Awwww the lying Young turds. One day you’ll actually eat your own shit. I hope y’all fail shitwads

  • 7:47 “its supply and demand. So if theyres a demand for heroine”…….. ana are you real?

  • The border wall is a red herring, the government is actually shut down to purposely avoid paying these workers to make up for all the money they lost giving the rich tax breaks in the tax bill.

  • BIAS FAKE tabloids. Report real news with no bias people will enjoy watching. Also take mr. Racist off the camera. Also take Mrs. I better than you off camera as well.

  • The failure to secure our border has now caused a massive shift in illegals rushing to get in and get welfare as fast as possible. I've lived in most of the states where they are flooding the system and it is vile and shameful.

    OUR POOR need our help! We CANNOT have 422,500,000 South American Socialist citizens move into THIS country just because they CRAPPED UP their OWN countries with the MORONIC ideas of Marxism.

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