Travel Outfits For Every Woman’s Body Type (J.Jill)

hey there today I am sharing travel
outfits for 2019 from J. Jill this is not sponsored by the way I loved their
catalog for this vacation season and I think these travel outfits will be great
for any woman’s body type there are all kinds of colors the patterns for this
summer are amazing I think these travel outfits are great for resort wear to a
beach location or to a foreign country or to the grocery store right down the
road when I travel I will outfit pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn
again and can be comfortable as well as cute J jill has a lot of travel outfit
pieces that have an elastic waistband which is perfect for all of our travels
don’t you know you’re going to see pictures of what I tried on versus what
they look like in the catalog or online and some of them look very different and
so much better in person the very first travel outfit piece I
tried on was this tiered ruffle sleeve top in a sheer white it is the thinnest
piece of flowy skimming cotton that is luxurious I wore it with their
reversible tank top underneath which is really nice it gives you a little hug in
and any clothing that gives me a hug in I want to hug it back and pay for it
this top comes in an army green color that looks so different than it does
online and it also comes in this gorgeous poppy fabric that I did not see
in the store I feel like a fluttering pretty feminine butterfly in this top
this green is such a wonderful green for travel I paired it with my own green
tank top but like I said they do have a reversible con in the store this jgl top
has flow enos without adding a lot of bulk and it goes skim your body where I
want my body to be skin there is really cool detail at the top if you look each
button has this little flap all the way down it’s one solid flap all the way
down so if you were not going to wear a tank top underneath it does help with
the gaping but it is totally see-through it’s so fluttery y’all this is so so so
fun to wear by the way thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie
youtube channel be sure to check out all of my travel videos I will link some in
the cards and some in the description box below for you the green linen blend
tiered sleeve is considered a tea and I would size down you can see it looks a
little big this is a size medium and by the way I’m 5/8 and I usually wear a
size 10 if that helps but I think this color green is gorgeous with their peach
scarf a lot of you cannot wear this color green it does come in a brown a
white I believe and a black oh my word these pants feel like silky pajamas but
they are not they are luxurious the fabric is so high-quality I wish you
could feel them they feel so luxurious and they are so feminine in the way that
they sway when you walk you can tell how I looked when I walked with them I love
these and they are elastic waist from the sides of your body to the back but
the front is flat so if your top is a little see-through right there they’re
not gonna see a bunch of ruched elastic it’s gonna be a flat front now the dark
part in these pants is not Brown it’s black so I know a lot of you like the
slimming look of a black tee with these oh my word it’s such an elevated resort
vacation outfit I think jgo also has the slimmer fitting fully linen pants that
are absolutely gorgeous they’re a little see-through by the pockets but they’re
not see-through pants for it that’s if that makes sense
they’re gorgeous I got these white jean capris with this huge cuff on the bottom
which I think elongate your body or something and if you’re shorter you can
roll them up even more I am gonna return these and swap them
for size 8 the 10 I mean it fits perfectly around my waist but it’s a
little bulky in the midsection and in the legs but I do like that they’re kind
of straight almost and they taper just a bit very flattering I always do the pick
up my knees bend over test they are not see-through and it has been so very hard
to find not see-through white jeans this season I took my white capris and got
these instead they’re a little stretch of your feeling that they like they have
some kind of stretch fabric and then that the white ones did not I do like
the smaller size these look great with a graphic tee I can dress it up with an
off-white sweater they have some very neutral linens and jgo personally I like
this for a travel piece because it breaks the mold of wearing just black
and it also goes with every color that black goes with you can put a belt you
can tuck in your top you can wear a longer top one of their awesome square
tops I do have a parent the born to choose that is in their catalog and it
is on their site they’re the brand born which is why I gave them a try I love
them for travel I would not wear them all day I would wear more supportive
shoes for all day but they are a great Navy shoe that does not look frumpy and
it is it can be casual to a little nice and there’s a little bit of an elastic
here on the side the back strap and because they do not come in half sizes I
sized to an 8 I usually wear an eight and a half and an eight is fine and this
does not slip down when I walk there is padding under here and under the heel
which makes it so comfortable and they come in several colors like black gold
light light light pink and even a yellow I believe and a tan this top is so very
flattering when I swap my white jeans I am probably
gonna get this textured top they call it a textured top it is completely smooth I
think that you’re talking about textured by the piping that is around the base of
the top and then around the gorgeous very feminine 3/4 length sleeve it looks
