Tough Mudder Shoes and Clothes Tips

It’s Coach Tief for, and
I have some clothing tips for the Tough Mudder. I hope you make some good choices on what
to wear, so you’re comfortable during the race because you’re going to get wet and muddy. You don’t want that to slow you down. The first thing though is don’t wear jewelry
during the race. I started with my wedding ring. I ended without it, and I tried to look for
it. Never found it, so don’t wear jewelry. It might fall off. That’s tip number one. Very important. Alright. Tip number two. When you pick out your shoes, make sure if
all you have is running shoes to pick old ones. They’re gonna get trashed. But, if you really want to pick the best stuff,
I advise going with a minimalist running shoe. I’m wearing Vibram Five Fingers. I don’t recommend those because mud got in
the little toe parts, and that did not feel good towards the end. I couldn’t even use my little pinky. It was all jammed with mud. So I recommend like a Merrill barefoot shoe,
or New Balance Minimus. Those would be the best types of shoes for
this event. Alright, my next tip is about clothes. You should probably wear, umm, the least amount
of clothes that you can that you’re comfortable with. If you’re comfortable running around in your
underwear like these guys with no shoes, go for it. But for most people, the best option would
be a pair of shorts that aren’t too long because they’ll, umm, get full of water and sag on
you, and probably a shirt that’s light. Cotton would be bad. That holds in a lot of water. Look for a lot of those dry fit materials
that will wick away the water, and will dry quickly after you go through a lot of the
muddy events. Also, go with dark colors because you’ll end
up having to throw away the stuff if you go with white colors. I purposely wore a white shirt just so you
could see the mud everywhere. But, yeah. White didn’t come clean, so go with dark colors. Also, I don’t recommend anything really tight
like biker shorts or anything like that because mud actually gets wedged into your clothes. So you might be carrying like a bunch of mud
with you. With my running shorts, for some reason I
wore some with pockets and the pockets filled up with mud. So you don’t want anything where mud can lodge
itself, if you will. Alright, my last tip is you don’t have to
wear gloves for this event. I though maybe I would have to to get across
the funky monkey. Those are the monkey bars, and some of the
walls, but my hands worked just fine. Besides gloves will get just as muddy and
they’re harder to dry off. Alright, to sum up. No jewelry. Try some minimalist running shoes. Pick some light clothing, and wear the least
amount of clothing you’re comfortable with, and finally, you don’t need gloves. Good luck at the Tough Mudder. It’s a ton of fun! Go get muddy.


  • Try to get a course map. You'll be able to cheer him on at some of the obstacles. They group a lot of them near the finish, so you'll see them start, maybe once or twice in the middle, and then quite a few at the end.

  • Hey, nice work! Your suggestions are right on IMHO. I ran it last year, and am running Seattle tomorrow morning! I would add to bring some "GU" or gel energy packs with you. I stick them in my jock pouch of my compression shorts. They help in those last few miles. Drink and shove a few bananas down your throat at every chance… you burn a lot of calories… Hooyah!

  • I wore low cut socks with old running shoes and worked great. No issues.

  • Yes. We were in the TM event on Sunday Oct 6 in Baytown Texas, and while we ditched our socks by the 10th mile, the rocks and grass and stuff will get in your shoes and rub your toes raw. I can't imagine no socks throughout the whole thing. My feet would have ended up bloody if I had.

  • This past weekend, we competed in the Baytown Texas Tough Mudder. I agree with most of your advice, except for the no socks–the amount of mud, rocks and grassy crap that gets in your shoes will rub your feet and toes raw if you don't wear socks. Every thing you wear WILL get TRASHED, so wear old shoes. And I wore bike shorts..and didn't get muddy like you described..if they're tight, they won't. Barefeet on Everest helps IMMENSELY.

  • Depends on the color. Black is best–the mud is oily and will stain lighter colors. I wore an orange jog bra…will see if the mud washes out. It may only be a bra, but I don't want it if it's stained and yucky, you know? My socks I threw away, same for my bike shorts…they were old and I planned on doing that anyway. Same for the shoes.

  • I wore a polyester blend, and that seemed to work okay. My shoes, however, did feel a bit heavy.

  • I wore dark black and red. Washed them, and they look like new.

  • I wore poly/spandex compression blends. Full length compression pants, long-sleeve compression shirt, and shorts and short sleeve shirt over compression clothing. In retrospect, I would have ditched the shirt sleeve shirt and shorts. Even thought hey were polyester blend, they still felt heavy. I was in Tahoe, and it was cold all day! I would have taken a backpack with a sweat shirt and some warm gloves to warm up after each water obstacle.

  • Great Tip on the Shoes. My Husband wore Merrell Trail Glove shoes for his toughmudder and he was very happy with them. He also wore low cut injinji toe socks to keep the toe on toe friction down.

  • yes! Injini toe socks are the bomb, No chafing
    at all, done 3 mudders and 3 spartans in them. Did the beast on the weekend and feet were great. Just as important as the shoe IMHO

  • Without a doubt, the best shoes for this event are the Salomon Speedcross 3.  Amelia Boone wears them and if they are good enough for her then they are definitely good enough for me.  Super grip, very light, good drainage.  I put them in the washer after the TM Whistler
     and they came out like new.  Do not listen to people that say your runners will be wrecked afterward.  They will get dirty but they will not get wrecked.

  • What age do you have to be to do the Tough Mudder?

  • I wore a fairly new pair of NB Minimus zero (>100 miles)for my first TM I will be wearing the same pair of shoes for my second TM next week. The upper has a few holes in it but the soles are still in great condition. 

  • I wore my Asics Gel trail shoes which meant I seemed to be spending a lot less time falling on my ass. Even had a clean shirt at the end of it. 

  • Inov 8 mud claws are a great choice for footwear.

  • Your vids are very well done, good and concise info.  I have done 2 TM's so far, 3rd next week, and I will agree with the post before mine by Gene, Inov-8 Mudclaws are designed for exactly this type of event. You can walk up mud slopes that everyone else has to make human pyramids to get up.
    To elaborate: Inov-8 makes 2 types of shoes that are perfect for TM.  First is the Mudclaw's which have a 3mm or 6mm heel drop.  If you are not a minimalist shoe runner, get the red 3mm version, the yelow 6mm is just too high for good balance.
    If you ARE a minimalist runner, the Inov-8 Baregrip-200 is a zero drop version with an even more aggressive tread than the Mudclaw.  Both versions will run you $120 and you have to get it thru Amazon or Zappo's, but trust me, after doing 2 TM's and 9 Spartan 's, and having used both the Mudclaw and Bare-grip, they are so worth the money.

  • Gloves are necessary…I have tender hands.

  • I wore Vibram Treksport shoes. This year I will be wearing Vibram Bikila EVO WP with Vibram toe socks. By the end of the course last year, my partners feet hurt him SOOO bad! My feet were perfectly fine. I just ran Spartan Sprint yesterday in AZ with my trusty Vibram Treksport shoes. My feet were the only ones not hurting out of every one in my group. 😉 

  • Straight and to the point! Thank you so much!!

  • I loved this

  • Very helpful!! As I only have running shoes and hiking shoes

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