Top 5 Men’s Sneakers Of 2019

(upbeat music) – Hola, me llamo Dorian. Joined by I don’t know
how to speak Spanish after that, joined by
my wife and celebrity menswear stylist, Ashley Weston. – Hi there. – Super happy to have you
on the show today, Ashley. – What? (laughing) Likewise. (laughing) – Guys, this video is
sponsored by Squarespace, from websites and online stores, to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful website. So fellas, we’re talking about the best sneakers of 2019. You’ve requested it, you’ve wanted it, you’ve needed it. A lot of fingers– – What is this? – Finger pistols going on.
– What is this? (upbeat music) Okay, so first up we’ve got this one by Nike. So right now there is a huge
demand for retro sneakers. These ones were actually
originally made in the late 80’s. Stop being so weird. In the late 80’s– – I owned these in the late 80’s. – Yep, and so they
– I definitely did. – Re-released them in a
couple of bright colorways. This one, this particular colorway, I love but there’s two other
ones as well which are awesome. It’s a suede and nylon upper and it just pairs great with
your jeans, your chinos, just a wonderful, all
around great retro sneaker if that’s what you’re looking for. This next one is definitely
a classic as well. It’s by Vans. I particularly love the
black and white color scheme or the navy and white color
scheme because it’s more of a neutral color so it’ll pair easily with anything in your existing closet. And also, I mean, the price is fantastic so it’s just one of those sneakers that I think every person
should own whether you’re a man or a woman, does not matter, young or old. It’s just such a great, classic sneaker. – I love that they come pre-shrunk. That’s my favorite. (laughing) Because these are little
baby shoes basically. I think this is– – I’m adding these to my closet after. – I think these might have been purchased for a very personal reason. – Okay, so for the next shoe I’ve included on my list, it’s, I had to make sure that
we covered a running shoe. These are probably the most comfortable running sneakers out there. They’re by Adidas so
they’re the Ultraboost but they actually, so Adidas just recently updated the design of the Ultraboost. It’s pretty similar but
just slight little tweaks. Some of the new colorways are fantastic. – Fire, as the kids say–
– Fire! – These days.
– Fire! And I particularly love
this color scheme here but there’s a couple other ones
that I’ll definitely include in the article for you guys to check out but love these sneakers and
again, they are so comfortable, so if you like more of a running sneaker, kind of, street wear vibe to your shoes, then definitely pick these up. – I would say you don’t even
need to have that inclination. – Yeah. – They are just so freakin’ comfortable, you’re not going to want
to wear anything else. I own the first version
of the Ultraboosts as well and these are going to be
making it in my closet as well because it’s time. And fellas, before we
get into the next shoe that I am eagerly anticipating as well want to tell you quickly
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trial using our unique URL which will link down below but it’s basically just slash A-W-X Inc. – Guys, check it out, we
wouldn’t take on this sponsor if we weren’t users of them already. – Okay, so for this next sneaker, I want to mix up the style a bit more so for this one, we’ve got
these high tops by Wolverine. So I’ve got to credit Dorian for this find because he was
wearing them one day and– – These are my personal shoes. – Yup.
– These are mine. – He showed up one day and
I saw them, I’m like, wait, those are really nice, who makes those? I had to include them in this list. They come in a couple different colors and they also have a low top version in case you want a low top version but love the high top version and he’s been wearing
them for months and months and months now and they’ve
held up extremely well. – Seriously, these aren’t clean, these, I just go like this, that’s it. Very little wrinkles, wonderful
kind of patina they get after a little wear. Huge fan and they’re really
freakin’ comfortable. You think of the flat soles like this as being not comfortable. These are very comfortable. The inserts are really, really good and it’s by Wolverine, the
boot company of all places so their leathers are
really, really nice as well. Definitely check them out. I saw these and went, I
don’t normally like high tops but I think I got to try these out and I’m glad that I did. – Okay, guys, so before we get into my last favorite sneaker for 2019, I just want to let you
know, definitely make sure to check out the article
which we’ve linked below that includes all of these sneakers that we were talking about
as well as a couple more of my favorite ones and
please, do yourself a service, if you think– – Do a service for you. – Do yourself, what was it? – A favor. – A favor, if you think you might want one of these sneakers, get them
now because I don’t want to hear anyone saying that
the links no longer work because it’s sold out. So just get it while you can. Okay, so the last and final sneaker for 2019 that I really love are these ones by New Balance. They kind of have a retro-y look to them. They’re super comfortable. Dorian owns a pair, I’ve got a couple clients that own a pair. They look great with everything. They have a super sleek design. I particularly love
this blue color because it has a more of a monochrome look to it. The laces, all the different finishes– – Everything matches. – It all matches. But, if you want something more colorful, they have a ton of different
colorways that will suit whatever kind of vibe you want
to go for with your sneaker. – Or you can own multiple pairs. – Or you can own multiple pairs as well. It’s a great sneaker to
own if this is the style that you kind of want
to go for but I love it. I absolutely love it. – Okay. Fellas, thumbs if you like
this one, subs if you loved it. If you got sneakers that you love, that you think are the
penultimate, the best, the top dogs from 2019, leave
one in the description below. Always curious to see–
– These are my favorites. – Okay, but I want to hear
what the audience likes. Listen, some of these shoes
I’m taking home with me, maybe I’ll take home a couple other ones. I don’t know, from the comment section, that’s what I’m looking for. Alright, guys, we’ll
see you in the next one. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)

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