Top 5 ELEGANT Shoes

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my
channel. In today’s video I’m going to be talking elegant shoes. If you’re new to
my channel, welcome my name is Carla and on this channel I share ideas on fashion
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subscribe down below. Ok guys so I enjoyed making the Elegant Hairstyles
and the What Elegant Ladies Never Wear so much that I decided that I wanted to
try to make the Elegant shoes and I’m probably just gonna make a series kind
of thing out of the whole elegant wear outfits. Definitely check
out the other videos that I’ve already made. The first elegant shoe that I would
love to share with you guys are the Chanel flats. So I consider these shoes
very elegant due to its simplicity. These shoes come in black they also
come with a beige and black look. I personally think that the black looks
more elegant, it’s more simple, it’s more elegant I love how the leather on the
toe box of this shoe is different from the quilted leather on the rest of the
shoe. It adds this little extra touch but it’s definitely not too much. You can
pair these shoes with an all-black outfit which is a very sophisticated
very elegant or you can do a more casual elegant look by pairing these flats with
a pair of blue jeans. The second pair of shoes that I find to be very elegant are
the Gucci Mules. These mules to me are not only elegant and sophisticated due
to its simplicity but they’re very convenient and very comfortable, and I
say convenient because they’re just so easy to just slip right on your feet and
go about your business. These shoes definitely show that
elegance does not have to be so hard to pull off. I love that these mules come in
a multitude of colors. I would definitely stick to the more neutral colors like
the blacks the whites and Maybe the red pair of mules but once again
there are multitude of colors and it just opens up your options. The third
pair of elegant shoes that I would love to share with you guys are black pumps.
They can be leather black pumps, suede black pumps, any of these materials look
very elegant and very sophisticated. One thing I will say when selecting black
pumps is one you want to be careful with the height of your heel or the type of
heel that you go for, you want to make sure that when you’re selecting your
heel height that it’s between four four and a half inches. When you start
creeping up to the six inch heels and those kinds of heel Heights then you
definitely start threading into the more sexier kind of,I don’t know, just less
elegant look. You also want to be careful with platform heels. So even though I
mentioned black pumps, I would not put platform heels in the same category.
Platform heels give off a more sexy look. The fourth pair of shoes that I find to
be very elegant are thigh high boots I know these sound weird to be elegant
shoes, however, to achieve the elegant look you want to ensure that your thigh
high boots have a pointy front or a pointy toe box. You want to stay from
that more rounded look that gives off a more casual vibe. When looking for or
going for the elegant look go for that pointy front. You can wear thigh high
boots with skirts, you can wear them over your jeans, you can wear them under your
jeans, any of these looks look very elegant and very sophisticated. What you
want to make sure is that when you’re wearing either a dress or a skirt is
that your dress or your skirt is not too short that takes away from the elegant
look that you’re going for. Remember elegant, not sexy.
The fifth and final pair of elegant shoes I wanted to share with you
guys are rain boots.Yes I know these boots do not sound like they can be
elegant. Yes I rave about rain boots and that’s because they’re so versatile. Rain
boots can definitely be worn elegantly, it’s all in how the rest of your outfit
looks. So even a pair of hunter boots with the white logo in the front and
everything can look elegant depending on the rest of your outfit. I would
definitely try to pick out a pair of rain boots that are more simple, more
plain black, however, you can pull this off as an elegant look and you can
achieve this by pairing your black rain boots with a pair of black jeans, a nice
black turtleneck, and throwing a blazer over, That’s very elegant very
sophisticated. Like I’ve mentioned and want you to remember, Elegant is very
simple, classy, and tasteful. Hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, please
give it a thumbs up and comment down below. Remember to be kind to others. Also
remember to count your blessings and be grateful. Walk in Peace and Joy! Until
next time


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