Touching Up Your Leather Color is Easy

so you’ve seen in other videos that you can do a radical color change with Rub ‘n Restore® and the color change is the hard part of the work. once you’ve done the color change and you’re getting normal wear like on this… this was an ivory sofa we bought at the landfill for $20, and we changed it to a walnut color, and you can see that on the high areas or the areas of flex in the natural grain that the color is wearing off. and touch-up is really not a big deal. just kind of lay it on thick on those spots. not too thick. you want it to dry quickly, but focus on those areas initially, and let them dry, and then you can blend out any streaks or luster that you may need to. you can see that one coat really did the majority of the touch-up. i’ll do a second one. and so even if you have to do this kind of touch-up a couple times a year, it’s not really that big of a deal once the initial color change has been done. and if you were to order a Custom Color it would be the same sort of logic, because you’re not having to do a radical color change. you’re just touching up the spots that look shabby.

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  • good info. i was wondering about this for my leather moto jacket, especially in the inside of the elbow where most cracking is evident

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