Triathlon Taren’s Chosen Running Shoes for 2017

– Anyone else feel that
when I walk in here it’s like an episode of Groundhog Day? I loved these shoes. I’m mad about it too. Get a load of this. Yeah, that’s stuff we got
to deal within Winnipeg. I know Pete, I’m mad about it too. It puts a real damper on
the morning group ride. I think it’s gonna be an afternoon swim. At the moment, when in doubt, swim it out. More miles is never a bad thing when training for a marathon anything. Anyone else feel that when I walk in here it’s like an episode of Groundhog Day? (splashing) (bright electronic music) Halfway done. Whoa. Swimming for breakfast,
swimming for lunch, swimming for supper. For a late night snack, swimming. This week of high, high volume is going a little bit better than the last week of high, high volume so that’s a positive, take that as a win. Things are getting better. All right ladies and germs, seeing as how it’s a snow day outside and I don’t have a whole lot of motivation to
be anywhere besides that couch, I thought that we would do
something very indoorsy today. So I present you with, my running shoe collection
and why I select all of these running shoes. So over the past 12 months, I’ve had, the On Running Clouds,
the Newton Distance Vs, the GOmeb Razors, the Go Run 5s, I raced in these in
Campeche, the GOmeb Speed 4s, and the Hoka Clifton 3s. The premise on all these running shoes is basically the same. So using the running shoe that I’m using for most of my training
right now, as an example, it’s really nice and light,
I think this only weighs seven and a half ounces,
the heel to toe drop is, I think, about four millimeters. It’s fairly roomy in the toebox. I don’t feel like I’m
really squished up there. I would prefer if this
were a little bit airier, so that my feet could
breathe a little bit better, but it’s very comfortable
barefoot, it’s very flexible. And the biggest thing
that I like about this, as I like all of these
shoes, is that the sole has a little bit of pop off the ground. Like it’s not really squishy or stiff, it’s got a bit of a spring. I originally got into the
concept of having spring in your shoes from the
Newton Distance lineup. I think this is probably the sixth pair of Newton Distance runners that I’ve used, and I’ve loved every one of ’em. Eh, maybe not the 4s or the 3s. But I find that that pop off
the ground when you land, and get off the ground is
really good for promoting a running stride where you land on the mid or the forefoot, and you
get off the ground quickly. Your ground contact time isn’t that high. I found that immensely beneficial
for increasing my speed, reducing injury, running
with less pounding so that I can run for
longer periods of time and not feel like my body
is just totally beaten up. And it’s those types of
features that I look for in all of my shoes. So even though these
are all different makes, different models, the
premise behind all of them is the same, even between
this really light six ounce basically a racing flat GOmeb Speed 4, and these ginormous,
like 22 millimeter heel. So these have basically the same premise. There’s a little bit more cushion in this, these are a fair bit
lighter, for road racing, but they serve a lot
of the same functions. On top of the head, first impressions about each one of these shoes, the Hokas, very good for people that
want a lot of cushioning, that aren’t doing really, really
high speeds or track work. While they do work for
that, I use them for that, it wasn’t my most favorite
shoe for the high speed track intense workout
because as you’re coming around a track one way or
another, it just kinda felt like there was a little bit too much going on. But for your bread and butter, long runs, your training runs where
you don’t wanna get beat up, very, very good. These also last a really long time, so very good bang for your buck. The GOmeb Speed 4s are a racing flat. I only really use them for
track work, intensity work, on the treadmill, maybe a race of like five, 10 kilometers, or
even a half marathon. I wouldn’t use them for a ton of training because they are really
aggressive and unless you have a very light efficient running stride, gonna be very tough on your body. That said, they’ve got a really nice pop, and as far as racing flats
go, these are probably some of the nicest balance of racing flat versus cushioning. The Go Run 5s, I loved these. I trained in these and I raced in these coming into Campeche. Very light, very comfortable. As far as transition
goes, they’ve got a nice little thing on the heel
that you can snap it on to your foot easily. I was a huge fan of these. They didn’t breathe nearly
as much as I wanted them to so my foot got a little
bit stanky, but big fan. The GOmeb Razors, frankly,
I’m not sure why these exist in addition to these,
basically the same shoe. These are a touch heavier,
they don’t have the heel loop. Seriously, not sure why they exist. I like these, I like these. Oh, and as far as all of the Sketchers go, they’re really, really cheap. They’re only about 100 or
$110, but they don’t last long. But as far as dollar per
mile go, they’re very good because they are so cheap, even though they wear down easily, I think it works out well. The Newton Distance, if you wanna get into a really encouraging
shoe as far as getting on the front of your foot
and working on improving your running stride, I would
recommend the Newton Distance or the Newton, Newton Elite… there’s a lot of Newton
shoes, they’re all built on the same premise that
they’ve got these lugs on the front of the
foot that encourage you to have that really poppy
stride, up your cadence, up your speed. This is the shoe that
took me from being a 152, 54 half marathoner, down
to low 130s and eventually, I think this was the shoe that I raced a sub-130 in last year. But the last thing about
the Newton Distance is that I find that it doesn’t
last long, maybe in between two and 300 kilometers,
probably the most expensive of all these shoes as
far as dollar per mile. And the On Running
Cloud, these are probably some of my favorite all around shoes. Really light, really responsive. These clouds that you
run on, they don’t have a very intense pop, but
they’re also not squishy, like, it just feels like
you’re running on a nice, stable platform that is well cushioned. Biggest complaints, the laces suck. Yeah, they just outright suck. And you get gravel in the shoes anytime you go over gravel,
like literally any time. Ends up in that track, or it
ends up in one of the pods. But if you’re running
on roads exclusively, and you’re looking for
a shoe that you can use for speed work, track work,
tempo runs, long runs. You can even use them
in triathlons, you throw a pair of elastic laces on there, awesome. OK, now as far as what I would
recommend to everyone else. If you’re looking for a
very beefed up burly shoe that’s gonna last a
long time, the Cliftons. If you’re looking for a racing
flat, something like the, GOmeb Speed 4s or the Newton Distances. If you’re looking for
something that stands out from the crowd, and is a
really good all around shoe, I’d go with the Ons. I would say though that my
favorite best all around running shoe right now, long
runs, short runs, speed work, racing, trails, anything, is probably the Go Run 5s. I love these shoes, these were my go-tos in the two months leading
up to Iron Man Campeche. So there you go! Those are all the shoes that have been in my running rotation for the past year. If there’s any questions about these shoes or any other shoes because
I’ve tried quite a few over the last couple of years, hit me up in the comments below, but
I think that of these shoes, there’s probably something out there for every single one of you trainiacs. All right! Kim and I are gonna go out for a dinner, movie, I don’t know. Date night, something. (groaning) I’m still so sore.


