Top 5 PROFITABLE & Best Selling Amazon Categories ? (BIG PROFITS) ? INDIA (HINDI) (2020)

Subscribe AMAZING MARKETER Channel and hit the BELL icon to watch latest videos. Hi Guys.. as we all know We need three things to get successful in online business First, BEST PRODUCT – which you can able to sell Second, right SKILL SET to market it. Third, PASSION to become successful entrepreneur. and, I am sure that you have that winner’s mindset and you are ready with your absolute energy to become successful this year. But, you are looking for that TOP CATEGORY or BEST PRODUCT that will make you SUCCESSFUL!! RICH!! & PROFITABLE!! Myself Sorabh, you are watching AMAZING MARKETER, Lets begin !! These days eCommerce is at BOOM! Not even in India, Globally its in demand. and everybody wants to invest in this and make PROFIT out of it. Existing sellers wants to try new categories they want to invest in it and try to take profit from here. and, there are other set of people those are new or new sellers thinking to enter in this market to learn business & in the end, get some profit. However, everyone is looking for the answer of one BIG question Which are the TOP CATEGORIES? that helps them to earn lot of money. I got such queries quite frequently so I decided to answer them through a video I have identified TOP 5 CATEGORIES for you guys I will explain how you can invest in these categories What are the advantages & disadvantages of these categories? specific Pros & Cons of these categories that makes these categories “Top Categories” Before going ahead, i want to tell you .. those 5 factors on which these categories are based on. These are the 5 factors – 1. Sales Volume Sales Volume signifies the demand of the product and how quickly you can sell the same. 2. Margins Margins simply means PROFIT, how much profit you can make from it 3. Turn Over Rate it means the shortest time period in which you sold out all of your inventory. Suppose you have 10 units of “X” product and you might be able to sell the same in 1 week, 2 week or 1 month. So, turn over rate will define how quickly you can sell your inventory. 4. Accessibility Product that is easily available either from supplier, distributor, manufacturer sometimes there are certain products which are not easily available for third party selling. so, we have catered product accessibility as well. factor 5 is one of the most pivotal factor and most question came for this only 5. Capital…how much do I need to invest to start a business So, we have considered all these factors while considering Pros & Cons Now, Lets discuss the most PROFITABLE categories on Amazon or on other eCommerce platform First Category is ” Consumer Electronic” This market is about to reach INR 330 trillion by 2020 So, this is a huge market, thousands of mobile phone and their accessories came in the market. power banks.. LED Bulbs… we are using so many electronics products in day-to-day life recently, products like Alexa and Google Assistant AI based products have been launched people are liking these products and buying them. so, consumer electronics is the first category which is most profitable. second category is.. I am not going to tell you the name of this category however it is one of the most profitable category undoubtedly even I won’t recommend you to invest in this category.. you must be thinking ..WHY? Because, you won’t be able to make profit in it in any scenario. now, you may be thinking if this is one the profitable category then, why I won’t be able to make profit out of it. so, I will discuss this category in the end of this video in detail. stay tuned! Third category is..Clothes, Shoes & Jewellery We love to wear good clothes, branded shoes, & expensive jewellery. so, this is a very demanding category next category is… Personal Care & Beauty Products we always want to look good cz it makes us confident. we set our hair, use beard products, girls use makeup even there is altogether separate cosmetic industry for men This category has huge potential, will discuss in detail. Next is… Home & Kitchen Appliances There are products that we require on daily basis appliances like mixer grinder microwave washing machine, refrigerator we will discuss these products with Pros & Cons next is …Toys & Video Games Most of the sellers never think about this category however there is huge profit in this category. we will discuss this in detail as well. So, lets start with first category… with its Pros & Cons Consumer Electronics As I have already mentioned that it is INR 330 billion industry by 2020 and the rate by which we are demanding and consuming electronic gadgets you can observe yourself. These days we are creating youtube videos, we require cameras and lightning to do facebook and instgram, we need mobile phone for interaction to upload photos We use fancy lights at home power banks are required to charge these gadgets so the consumption is extremely high Lets start with Pros first High Sales Volume you can easily sell 50 units, 100 units, even upto 1000 units The demand is so humongous that you can sell 1000-1500 units within a week or two. second Pros of this category is Low turn over rate You can easily sold your complete stock in one or two weeks as i already mentioned, you can easily sell 1000-1500 units due to high demand. These are the two benefits of this category one is Sales Volume means demand is high second is turn over rate means you can sell more in less time. Lets talk about Cons.. Fist con is Low Margins You don’t get much profit Profit margins varies from 5% to 10% due to high competition. If I take example of Mobile phone everyday thousand of mobile phones are launching. with different specifications that gives customer too many options to chose from. This is the reason behind low profit because competition is neck-to-neck. Second con is Accessibility You don’t get suppliers easily for this category. Because big brands doesn’t allow everyone to sell as third party. If they allow then, one has to follow too many guidelines. So, accessibility is a big issue in this category. Most of the time you are not able to find the supplier or manufacturer in case you found one, support is another challenge. You have placed a order today and lead time is so long that you are not receiving product on time. so the second con is accessibility Before closing this category, I would like to share a tip with you guys that you can make good profit in less time But, this category is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Trust me, in case any beginner started with this category then he/she