like it’s a gold shimmer but there is not gold thread in it it is very smooth
and just feels so good it’s not see-through it doesn’t cling like so
many of their things do not cling I did try on the darker one and I don’t
care for that fabric it ages you I think this is a prime example of how different
the top looks online than it does in real life it looks completely different
don’t you agree I really appreciate that Jade Jill is
creating clothing for different body types
a lot of their clothes used to be really long and if you’re shorter it’s not
mathematically correct to wear something that long to cover up your curves or to
I don’t know for vacation outfit wearing a lot of them are making those square
tops and they are so flattering on shorter people especially if you are
wide in the middle and you have these little bitty legs but a lot of them are
long enough and square enough to be very flattering like this denim top I almost
got it for my mom but this is a perfect example of a square top and it’s gonna
look so cute and I really like how Jade Jill’s flutter sleeves and bulky sleeves
are not they don’t add bulk I wanted to get this blue tie-dye shirt but I had
just bought one from Eddie Bauer no joke that day I bought one similar it’s in
another video that I’ll put in the iCard in the description box below by the way
if you are enjoying this video or any of my other travel videos please click on
the bell down below and give me a ring ling-ling it feels like a very high
quality fabric it is going to skim the parts of your stomach or whatever that
you want to be that you want skim it does not cling it’s gonna be easy to
wash and it seems like it’s not gonna wrinkle either and the back is a little
lower and on my white jeans you can see that it comes down halfway down and
remember five eight and I have a medium and I’m
usually a size 10 so this was a perfect fit
their new elastic waisted shorts they’re very cute and not too short and they
also have some longer ones but very high quality and well done
tasteful for all ages and all body types I think this side table blue tunic I
wanted to get it but you can see it’s too short and I don’t want to wear
leggings in the summer but if you’re traveling this would be a great Airport
travel outfit with leggings and sandals maybe my blue ones but the fabric is
OnPoint high quality it’s like rayon easy to wash easy to dry it’s thin but
not see-through at all it covers your bra straps it would be a great swim
cover-up but very cute I had to try on this ruffle wrap dress J Jill has
outdone themselves with this dress it is such high quality it is fully lined and
there is a there’s a pattern behind the floral pattern in this dress that is so
gorgeous and it is a picnic dress but just elevates it a little bit it’s so
feminine with where they place the ruffles up here and for the skirt always
for wrap dresses and wrap skirts pull the dress apart to find out how far over
this wrap is going to be when I sit down am I gonna have to worry about how I sit
with this dress you’re not it is so comfortable and flattering to a woman’s
body it has a cute little snap up here a little plastic snap and then at the
waist it has a button and then the tie thing and it’s completely it completely
covers you the sleeves the fabric oh my word it feels luxurious it’s gorgeous
I would say to size up because I chose a medium but when I go like this it is a
little tight in the back but it’s like oh it’s perfect but it’s a little tight
in the back it’ll be a great wedding dress okay this maxi dress it looks cute
on the catalog and right when you walk in there store but it is one of my
favorites it is on my watch list I know it’s gonna go on sale right now
they are having a sale at J Jill called like spend $150 and you get $50 off and
free shipping this dress it hangs heavily
so it hangs everything down to elongate your body it doesn’t poof out at all it
doesn’t poof out at the stomach which is where a lot of dresses do for me
I accidentally tried on a small in the dressing room of J Jill and you can see
that it fits fine and it doesn’t you don’t see my stomach poking out too much
there’s plenty of room for your bra straps up here the top the busted area
is lined I don’t think it needs to be lined at all but it is and you cannot
see through the bottom of it either you can wear it with a denim jacket you can
wear it with light pink you can wear it with a chambray shirt so cute you can
even wear this dress with tennis shoes or a little slide slide on shoes for
travel okay I took a picture of this shirt because I loved it but it is very
feminine Lee created it’s a 3/4 length sleeve and at the base of the sleeve
there’s this feminine big button but it’s just cute it’s a like a feminine
button I don’t know how to explain it it’s cute and then in the back not where
you would hit your back but way up here near your neck there is a little tie
knot it’s not really a knot it’s just a tie area and I looked at it and thought
oh it’s a little thick I need to just not get it for a Houston summer but then
my checkout person had the top on and she raved about it she said it skims
everything she needs it to it says it’s a t-shirt but it’s a very high quality
looking top to me so I took a picture of the back of her so that you could see it
there’s just so much to see so pop into a store go online I will link all of
these below for you with the exact link to each piece that might help let me
know below in the comments section if you found something that you can
absolutely rave about anyway thank you for visiting


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