Top 5 Shoes You Need for Fall/Winter

So the temperatures are finally dropping,
it’s getting cold out there. You’re bringing out your fall gear and to match
those outfits you’re gonna need proper footwear, to not only look good and
stylish but also be functional keep you warm, dry, and safe; and today I have you
covered. We’re gonna go over the five most stylish fall and winter shoes that
you should have in your collection. Number one, the Chelsea boot. I mean, need I say more? You guys see me rocking these all the
time. Personally, I think this is the one shoe that it just doesn’t matter what
age group you’re in, whether you’re super young in school, or older
this boot works for you. Because it works with almost any style. I would recommend you avoid any leather sole Chelsea boots, as these don’t tend to grip very well.
These from Thursday Boots are perfect, because they have a rubberized sole that
have a lot of traction. And as you guys know, when it comes to boots there is one
brand that I always see myself repeatedly wearing, and that’s Thursday
Boots. These particular Chelsea Boots come with a weather safe, suede cork bed midsole and an EVA comfort strip. Which means you’re going to remain comfortable and dry all day. These boots deliver on everything both style functionality and
comfort ability. I mean what more do you want? If you guys want to check these
boots out from our sponsor they’re gonna be linked down below.
The second shoe option is, the Adidas Ultra Boost. This is the guy that wants
something a little bit more casual. As you guys know the Ultra Boost is a very
popular model, however Adidas thought ahead of the curve and they dropped an
All Terrain model right now, right before fall, you guys can pick up. And all of
the sneakers hallmarks that make the ultra boost popular, remain intact. You
still get that boost cushioning, and that knit upper. However, you get that added
benefit of a more aggressive All-Terrain sole for better traction and raising it
to a mid top to give you added comfort support, and warmth during those cold
winter and fall months. The third shoe style for fall and winter, is the Chukka
Boot. This is another must for fall and winter, and again just like the Chelsea
boot, this is a style that can be worn year-round, This model is also outfitted
with the weather safe suede. Which means you’re good and protected against any
rain or snow, it won’t be damaging your shoes. It also has stick out
struction and a full leather interior. Which means you’re gonna be super
comfortable in those shoes year-round, you can walk for miles in these. If you
guys want to check out any of these amazing handmade boots from Thursday
Boots, like I said there is gonna be a link down below. Everything is hand
crafted to perfection and they offer FREE shipping within the U.S and also
free returns. And for any international viewers, they also do offer international
shipping, and like I said I’ve been working with Thursday Boots for over three years.
believe it or not, I was one of their first bloggers to ever work with them,
and I still own that first pair of boots that I worked with them today and still
wear them. So when I recommend them to you guys,
I can recommend them to you blindly, because I know just how well-made they
are and that they’re gonna last you a long time. That you’re gonna really juice
these boots and get your money’s worth, not only in value but also in style. So
like I said, if you guys want to check out any of these, they’re gonna be linked
down below. The fourth shoe option for fall and winter are the Vans Skate High
MTE. Vans basically revamped this timeless
design with premium water resistant leather uppers, warm textile linings and
a heat retention layer within the lining. This will keep your feet warm and dry
all season. And on top of that it has a vulcanized lug outsole, which offers
maximum traction. And finally for our last recommendation, this one’s a little
bit more of a dapper one and it’s the Wingtip Boot. Just because it’s fall and
winter doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop with those classy outfits, and you don’t
have to. Usually the best alternative for fall and winter suiting is some sort of
wing tip boot. You get that classic wingtip design that looks great on suits
but redesigned with a high top to give you more warmth, more comfort and
more support during the winter season. Again this particular one is from
Thursday Boots, and I believe this one’s going to creep up in about two years
that I’ve owned this boot and just look how amazing it still looks. And goes
again to what I was saying, that when you buy any of these styles, you’re gonna be
using it for multiple seasons and multiple years.
That’s how well-built they are. In this particular one again, it is that suede
outsole that is weather safe; so it does keep you warm ,it is a stylish option
that looks good with jeans, that looks good with suits, and it also has a rubber
heel. Again this is the dressy option, so it didn’t go with the full rubber
sole. When you’re dressing with suits, you still want to keep that slim, narrow
silhouette and don’t want to chunky outsole. So this one makes a great option
for those events. Alright guys, so that’s it for this week’s video. I hope you
enjoyed it, if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below. Also if you
guys want to check out any of the shoes from Thursday Boots, I’m gonna have them
linked down below as well so you guys can check them out. That’s it for me
today, see you next time!



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