Top Trends 2018… according to Pinterest ! ǀ Women’s style ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone its Justine. Pinterest is that
place where people pin things they like: if you take all the pins and the
keywords that get searched and saved on Pinterest boards, all around the world,
then you get a pretty good feeling for the trends that people consider rather
wearable, things that they actually want to try. In other words, on Pinterest you
see trends that we’re actually gonna see on the streets. So I looked into the
report that they just released and here are the things that have been pinned a
lot more often this year than last year. First thing: structured statement
earrings. I’d love to say that I single-handedly made big earrings a
thing… I think it wouldn’t be entirely true though. But I really am a fan of
huge earrings so I’m very happy about this one. There are different ways of making a
statement with your ears: a large shape, multiple elements, various materials, a
combination of colors, etc. This is the board that I created for this particular
trend and I’ve created a Pinterest board for each trend that I’m going to mention
today. Trend number 2: berets. That’s one I honestly wouldn’t have guessed
because I think it’s a trend being driven by countries that are not France, since in France it is quite cliché, a bit old school to wear a beret, nowadays, unless
you’re a painter or an artist and you live on a certain hill in Paris, which is
Montmartre 😉 Other than that I haven’t seen berets anywhere I have to say. The
traditional beret is in wool with a discreet plaid pattern but modern
berets can have different materials, colors and shapes again. In fact it looks
more like a beanie and women and men can wear them alike. In the past, berets have
rather been men’s hats only. Number 3: embellished shoes. Bling-bling 🙂
Embellishments are purely decorative details that don’t actually have a
function on the shoe. Embroidered beads might be the first thing you think of
here à la Manolo Blahnik, shoes with that big
buckle on the top of the foot. But embellishments are more varied than this:
McQueen would do thread embroidery all over, Dolce & Gabbana would create a
pattern with beads on the heel, etc. By the way, if you look at my interest
account (here is my Pinterest name), you will see more suggestions for each one
of the trends. I will be adding more pins on all of those boards. Trend number 4: wide leg. Could that be the end of skinny jeans? Could that mark the
return of non stretchy fabric for pants? It’s very interesting actually because
most commercial brands are still offering super tight stretchy spandex
filled fabrics in their jeans, while consumers’ interest, according to this
report, seems to have already shifted towards a new silhouette. By wide-leg,
people who pin mean anything from straight leg to bootcut and bell bottom,
like in the 70’s. Notice that the definition of a wide leg
isn’t the same anymore as in previous decades. Number 5: logos.
I mentioned loud prints being a trend coming back from the runways in my
spring/summer 2017 video. It has a lot to do with the new design director of
Balenciaga, who got hyped like hell by the fashion press. So it’s really a
designer driven trend and other designers, streetstyle-inspired, have been
going in that direction too, which makes logos a “cool” thing to wear again. Even
luxury brands brand their collections and even in Western European markets, where
luxury usually means high quality but a more discreet statement in terms of
branding. Trend number 6: side slits. Thanks to the Kardashian family for
making a naked leg appropriate to wear outside of the red carpet… On a dress or
a tunic worn over pants, it’s a well-known thing: think 70’s. But slits
are now also adapted onto pants or tops. Showing more skin is officially “in”, in
2018. Number 7: hundred percent cotton denim. You might have noticed that right
now, it’s pretty hard to find jeans that don’t have spandex in them.
Well, pure cotton denim seems to be having a moment again, like the iconic
classic Levi’s 501 which had gone a little bit out of fashion and is
coming back, big time. Its fabric is a lot more resistant, it lasts longer, it’s
also a lot stiffer than what you can find in stores right now. The
interesting thing here is that jeans without stretch need to be cut completely
differently to allow for movement, which is not compatible with a skinny
silhouette. So this trend is absolutely going
in the same direction as the wide-leg trend that we’ve seen earlier. Trend
number 8: lucite and paten leather. So double trend here. Lucite is actually a brand of a sort of acrylic and it refers to this kind of
plastic transparent heel that we’ve seen on many runways last year. As a shoe, it
is not very durable and exposure to sunlight can make it turn yellowish. But
it is a vegan alternative to leather so it’s interesting to see blue lucite and
patent leather trend in parallel to each other, as they illustrate two different
lifestyles, in my opinion! Trend number 9: long layered clothing. Long and
layered mean “casual” and it means “comfort”, so if that can help us get over
that super tight body-shaping trend out there, then I’m all for it.
Layering is a thing every winter, in cold regions of the world. But it can
also be styled in summer and the longer you go, the more you’ll elongate your
silhouette. So if you have a rather shorter frame, it is something that you
can definitely try for yourself. Number 10:
sheer socks. I would never have guessed up one. Maybe that’s because I’m French
and I would never show my socks in sandals… so there’s no point having sheer
sucks. But I’m guessing now that other countries do disagree indeed… I suspect
sheer socks to be coming from Asia and I’d love to hear whether you agree if you
are living in Asia right now, and you’re watching this. While preparing this video,
I did see some sheer socks worn with sneakers. Now that’s rather something I
would do, if the material used feels good on the skin, of course. I hope you found
this trends interesting and probably also quite wearable, right? let me know in
the comments below which one was your favorite and if there’s one that you
would never ever do – and why? 🙂 Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video – THANK YOU SO MUCH!
And if you wanna watch more trends, I will link down below and here in the
corner (both ways) a video that I did about fall/winter fashion, for this
winter right now, and a hair trends video for 2018. So more inspiration here. And
this month, I will be doing more trend videos, on different topics, because I
think it’s an inspiring and nice way of starting the year. So if you’re
interested in that, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel! New videos
every Wednesday and Sunday. See you very soon. Bye! :-*


