Top 4 Sneakers For Men – 2017

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So let’s get into my favorite
four sneakers for 2017. These are going to look great on every guy and they’ll get you through a
bunch of different situations, so from working out, all the way to just needing
a great everyday shoe. Number four is the Nike Flyknit Racers. I love these. So I have them in the color scheme here and then the all black. It’s actually black,
black, and a coal color, so a charcoal color. These two sneakers are amazing. Now, they have a very sleek profile as well as a very minimal design, which makes these a great
everyday lifestyle shoes, but these are fantastic
athletic shoes as well because they’re very light,
like ridiculously light, and they have a woven upper which makes it really breathable. Number three are the Converse
All Stars, which are here, or the Jack Purcells. You can get them either
in leather or canvas. I’ve got them here in white. This is canvas and this is leather. But you can also go with black as well. These are just classics, so you gotta have these in your wardrobe. They’re super cheap as well and they just go with all
of your casual clothes. Number two is the Adidas Ultraboost. So I have these in the black
and white color scheme, which I love because
it’s just a lot easier to wear with the rest of your clothes. Now, this was a tough decision because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to include the Ultraboost or the Adidas NMD that I’ve got here. The reason why that I ended up going with the Ultraboost is
because the midsoles of the NMDs are just really
chunky all the way around. That white midsole is very
prominent on the shoe. A lot of guys are not gonna
be able to pull this off, because what it does is it
actually draws the attention away from your outfit
and to your sneakers. And I’m a big advocate of
when you’re wearing an outfit, nothing should be jumping out. So unless you’re a big sneaker head and you really wanna
show off these sneakers, then I wouldn’t recommend them. Instead, go with the Adidas Ultraboost. You have a beautiful minimal design to it and they’re very frickin’ comfortable. And they have a nice woven upper which makes it very breathable, so this is an excellent
athletic running shoes but also just a great
everyday lifestyle shoe because of that sleek minimal design. And number one, and these
are gonna be on my list for years to come until
something better comes along, and that is the Adidas Stan Smith. So these are just great everyday sneakers. They’re comfortable. They’re not expensive. And they’re relatively easy to keep clean as long as you wipe them down once a week or every two weeks. Remember, guys, women look at a man’s shoe as an indication of what
type of man you are. So clean shoes equals, oh, this man has got his (bleep) together. Now, as for colors, I like only the all
white Adidas Stan Smiths because they go, again,
with just all of the rest of the items in your wardrobe. Just don’t wear them with a suit. Now, for the back, these ones are blue. They also come in green. They come in a pinkish red as well, which I don’t recommend. Just stick with either
the blue or the green and you’re good to go. Check the video description below for where to get these sneakers. And if you liked this
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for more videos like this and I’ll see in the next one. Bye!


  • The first shoe you hold, I just ordered them

  • No vans! WTF is wrong with you

  • all you said are not on my top4. maybe you dont know jordan1 jordan11, nike sb janoski and kobe.

  • good choice of sneakers.
    thumbs up.

  • How care about this grill said…I wear whatever I like …

  • It’s Just an Adidas paid Add, no reasons, no science, no test, no cost discussion

  • nike killshot 2 are the greatest shoes hands down

  • All the 5 yr old dumbasses commenting where the Jordans and yeezys are lol, 2 things, the shoe shows that you likely are a sneakerhead and it's a childish shoe, and the colours ughh you look like a rainbow walking down the street.

  • No air max 90s???

  • Very plain no poppers there…

  • Stan Smith ?

  • Converse? Cheap?! You must be making a lot of money

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  • Naw imma stick with sneakers. I like to be more street stylish if anything ??‍♂️

  • No Yezzy? No Vans? No Air Jordan?

  • WTF this was ?

  • Only the Green for the Adidas Stan Smith please.  You can also go with the Adidas Rod Laver.  Will not give Phil Knight one penny of my money though..

  • You just told me to buy $600 worth of shoes…

  • What about Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Versace???

  • No, its just wrong! All of them are soo ugly

  • What if I don't want to be a tool?

  • Your not part of the sneaker world. I find this video cute because you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Stick to clothing not shoes

  • its like men recommending best lipstick for a lady, shes out of her league

  • what about 2018

  • yo these are trrrrrrash

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  • Converse?? Wtf

  • I don't know if this girl has a real job, but she should abandon this style misadvice and try to advance in her day job.

  • For men? How would u knoq

  • All horrible choices but I don't do sneakers anyway.

  • This bitchs voice tho

  • I dnt have anyone

  • Sorry did not really like any of them ,maybe it’s age 62

  • God! shi stare in youe eyes hell

  • i love stansmith???

