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– Good afternoon, Gents. It’s Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. And the subject of today’s video is the five shoes that every man should own. Okay, so these are our
favorite five shoes, right? Maybe not our favorites, but it’s the ones which
we all own as a team here at Make Me That Guy, and which we find the most versatile. We know we’re hot shit, we know we’re on trend, and they’re gonna complement
any man’s wardrobe. So number one is the brogue, okay? So we’re popping up a brogue now. It’s most common in the tan color, and that’s what we prefer it in as well. It’s the most versatile, and it looks especially
good with light-blue jeans. It’s a great addition
for a smart casual look, but it can also go into the
realm of the smarter as well. So the tan brogue has to be number one. Super fashionable at the moment, and it’s been around for
literally hundreds of years, and it’s set to go nowhere: brogues. Okay, number two has got to
be a good boot, all right. There is a massive variation
of boots out there, so what is our favorite boot? Well for me it has to be a Chelsea boot. And as we have the brogue in tan, we’re gonna go for the
Chelsea boot in a plain black. So we’re flashing one up now, right? Looks really cool in a more casual outfit. So we wouldn’t really wear a
boot with a suit combination, or with trousers, or slacks, right? It’s gonna look cool with jeans, but it can also be mixed
up with jeans and blazers to create a really smart casual outfit which is gonna look great. So get a good boot and,
as I said, our favorite, and one of the most common at the moment is the Chelsea boot, so check that out. Okay, so the third essential
men’s shoe for any wardrobe has got to be a nice loafer, all right. So we’ve already had the
brogue, we’ve had the boot. Well the loafer is way, way simpler. You don’t have to lace it up. You can wear it without socks. It’s even gonna work with
shorts in some combinations. It can be both smart, casual;
it’s really versatile. So a good loafer really
complements anyone’s wardrobe, especially in the summertime. You can wear it without socks, chinos, or shorts, chinos rolled up. It’s gonna look absolutely awesome. So our favorite types are: the tassel loafer we’re flashing up now; or you can go for the penny loafer, also looks very cool, always
smart, high-end looking; and finally a brand I’m
particularly fond of, which is one of the common
and front-runners in loafers, men’s loafers, is Weejuns, all right? So we’re gonna flash
up a pair of them now. They always look great. They’ve got their signature
kind of maroon off-red color. They’re gonna look wicked and smart, all casual combinations, and they’re absolutely everywhere. Okay, so the fourth essential
item of men’s shoe ware has got to be a good plimsoll/sneaker, or trainer if you’re in the UK, right? So a good plimsoll is
gonna be really versatile. You don’t always wanna walk around with a smart leather shoe, or a boot on, so you’re gonna wanna get a
nice pair of plimsolls, right or sneakers. There are so many out there, right? Be careful, you don’t want
something which is too gym-y. By gym-y I mean not a man called Jimmy. I’ve got nothing against
you, Jimmy; keep watching. I’m talking about the gym. So we’re gonna stay away
from like gym shoes. We don’t wanna mix them up
with your smart casual gear. They’re overdone, over
killed, and not so cool, so stay away from the gym shoes. Two, we don’t want over-big
and clumpy basketball shoes, especially if you’re not a guy who dresses in a hip-hop manner. So a surefire plimsoll which
we all love is a classic Van, or something along the
lines of this pop-up, which is more going into
the realm of the sneaker. And if you do like the urban look more, then a classic pair of Air Max 90s is gonna work with more
or less everything, and we’re gonna flash
that up as well right now. So get yourself a cool sneaker for those more casual outfits you need. Our fifth and final essential
item of men’s shoe ware has got to be a classic
Derby loafer, okay, right? This one is the most
simple, it’s the plainest, and it also is probably
the most high-end looking, thus it can always be worn with a suit or a really smart outfit. So you could wear this with a tuxedo, you could wear it out to a dinner, and of course you can wear it to work. So a nice, plain Derby loafer. We don’t wanna go to the
hyper-hyper-extended pointy ones. That was a trend in the 90s. It’s over; stop that. So we’re gonna flash up
a picture of them now. But we wanna keep them with
a nice, sleek shape, classic. And make sure, when these get messed up, you throw them out and
get a new pair, right? By definition, the Derby
loafer is extremely smart, it’s high-end, it’s for
those formal occasions. So when it starts to get
weathered and older looking, it needs to go, right? If you’re trying to look smart, you’re trying to look high-end, then the shoe has to look that way. With a brogue, or the boot,
stuff like that, the plimsolls, you can get away with them
looking a bit more weathered. The vintage look shows some wear, some wear and tear, and
that is actually cool. With the Derby loafer, no it’s not. Keep it slick, keep it new looking, and if it’s too weathered and
old, simply get a new pair. Okay, Gentlemen, so there we have it. That was the five essential
items of men’s shoe ware that you all should have in your wardrobe. If you don’t have it, what
are you doing out here? Go and get it right now. I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. Be sure to check out the website for information on all
the services we offer. Subscribe, give us a like, a comment, share the videos if you’re feeling them, and there’s plenty more coming
from the team very soon.


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