  • Hi everyone! What was your favorite and your least favorite trend? 🙂 Do also let me know if you would like the same kind of videos for men's trends: I would gladly do it!

  • You should check Lirika Matoshi's beautiful embellished tights and socks. 🙂

  • Sheer socks are always trendy here ☺️

  • Sheer socks

  • ruffles have arrived :

  • Wide legs combined with long layers is somethings that makes me look like an elephant. If you are in a small shape, it is o.k.

  • I'm 100% on board with: Wide leg, 100% cotton, and structured statement earrings

  • I love sheer socks. I'm to curvy to be able to lift sheer stockings/panty hose up to my waist.
    I don't like the really oversized clothes. They make me look frumpy.

  • Hmm, never really enjoyed the sheer socks, but I do like your pins on this topic… So maybe it would be interesting for me to try this year? I live in Shanghai, but it's not the weather for sheer socks yet 😉

  • You speak so well and I enjoyed this video! Thanks!!

    PS I’m in Asia and yes I see sheer socks every now and then. With sneakers and with boots and even with open toe sandals. But it’s not super common yet. Maybe in trendier cities like Hong Kong it is.

  • There are a couple of trends I’m looking forward to: 1) baggy pants because they look good on me AND because the skinny ones look so bad on so many body types; and 2) the sheer socks because I just bought some blingy flats and was wondering what to wear inside them. As usual Justine, you helped me pull it together. Thanks.

  • Wide leg pants and statement heels.

  • Loved this video

  • Love your chanel !!!

  • I’ve never liked wide leg pants

  • I think the WIDE leg pant trend and the sheer socks are my favorites. I don’t look good in skinny jeans/pants and so have not adopted the trend at all. The smallest at the ankle I haves gone is simply a strait leg (which I felt often looks best on most). The sheer socks are simply fun so i think I will adopt this trend. Although, in general, I agree with Justine that I would NEVER normally wear a visible sock otherwise. For starters, i had friends in high school that did it and my mother was fashion-conscious and told me, “please don’t ever do that” 🙂 i haven’t. Til now. Might be a fun accent piece for a night out.

  • WIDE LEGS!!!!! Finally! I’ve never stopped wearing these; ever (I’m 53). The problem is that it’s difficult to find them off the rack. I’ve even bought a Craftsy course on pants pattern drafting so that I can make the exact ones I want…that actually fit me. BTW—I love your videos—so smart, interesting, and really informative. I’m an avid knitter, and your insight has helped me with my own designs.

  • Oh yes, trends for men! I’d love to have a “classics trends” (if such a thing exists) to help buy for my husband.

  • But I love skinny jeans.

  • In Singapore, sheer socks has not caught on and doubt that it will. It's common though for people from China to wear sheer socks/ ankle length stockings with shoes / sandals. Wide legged pants and statement earrings are gaining momentum here. Layered clothing not as much as its too hot.

  • YUK! No sheer socks for me…..too cheap looking…always!

  • Love your videos by I prefer the grey background. The white is too glaring.

  • I am so excited that I might be able to buy 100% cotton jeans again. I am also happy to see less form fitting.

  • I studied in Japan for a year and I LOVE sheer socks! I feel embarrassed wearing them in Germany but it's SO much more comfortable. Please make it a trend, so I don't need to feel embarrassed anymore.

  • Sheer socks, wide leg, and slits

  • I think wide-legged jeans are the ugliest type of jeans. And yes, as a kid I loved them but now the sight of them makes ne cringe.

