TROLLS Promo Clips

branch branch, right are you in there? I’m not going to your party [the] party’s over. We just got attacked by a bergen [I] knew it Which is why I have to ask you Will you go to Bergen town with me and save everyone what no branch you can’t say no? what no They’re your friends ah they’re your friends you just want to hide here forever? forever ahahah there your freinds Yeah, I really only have enough supplies down here to last me ten years eleven if I’m willing to store and drink my own sweat Which I am you all said I was crazy, huh, who’s crazy now me Crazy prepare Huh? Yeah, huh? Oh no Papi Hang on back up again Branch I’m a man you are right on time. Oh, right like you knew I was coming Yes I figured out of the third hug time getting eaten by a bergen wouldn’t seem so bad and I figured there was no way you Could do this by yourself guess we were both, right? All right, let’s do this wait. Wait. Wait. What’s your plan? I just told you rescue every want to make it home safely, okay? [that’s] not [a] plan that’s a wish list. [oh], I suppose you have a plan [Mm-Hmm] first We get to the edge of Bergen town without being spotted hold on a second. Are you scrapbooking my plan uh-huh yeah almost? done There will be no more scrapbooking You have to sing [only] when I’m in a good mood. [do] you have to be in a good mood? Why wouldn’t I be by this time tomorrow? I’ll be with all my friends. [oh], I wonder what they’re doing right now Oh, probably being digested. [they’re] a live branch you know it You don’t know anything Papi? And I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you realize the world isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows cuz it isn’t Hey, I know it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows But I’d rather go [through] life thinking that it mostly is instead of being like you you don’t sing you don’t dance so gray all the time what happened to you a birkin baby There’s no burgin. Is there you just said that so [I’d] [stop] talking maybe Star shining Bright above Really seriously more singing yes, seriously singing helps me relax Maybe you want to try it. I don’t sing and I don’t relax This is the way. I am and I like it. I also like a little silence ♫ Hello darkness my old friend. ♫ ♫ I’ve come to talk with you again ♫ Hello ♫ Because a vision softly creeping ♫ ♫ Left its seeds while I was sleeping ♫ ♫ And the vision ♫ ♫ that was planted in my brain ♫ ♫ Still remains ♫ ♫ Within the sound of silence ♫ [May] I So one of these tunnels leads to the troll tree that’s right so many of them. I wonder which one. I don’t know choose a hole For one [Moody] to Bergen town and the others to [Cuttin] [down] Who said that? Me hey guys, how’s it going? I just wanted to warn you one of these tunnels leads to the troll tree and the others to certain death death death death Do you think you can tell us which is the right one you bet great? No, that’s okay. We’re fine. Thanks branch. Yeah He’s trying to help us. [I] don’t like the looks of him. He [seems] to know what he’s talking about Okay, fine Which way do we go first you have to give me a high five? Then I’ll tell you I don’t do high fives slap. It boss. Not Gonna Happen here just do this But with your hand thank you for that demonstration really cleared up exactly what I will not be doing [rich] It’s a high five the others lead to certain death get perspective [alright] And I’ll let you slide with a fist bump [whoo] Shark attack No, no, no no jellyfish ham sandwich urkki Snowman Dolphin helicopter got supper punky the zoo [what] gear shift [dirt] Okay, okay, okay? Now. I’m thinking we hug I love it. I Think you look fat what? Ph fat, then strike that pose. Ph fat hot lunch Total honesty from a total babe and who might you be uh Lady digby Sparkles seriously, my name is Lady Glitter Sparkle seriously well M’lady Glitter Sparkles would you care to join me for an evening at Captain snarf Uncle’s Roller rink in Arcade what I? What I yes, you’d be delighted yes, you’d be delighted oh Indeed I would


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  • I hate the movie like you un subscribe?

  • 2:08 apparently poppy can predict the future of branches plan

  • boo

  • D

  • Poppy: which is why I have to ask you
    Me: plz say will you marry me
    Poppy: help me save our friends
    Me: ???


  • 2:08

  • L

  • I like the song silence???????

  • Instert meme here.-

  • Why would branch save poppy when he hates her.

  • Mama mia bang

  • ….



  • S

  • Gaa was my

  • ??

  • Mom


  • Mom mom

  • ??????????????????????

  • Thank the messenger

  • Heeeeeeeee!

  • Good job

  • Ramón gosero

  • I love Trolls movie ???♥️???????♥️????????

  • Trolls are stupid

  • I like the movie this troll and wonderful this movie this poppy the girl is beautiful skin and friend this darkness is sad because grandmother died

  • Dqq

  • Moon is and pause 1:09

  • Hahahahahaah

  • Get Back Up AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Watch That On 3:00 On Clock

  • B

  • مبمبببمقبمق

  • لملبمقلمبمبلممب

  • hello dakness my old friend the tittle is the sounds of silent????

  • Essa asas

  • Ang ganda

  • Zzz

  • he hates singing

  • Frying pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is enough for me! Thanks!

  • Nakakakilig naman si lang dalawa

  • Kkkkkkkkkkk

  • I am 100% sure that the guy who talks for Fishlegs (httyd) talks for the prince

  • baroyalankah wkwjwk

  • Trolls poppy

  • Trolls poppy branch

  • Has anyone noticed that Poppy's freckles are glitter

  • Hello dakness my old friend…
    Ooh, I remember this song.
    Song of Sadness…

  • Que curiosidad

  • Having a great hair day

  • i like it after the song he throw the small guitar into the fire

  • Pope are you real all pink .
    And smart

  • If I'm willing to store and drink my own sweat…

  • Lol

  • I miss this movie…

  • Poppy x Branche NO ONE CAN CHANGE MAH MIND

  • Branch is sooo me :v

  • Woohoo trolls love this movie my favorite

  • Branch:may I
    Poppy: gives
    Branch throws in fire
    Poppy: OoO

  • C. h m. Ż

  • Poppy from body Kristen Sara Egan & Athena Sparrow

  • nohsu pnshv jsh hapbvs ubspb hsbis jjjspbvgsv hbshsipns kbssgbz good ijdbh habby jsibg supwvy uwvp ypabby jspns uhbsp hsvpn jsbosk sjbsp idhhd jspwb??????

  • Bergens cant even eat him he isnt happy they wont be happy if they eat him

  • ???

  • I love you all. you are????

  • this looks fun

  • oh God where do i get the full movie?

  • Lol reminds me of something


  • This is fantastic movie

  • Briget I think you look Fat! XD

  • One of the clips are from the new trolls movie/ the trailer, but okay. 乁( ◔ ౪◔)ㄏ

  • “There’s no bergen is there? You just said that so I’d stop talking.”


    “Branch! It’s a high five! The other lead to certain death! Get perspective.”

  • I g

  • "I think you look fat, ph fat" and that is how to get a man ?

  • Hapi

  • Who would drink their sweat

  • U

  • No trolls left behind!!!!!!!!

  • #hello darkness my old friend


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  • E


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