  • You asked a while ago, but another interview idea. Andrew Starkyowicz, absolutely awesome comeback story yesterday at ironman north American championships.

  • What shoes that are minimal but not quite racing flats have you tested out? gonna have to buy a new pair and love my purecadence, but also haven't tested any others

  • This is the most "typical triathlete" shoe lineup I've ever seen. It's interesting how some companies market to pure runners (asics, saucony, brooks) while others tend to lean toward the triathlon scene and make tri specific shoes. I ran in Saucony Kinvara's for 2 years before switching to Pearl Izumi. I fell in love with them. It brought me from that mid-low pack guy to a mid-packer. My 5k from 27:00 to 21:18 and my 10k from 56 to 48. They stopped producing them, but I have 3 fresh pairs waiting that should last me the year. I'm thinking of switching over to Skechers next.

  • I bought some Sketchers Go Walk 3's because I can't run yet. It isn't .. conducive to healthy hips and knees to run at 307 pounds. Anyway, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and now I'm sold on Sketchers.

    The shoes I bought are too big. I think, however, that I have a bigger problem at this point. I thought I had shin splints for a good portion of my life. They'd come and go but mostly come. I figured foot and leg numbness was part of it. After doing a considerable amount of research though, I don't think it's shin splints at all. I think I have chronic tibialis anterior compartment syndrome. I have to make an appointment with the Dr asap.

    I've done many weight workouts to a "H.I.T." style of training and the pain never bothered me as much as it does after 1km of walking. It is immensely discouraging.