  • It's very interesting …. Good job Justine … love your videos!!!

  • It would be wonderful if you could do a video for different body types wearing these fashion trends. A short person wearing long layers…in my case, I feel like a mushroom and would be swallowed up.

  • I love the long layers but the sheer socks?👎 Unless you're 12, lol. Love your videos-subscribed!

  • Hello Justine! I have recently come across your channel and love your fashion and beauty secrets! I have a question: I have a "bubble butt". It is SO stressful to find jeans without stretch that I can get over my butt and still fit on my hips (which is smaller than my butt) without the dreaded waist gap. Do you have any recommendations on how I should shop for denim? Thank you!

  • I can´t wait for Bootcut Jeans to come back 😀

  • I live in Japan.
    Atm the beret, sheer socks, logos and wide legs are hugely popular here. Since 1 or 2 years ago, and still pretty popular. Pastels are super everywhere with the spring collections and so are flared armed tops (uumpers included) since last winter. 👌

  • Thank you. I just subscribed and now I'm going to try to find you on Pinterest.

  • I like the long layers! Thanks, Justine. By the way, I ordered the Catherine necklace. I love it and wear it practically every day. <3

  • Great idea for Easter gifts for my 3 teenage nieces…..sheer socks…they will LOVE them!!

  • sick of tight jeans and skinny. not elegant. bring on wide leg

  • i like slits

  • casual comfort woo hoo long and layered woo hoo

  • I have never been a "trendy" girl, but I have decided to pay more attention to what I wear since I found out about being a theatrical romantic body type. Hence, my opinion isn't really informed in terms of fashion, but also less biased in feeling pressured into following trends.
    I think people exaggerate when they say "long", which requires the long slits on those ankle-length shirts (which are stupid if you think about it). I have grown so used to skinny jeans that wide legs (as displayed) seem uncomfortable, but it could be worth a try, depending on form and fabric (I wouldn't suddenly wear something for classics when I have an angular but curvy figure). Layers are always a good choice, since every store seems to have decided to demand the same amount of money for thinner fabrics. They ought to make higher quality products and demand more money. Then more people would consider buying them.

  • thank you for this, love berets, always wear them anyway, no bling, love wide legs in soft fabric, no logos, side slits on tops, love stretchy jeans, love long layers and wool socks in my boots.

  • How can I get you through Pinterest please? Thank you!

  • Justine your videos are too helpful to me i love them and get a lot of knowledge from them as i also want to be a fashion designer.
    #Thankyou Justine

  • i think the socks are pretty but the synthetic fabric is probably uncomfortable. some people can style wide leg pants in an elegant way but i cannot so i stick to skinny jeans. the soft gold tones and bright fringes in statement earrings now are very nice i think.

  • with you, even sheer socks sound interesting!! Love everything you do, MERCI!!

  • LOVE the beret! LOVE it! I will not be wearing sheer socks however, they look trashy to me and besides, they are not hygienic! LOVE this video! Thank you.

  • I feel like the sheer socks is definitely coming from kpop:P. America is picking up some of Kpop’s fashion trends and I am very happy about that.

  • Thumbs DOWN on sheer socks…pew!!

  • Hi Justine I’m in Pensacola Florida USA. I love the layering trend!!!!

  • Love the 100% cotton denim, wide pants, and sheer socks (which depending on design can be very cute or chic, believe it or not!). Also like the statement earrings provided they are light. Don't care for the big slits unless they are necessary for movement– anything that the Kardashians do is tacky, so I'd rather ignore.

  • Ooo sheer socks look cute

  • I'm all for the all cotton jeans and the big earrings and the berets (love hats!). Everything else seems rather gaudy. Layering is lovely, but it doesn't work for my body type. Just makes me look frumpy.

  • Transparent socks 💖

  • I bought a bunch of 20's hats like berets and was so happy to see this was a good move. I didn't know they were in style until I realized a lot of places were selling them. I don't follow trends, I wear what looks good on me even if it's out of style. I will keep the beret style 🙂

  • I do not care for the wide leg pants. I am 5'3' a larger bone structured frame and with a 27 inch inseams, it makes be look stumpy, not a flattering look.

  • Wide legs not good news for chubby, short women. Aaargh! Also, why do designers have to remove everything that women have rejoiced over for years e.g. spandex in our jeans?

  • Layers – yes, sheer socks – even gets a yes but logos – no. I just cannot (will not).

