Trainer Confidentials with Chum 10 x I-Saw

Basically I’ve been customising trainers since around mid-2000. I was experimenting with engraving leather accessories, belts and suchlike. I found, discovered rotary engraving tools as the way to go because you have, like, points, tip, and you can work with a continuous line. Basically it allows you to be much more fluid and natural in the drawing process. Within I-Saw in the customisation that we do we call Sneakouture and the for the specific process – what I’m doing here – the leather engraving – I call that engraviti, because it’s like a marrying of engraving and graffiti. So even though, say, it’ll be a Nike shoe or an Adidas shoe, we’re kind of like reclaiming or reappropriating the space in the same way that grafitti artists do with architectural space or environments and we’re rebranding that surface with the I-Saw identity.


  • Dunk High Premium Curry

  • dremel

  • Barney they have Eq'd the audio with no bass-taken all the bass out of your voice!

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