has bear a great loss due to high competition and have to leave ecommerce business. Thus, I don’t recommend to any new entrant, new seller or a beginner to try this category to start their business. Second most profitable category is Clothing, Shoes & Jewellery This a great category. And, its completely opposite of Consumer Electronics. so.. the best thing of this category is it’s easy to penetrate. You can easily enter into this market segment. Why it is easy? because you need very low capital. so, the first Pros of this category is Low Capital Needed. You can easily purchase a T-shirt at INR 100, 200 or 300/- which you can sell around INR 1000, 1200,or 1500/- In Delhi, wholesale manufacturing is at its peak a shirt start from INR 23/- yes…it’s just INR /-23 it start from this and upto INR 500 or 600 so, in an average, you got a decent t-shirt around INR 70 to 100/- and you can sell the same at around INR 400-500/- If you create a pattern on this T-shirt, the cost rises to INR 110 -120 and sellers sell these t-shirt at INR 800-900/- Thus, we can observe that investment is too low which is its first Pros and second Pros is that Profit margin is almost 100% or even more. We have discussed two benefits of this category first…capital investment is very low second..Profit margin is very high. The third benefit of this category is Longevity. Longevity means you can sell your product for long duration. Suppose, you have purchased few jackets due to winter season. which you tried to sell however you left with 1-2 units. so, you can sell the same in the next season. The longevity of this category is quite high. It remains 1-2 years even you can extend to 3rd year. However, I don’t recommend you to maintain that inventory till 3rd year. Lets talk about Cons of this category… The only con of this category is Sales Volume You can’t expect quantity or quantum in this category. Like you can’t sell 100, 200, 500 or 10,000 units in a day. Customer love to have variety, search for various options and they do have in reality. That’s why.. you can’t expect sale of 100-200 shirt or t-shirt in day. or 50 jeans in day. so, this actually doesn’t happen. So this is the Con of this category. Third category is Personal Care & Beauty This category is about USD 19.8 billion. and we all love to look good. We use makeup, hair & beard grooming products. There so many products available in the market especially for women. Nail polish, Moisturizer face packs even there is separate cosmetic industry for men like… Fair & Handsome, Nivea, etc. so, men & women cosmetic industry are separated and you analyze the demand by this. As a human being, we really want to look perfect especially on facebook, instagram. so, we all these beauty products to look good. The first Pros of this category is Huge Margins In this category, you can earn not only 100 or 200% profit, you can earn upto 800% profit. How? You can earn upto 200% profit on products that are available in India. However, There are so many products which are not available in India (or in your country). But the demand is high for these products. So, you can import these products from Alibaba, gearbest, etc or you can ask your friend / relative to bring that product from foreign country. which you can re-sell further. so, the profit in this category is not huge, its humongous. so, you can earn upto 800 to 1000% profit totally depend on the kind of product you choose. second Pros is.. Sales Volume Sales volume due to high demand as everyone wants to look good. You can sell multiple products to satisfy customer’s requirement as demand is high. Third important & profitable factor is longevity because these products doesn’t get expired soon. The expiration date of these products varies from 1 year to 2 years even few products have 3 years. so you have ample amount of time to sell your inventory. However, packaging of most of the products got changed and new products come into the market. but if a customer likes a specific product then they will stick to that. so, this is third benefit that you can sell these products for long run. Now, lets talk about Cons… Turn Over Rate of this category is high. because there are plenty of products in the market. customer wants to try & test different products. so, that’s why turnover rate is too high. That mean, you can’t sell too many products too soon. This is a challenge with this category. In case, you sold out all of the inventory within six months, which mean it is a good sign. If it goes above this time period then, it is not good for your business. so always try to sold out your inventory in six months. second con of this category is High Capital Needed. because you have to keep variety of products and you need money for that. secondly, you have to compete with local sellers that works on Brick-Mortar model Customer usually do their research online but wants a physical touch of that product. Lets take example of Deodorant, a customer can test it, smell it at local shop. so the competition is fierce from local retailers. In order to compete with local shopkeepers, you have to keep variety of products and to keep the variety, you have to invest high capital. finally, the second con of this category is you require lots of capital. TIP: Add baby products in this category. why?…Human race is growing exponentially and we are keep on making babies..babies..and more babies.. so you know that, there are products that required on daily basis for babies. such as nappies, baby powder, baby oil, etc. so I would suggest you to add baby product and this will give you more profit. in last, to excel less in this category and earn more profit, add baby products. Next category is Home & Kitchen Appliances This is one of the best category!! In case, I have to rate every factor on the scale of 10. then, I will give 7 ratings to all the five parameters. It has good sales volume, margins, accessibility, turnover rate. so, this is one of the best category especially for beginners. In case, some one wants to start the business, s/he can start from this. However, you can’t compare this category with consumer electronics in terms of profits or margins. In electronics, you can make 35-50% margins but this category has decent margins. and turn around time is 2-3 months so you can try in this category. The only con that this category has is Longevity. Most of the home or kitchen products comes into the market like a fad These products come and go, customer give a one time shot to experience it. and products which has major utility remain in your inventory for longer period. so this