  • L. Mm,8. Of

  • Thank god the end of skinny jeans… Now can we please get rid of low rise … Bell bottoms…no
    How about comfortable and classy.. Thin people can wear very loose clothes. I'm average pear shape 5ft 2
    65kg . Give me straight leg mid to high rise jeans,pants.

  • Love this! Goin to follow you! Thanks . I’m stuck living In Hawaii where I can only where light weight breatheable material so I am limited in style and choices! Any help would be great ! Je taime

  • sheer socks are really on trend!

  • Hello! If you're looking for more outfits for the #2018Trends We can make them from you. I'm from a sewing company and we make clothes for everyone. If you want you can send us your sketch or a photo inspiration and we'll make it possible. We're more than happy to assist you. 🙂

  • good to do a talk on how much and faster our environment would be saved if women were not fashion slaves. how to reduce the amount of make-up, nail varnish, hair products, toxic clothing, hand-bags, shoes etc… that they consume at a obscene rate. then maybe our grandchildren would probably live to see baby frogs and animals that we enjoyed… the importance of self assuredness, of sisters supporting each other in a very real way – uplifting each other and creating and supporting products that are honest, that are pure and good, not made with the energy of abused life systems and suffering…that would be good

  • Embellished shoes and non-stretchy denim ♥♥♥. Side slit and plastic shoes👎👎👎 because it can allow clothing to open up and/or shift during movement and plastic shoes are fine in Asia but it is better for me to wear more natural materials that breathe and don't make me feel like a synthetic AI robot 🙂

  • Love the beret! Great hat option for those of us with big curly hair!

  • Wow, sheer socks and white trainers?! Interesting… I wonder if it 'cuts' your leg though… and makes it look shorter. Something to try out, just for fun! 🙂

  • Thank you for all the hard work you have put in this video, it was very interesting! I would never wear socks in summer. It's childish and silly. No wonder asians mistace that for "cute". As stupid as colour pantyhoes in winter. Stupid Gossip girl trend…

  • I like the sheer socks and wide pants

  • My favorite is 100% cotton denim, signaling (as you point out) a move away from skin-tight skinny jeans. I love the solidity and comfort of 100% cotton denim, and the casual feel of a looser fitting jean. For the same reason, I like the look of wide legged pants, but my legs are too short and my ankles too skinny to look good in that style, so I would never wear it myself.

  • So happy to hear that 100% cotton jeans are coming back. I have never liked the fit or feel of spandex and yes they do wear out quickly.

  • A lot of these are mori girl trends.

  • My favorite…boot cut jeans and longer layers. Always all about comfort and style want to look stylish. I LOVE your channel. Thanks for all you do! I'm engaged and inspired…Thanks again!

  • You do nice presentations. Like layers , don’t like wide legs. 100%denim will never last, now that we know stretch.

  • The wide leg trend is not my cup of tea. Simply because of my hourglass silhouette and I have the feeling it adds more volume where it is not necessary. I have seen the trend adopted by girls with my silhouette and it is not flattering. I assume the trend will die soon . ..and it looks sloppy too ..

  • I love wide leg, flowy trousers with Indian prints and the like, as well as boot leg jeans. More of those on the market would be GREAT. And I've already seen some in stores now 7 months later. Still, I like the skinny jean look as well. Honestly, I just can't stand the traditional full cotton stiff jeans. They're so uncomfortable that before I started wearing stretchy skinny jeans, I didn't wear ANY jeans AT ALL.

  • Loving the 100% cotton denim comeback! Even still, it's very overwhelmed by the tons of bolts of stretch denim in the fabric stores – same with 100% cotton jersey. Why much elastine/spandex be in everything? I'm personally liking woven everything lately, don't know why.

  • cotton denim – best, logos – worst

  • I am so glad the super stretchy skinny jeans are on the way out! I bought cotton straight leg jeans with only 1% spandex and felt I hit gold mine. I'm now waiting for all the cropped pants and ankle pants to go away (at least for the season) I can can continue my jeans hunt…like boot cut jeans…

  • Skinny jeans were the reason I gave up wearing jeans whatsoever. Now it's only thin denim shirts from time to time. I appreciate the wide leg trend, on the other hand. So liberating! And so much more comfortable than skirts, and still you get the gentle flow of the material. You need to be very smart with the top when styling those, though, so you don't look like an elephant in oversize garment. 🙂 One more thing: I'm so happy to see garment in polka dots in shops this year! Earlier it was like "only for little girls" thing. I think we need to say thank you to Ines de la Fressange for this. Looking forward to a video on 2018/2019 winter trends from you. 🙂

  • Justine, you're great! I am learning a lot about trends (what about upcoming trends for 2019? How to spot them for entry-level designers? I know you should have an eye for it!) and styles!