  • Ashley! What about yeezys?

  • Vans>Converse.

  • Flip Flops will always be the footwear champion.

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  • Nike air max, puma classic

  • The're all the same…

  • Her choices are for the endrogenous man who wears black nail polish and skinny jeans….. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Keep up the great work, Ashley:)!

  • I do the exact opposite of all of these and I have no issues with women it’s not about what your wearing it’s about how you present yourself your body language mannerisms how you speak etc yes it’s important to have good clothes but again it’s not the clothes themselves its are the clothes I’m wearing clean do they match am I not mixing styles example wearing air Jordan’s with a pair of prep shorts and a polo or wearing an eagles hat with a patriots t shirt it just doesn’t look right am I not cursing and complaining a lot when I talk to others do I stand up Straight look people in the eye when I talk to them do I Listen am I a clean or messy eater these are things women notice not are your shoes air jordan 1s or fly knits it is that sweater Gucci

  • The Flyknit racer is THE basic shoe :')

  • is adidas ultra boost uncaged are nice?


  • In my collection currently i have Lacoste misano,Lacoste Malahini Deck, Adidas originals : Adidas Gazelle, Adidas Dragon, Adidas Beckenbauer all round,Adidas Seeley, Adidas Madoru 2, Asics Onitsuka Tiger, Nike Oceania, so i think i am fine. I gave a lot of models to some family members or i would have around 20 pairs. I gave away couple of Pumas, couple of Reeboks, Kangaroos, Bjorn Borg,Nikes, Adidas.

  • Basic af

  • If u have problems about shoes then ask nightwing not this girl.

  • Idk why but I’ve never seen any guys wearing stan smiths, only girls, so I’m hesitant to buy them lol

  • ?

  • I must tell you after watching a few videos of yours, I love how true you are from the heart and such wisdom and truth proceeds forth from your mouth, immediately hit that subscribe button, cause every word you say makes sense. and you look just humble and fantastic, love you and love dorian, happy for you two, may you guys always laugh and live in peace.

  • Lozo ball's ZO2??!!

  • I just got thw jack parcells and there pretty comfortable!

  • I wear high tops

  • Those Sneakers are so 0815

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D. That's all you need. Rugged, functional and probably the best all-around sneak available.

  • Your pic and sneakers for fashion that isn't what they're for their functional athletic where nobody's going to go out and do anything remotely athletic in the shoes you're picking. Can you see anybody and no shoes going out for a trail run can you see anybody in those shoes going for a hike I mean legitimate rugged outdoor use everything you're picking is for city where. Grow up me and want to be men we pick things that work and that are going to last all the crap you're showing on here outside of the chuck or girly men fashion items.

  • Are those sneakers hers??? If so, her feet big as hell?

  • Shoes are 90% of a guys outfit

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  • Men don't wear outfits

  • hi, i need your advice on how i will pair this kind of sneakers… or what clothes should i wear to match my sneakers? ty you in advance

    my sneakers is color brown and leather..
    i can't send picture here

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  • nmd's are shit for comfort

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  • dcshoecousa for me

  • All wack… None good

  • good

  • About as generic and boring as it gets

  • good

  • whatever you say, i'm still love my vans)

  • me ultraboost

  • Two words; Onitsuka tigers

  • Rules for being a basic-ass dude

  • All these are for chodes who think they know bout fashion smh. I shouldn’t give game away for free but ppl really need it if they listening to you so Retro Jordan 1 for hi tops and Off-White Vulcs for low top. Thank me later. And damn Ashley get it together lol.



  • Adidas Ultra Boost ❤❤??

  • The 1st shoes are hideous and will always be hideous but at least they aren't yellow. Converse sneakers are great for giving people back pain.

  • Is that ur shoe size cuz the shoe bigger then ur head no offense

  • Sorry I skate a non corporate brand. and your boyfriend not !

  • it is ádidas, for Christ sake. nice video, though

  • The 1st shoes shown remind me of a 40 year old dad with grey hair that jogs in a tight under armor shirt with shorts.

  • I like #3 and #1

  • Common Projects all day. Get a low top and one high top

  • damn man this vid was really very uninformative.

  • I prefer triple white adidas superstar, Stan Smith nowadays are like uniform

  • p.f flyers are the worse sneakers imaginable.bought a pair based on this recommendation and totally regretted it

  • sorry wrong video

  • flyknit racers ??? nah replace that with AJ1s. flyknits kinda ugly to wear casually i’d only wear them to run though

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  • But I don't like those shoes

  • How about the flyknit Mariah racer? Would that work with jeans and chinos?

  • My sneaker of choice is a Sperry Striper. I'm 60 yrs .old How do you feel about them?

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