is the con that your inventory will not be sold for long duration. Longevity is the only con in this category. Last category is Toys & Video Games I will further sub-divide this category into Toys & Video Games Let’s talk about Toys first.. Toys is the best category for the beginners. I repeat….Toys is the best category for the beginners. Kitchen…is one of the best!! but, toys is the best!! So, if you want to start an online business, jump into the ecommerce you want to start fresh… start with Toys why? super high ROI margins are almost 200-300% you will earn profit for sure!! Let me tell you how… First thing, never ever sell new toys or products because you don’t know whether customer will buy it or not. so, always sell try and tested toys that are year or two old now, why this toy category is so profitable or why customer will purchase these products? I advise you to add baby products in personal care & beauty.. why… because population is growing exponentially. so, toys are really important for babies / kids India ranks 2nd in population thus we need lot of toys, our children need lot of toys. so sell them. second thought… today movies based on comic series are in trend like superman, batman, spiderman, etc. kids love these movies and are crazy for their favorite super hero action figures or toys. so you can sell these toys.. That’s the reason behind the super profitability of this category. second pros of this category is low capital needed. some toys you can import in INR 50 or 100/- you can sell them at INR 200, 300, or 500/- So, capital investment is low in this business, you can start with minuscule amount. you can try in soft toys category as well as investment is low in this too. Third most important factor is longevity. You can sell these products for multiple years. how? Few toys are evergreen, we played in our childhood even we love to play .. and we still love to buy them. for example.. spiderman, batman, barbie dolls, hot wheels car these toys always remains in trend.. year over year…every kid loves these you can sell these. so you can jump in toys category while keep this factors in consideration. Lets discuss about con of this category.. However, after analyzing, researching and based on my experience I didn’t found any cons of this category. I would like that if you guys based on your experience can share the con of this category in comments. This will help me and other sellers to learn from you, so please do comment below. Lets talk about its sub-divided category…Video games Video games… I will be very blunt and very straight forward… Lowest margins ever you will earn lowest profit in this category. almost negligible which almost 5-10% and some time even less than that we all know that developing a video game is very expensive. but as more and more CDs, DVDs come into the market, cost start decreasing gradually. so due to this reason, profit margins in this category is extremely low. you have think how to invest and make profit in this category as profits are low. First Pros of this category is low capital needed you can easily purchase a game at INR 100, 200, 500 but don’t go beyond 1000/- as such you don’t need much capital w.r.t other categories. but yes, it is more if we compare it with toys second pros is Turn around rate tremendous turn around rate simply terrific you can sold out all of your inventory within a week. If a video game gets viral, demand increase like anything… People become crazy for it and they want it at any cost. so you can sell your entire inventory within a week. But remember one thing… that profit will be too low. Thus, if you want to make less profit but in quick time, this category is good for you. Cons… This is not a good category for beginners or for top sellers why… if your best seller rank is above 10000.. Trust me…you won’t be able to sell a single unit. On the other hand, if your rank is under 10K… then, you might be able to sell one unit in a month. But, if you are one of the top most seller which mean your rank is under 500 then, this category will give you huge profits. you would sold out all your units in a week. So, this rank primarily depends on your overall rank. If you are under 500, try this category because you will get good profit in less time. But, if your rank is high and you are excelling in business then, I won’t recommend you to invest in this category, especially new sellers and beginners. Now, its time to go back at the start of the video… I have mentioned that I would tell you second most profitable category in the end of the video. It is Books & Movies. Irrespective of the fact that this is one of the most profitable category, I won’t recommend you in any scenario. why? Because Amazon itself dominate this category Amazon have most of the copyrights of books whether its ebook, paper binding, hard copy, PDF. It have its own product – Kindle In case of movies, Amazon have its own production house It sell through amazon prime as well. thus, I won’t recommend you to sell in this category. You won’t get buy box in this category any how. It will remain with Amazon itself. So, this category is undoubtedly profitable but there is lot of hustling and efforts are required/ This is why, I don’t recommend any one to try this category whether you are new seller, exiting seller or anybody. Its better to stay away from this category as Amazon owns everything in it. everything means everything whether its books and movies. Finally, i would like to answer that every wants to know… Which category will be give me the highest return or PROFITS? The answer is simple…. ” You can make money from each and every category of amazon ” Its totally upto you how much you understand that category, treat that category. What’s your approach, plan-of-action towards the category and for your business. However, to streamline and simplify these things, this is small effort for all of you. To tell those 5 categories which may give you best profits. where you have to invest less to earn more. So you can try any one of the category out of these five. For new sellers, two categories have been mentioned specifically. I have explained markets that are easy to penetrate, try those as well. so, I think without any further delay, choose your category. Just jump into the market and start earning profits. Hit ” LIKE ” if you like this video. Don’t forget to share & ” SUBSCRIBE ” You can share your views or problems in the comment box. I will try my best to give you resolution of the same. and finally, KEEP SELLING, KEEP SMILING !!


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