  • I'd like to know more about the change in your running style that helped you drop 30 minutes off your 13.1 over time.
    Thanks for the shoe review, I was injured putting in too many miles on the dreadmill in my Nike free 3s and picked up the Cliftons after watching one of your older reviews. I have loved them during injury recovery and plan to use them as my longer distance shoes. Thanks again!
    Another content idea/question I have is training for multiple distances in one season. I'm racing a series that is sprint in June, Oly in July, and 70.3 in Aug. I want to race hard in my division in the Sprint and Oly and not die in the 70.3 Maybe something on pacing for the different distances would be helpful for other folks too.

  • you should try the altra Escalante out. I have the Clifton 3 as well and I'd say it feels like a more responsive more minimal shoe than it. despite its looks, it has almost as much cushion than the Clifton. it's also really light and much faster. the new ego midsole is really amazing, super plush and responsive (more plush than boost or everrun), it'll also last a long time and the traction is surprisingly good. go check it out.

  • I'm guessing you're a neutral guy with no pronation or supination.

  • im a Brooks man myself

  • I own the clifton 3s. They are the only running shoe ive ever bought, just because I only go into triathlons/running very recently. I really like them but have nothing to compare them to. I might go for those newtons next! Thanks

  • It may be snowy but the light it's reflecting into your house is beautiful!😉

  • I have high arches with a left arch that collapses. After many years, it's led to a torn medial meniscus and that means surgery. I had been wearing Brooks Beasts and New Balance 1340s. I'll have to evaluate. Perhaps I'll need some good orthotics and neutral shoes.

  • I just ran my first half marathon yesterday, and this video is really timely. During the race at the 15th kilometer, I felt that I need more cushioning for my shoes. Then after the race, I felt like my feet has been pounded hard, like I ran for another 10k and I thought I would need a softer shoe. I asked you before on which one will I choose, and I think I might go for the GoRun 5s because of this video. Thanks Taren!

  • I find it interesting that you aren't running in any of the "traditional" brands; Asics, Saucony, Brooks, New Balance or Nike. Was that a choice, did you just fall in love with Skechers or something else?

  • Never let the weather stop you from riding! 🚴🚵🤘
    Switch up your ride to a hardtail fat bike and conquer the snow.

  • do you ever buy insoles separately for your shoes? I always have to buy them because the insoles that come with the shoes I buy, usually the insoles are very thin and for long distances I need more cushing.

  • Newton screw their shoes when they switch from 4 lugs to 5 lugs that's basically why they are broke

  • I run in sketchers, My club mates think i'm a nut.    At least now I know it's not because of my shoe choice.

  • How about the Brooks Glycerin 14 or the Saucony Freedom Iso?

  • anyone with Mizuno?

  • I have so many running shoes. I mean, it's just crazy. My current favorite is the Sauchony Triumph ISO 2. Love! Love! Love! But, I do think every time I turn around the makers of running shoes are changing things. I keep changing brands and models and its tiring when I need to get a new pair of shoes. I cannot be certain that I will love the ISO 3 as much as I love the ISO 2. I might hate them, if I do, I'll be in search of a new brand or model.

  • Go Run 5, is good for all run training ?

  • while you were swimming you seemed to have headphones on. Which brand are they? Are they worth it and stay on your ears the whole time? Thanks

  • Great reviews. Need a great shoe for hot 70.3 where I dump water on my head to cool off every mile. Need shoes that drain so I don't end up with buckets filled with water that will make me slow

  • How long does go run 5 lasts?

  • For ice and snow ? I have one Asics Gel but it's getting old …

  • Why not try and use the addidas ultraboosts?

  • Hey, with all your foot injuries, have you ever tried barefoot? (minimalist really) i used too have all the typical running injuries and more, got into minimalist running, took almost a year to get back to doing 21 to 25 km runs. But been injury free for the past 8 years.

  • Hey thanks for the review. I just bought a pair of brooks glycerine 15. 150 bucks my man and not mentioned on your review, I'm saaad. Any take on these pair of running shoes? Thsnks for all.

  • Asics gel kayano 24 may be top them

  • Do a colab with the realrayray hes in winnipeg too

  • Did you ever try addidas ultraboost or adizero? 🙂

  • The cloudflyer is so good I love mine all probably the best all around running shoe and is decent on light trials and Hill work!

  • Can a lady wear trialathon trainers for walking

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