  • Thank you ❤️ this is so helpful and interesting! My favourite is the beret trend 😍

  • skinny legs ( not leggings) & a few boot cut look best on my pleats , flat front,.been wearing them for 25yrs+…….don't care about "trends" . I also take the back pockets off of my jeans if they are not riveted. personally I think they look better and do not focus on the derriere . esp. on larger sizes…it gives you a cleaner line.

  • I'm excited for some 100% cotton jeans. I wouldn't want to wear them all the time, but I'm considering adding a pair to my wardrobe for fun.

  • (OMG, sorry! too long!) Justine, bless you for existing! I simply love your videos. They are practical, soothing (you have such a lovely presence!), creative… et puis, en plus, La France me manque … et … you make me smile remembering all things French … even the things that annoyed me then! (I was there in the 8o's, 90's). I have to credit living in France, (and also being a Leo!) with my sense of dress/style. So! It is great to see how many people here reject LOGOS!!! (Everyone here is blessed with good taste!) I think the return of wide legged pants/trousers are wonderful for people who are heavy around the thighs and bottom. The wide leg balances the shape. Skinny jeans/pants are difficult for people who carry their weight around the middle and thighs, accentuating that area. Of course, I think one should dress for one's body type and not feel one has to follow a trend. I too (no bottom at all!) like the silhouette of the wide leg. What I don't like is the 'high water' or 'cropped' wide leg (it shortens one's figure). The sheer 'socklets' are very Japanese! Sort of a little girl thing. I can't see anyone past the age … but then, if you love something, GO FOR IT! Fashion is so interesting, so much fun, so creative… I love my clothes!!! (They are beautifully organized by colour and season and make me happy!). I spend very little on clothes. I shop the thrift stores, have great fun altering things and messing around. (I will spend more money on SHOES and BRAS). People are always giving me clothes and I am always trying to find homes for the pieces that are either 'not me', not my palette, nor my size. Justine, like you, I am against 'fast fashion' because of the chemical toxicity and waste involved in making them. I live in America where people shop for entertainment (very sad) and are drowning in STUFF. Ok… THANK YOU!!!

  • Although I don't know if I would wear all of the trends, I have to say they are at least visually appealing and appear like they can get multiple seasons of use. Trendy or not, good style never fades!

  • great video

  • Socks and sandals has always been quite common in Korea . But I hadn’t been a fashion trend until 2018 I think the see through socks are a pretty cool trend but I would never wear it with sandals

  • Sheer Sox's yuck

  • The new cowboy boots and the prairie flowered dresses are awful. So ugly.

  • It's nice to have high waisted skinny pants.they are great.

  • Sheer socks had a moment back in 2013/14, I remember wearing them and I still have a few pairs

  • Sheer socks.. Japan Korea… hello kitty

  • Don't like any of these trends. That's why I don't follow them

  • No wide legs for me at 5'3", and I would never wear sheer socks with any shoes whatsoever. I like Spandex in my jeans.

  • Hmmmm, not sure about most of those. But then I don't usually follow "trends" all that closely. Having said that, I am so happy to see Levi's making a comeback! Actually, for me they've never gone out. And the long layers are always attractive to me. I'm so into comfortable and always trying to look longer and slimmer. But bling simply can't go away quickly enough to suit me…and plastic heels? No, no no…

  • i do the sheer socks to get more use out of my closed toed dress/work shoes once it gets too warm to wear tights or panty hose. They rub badly without something in between them and my foot and I find that my foot gets stuck to the bottom without an in between layer which isnt super comfortable but the tights I wear all winter are just too hot and sticky for warm weather. At the same time I wear trouser slips under all my skirts in the summer to stop chaffing without needing hose. Put the two together and I can wear pumps and skirts all year round without discomfort.

  • Please make one for 2019 😉😇

  • 100% behind the 100% cotton denim I can’t wait to wear 501 jeans again.

  • As a short, older lady with something of an apple shape I am doubtful about wide leg pants. Perhaps a narrow wide leg.😂. I cannot wear heels these days, so there’s that. Just have to try and see if I can find the right proportions.

  • I'm a muslim living in Indonesia, so wide legs and socks i do wear hahaha… And yes with my sandals. Will really love to find wide leg soft jeans, it's not easy to find if it's not on trend.

  • I am so far behind on trends. I have young daughters 14 and 10 who would love to wear the sheer socks with cute shoes. We are in the USA.

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