Top 4 Men’s Shoes For Spring (and Summer)

– Hey you, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So today I wanna go over my
top four shoes for spring. So, these are shoes
that you’re probably not gonna wear you know, during
late fall and through the winter, but it’s finally
time to break them out and really let them shine. So number four on my
list is a nice pair of suede double monk strap shoes. I actually included these
in my list, it’s the top ten essential spring items
every guy should own, and so if you haven’t seen that video, check it out, I’ll link it in
the video description below. Now, I really love a good
suede monk strap, in either a nice dark chocolate, like
I’ve got here, or you can even go with a nice gray or navy
pair, but suede double monks really just add a very
stylish touch to any outfit. And the great thing is, is
that they can be worn with not only a suit, but
also with your chinos or dark wash jeans. Just remember though, before
you wear them for the first time, you’ll want to Scotchgard
them to protect the suede, but other than that, enjoy
this item, it’ll take you not only through spring, but
through the summer months and early fall as well. So number three on the
list is a nice pair of leather penny loafers. So I absolutely love penny
loafers, especially when they’re worn with no show
socks, so a little bit of ankle is exposed, so to
achieve that, just cuff your jeans or your chinos, or even
just get your pants hemmed so that there’s no break
or you can even shorten it a little bit further than
that, so that you get that little bit of ankle exposed. Penny loafers really add a
very stylish and luxurious touch to any outfit. Now, I’ve got these ones
here actually, that are my fiancé Dorian’s, and they’re
by Ferragamo, which I love, even though they are on the
pricier side, he’s actually had these now for like, two
or three years and they’ve held up so well. Just get yourself a really
great pair of penny loafers and if you treat them well,
they’re gonna last you years and years to come. And number two on the list,
is a suede driving shoe. These are super comfortable,
they’re actually the perfect middle ground between
a sneaker and a penny loafer. So they’re gonna be just as
comfortable as a sneaker, but they’re gonna be a
little bit more dressed up, closer to a penny loafer. Now I wouldn’t recommend
wearing these with a suit, but you can wear them
with you know, shorts, dark washed jeans, chinos,
also some nice linen trousers, or lightweight,
you know, wool trousers would look really great with
these suede driving shoes. And the number one shoe for
spring that you should own, you’re already looking at it,
but it’s a nice navy, or gray, sneaker, low top sneaker
specifically that laces up. Now you can go with navy, like
I have here, or gray again. It can be leather or
canvas, it doesn’t matter, whichever is your preference. But I really love a nice
colored sneaker like this for spring as well as for summer. Navy and gray is actually,
think of it like a neutral color, so you can wear it
with your existing wardrobe and it’s gonna look awesome
and you don’t have to really think about anything, also
they don’t get as dirty as white sneakers, which white
sneakers are still good but, you know, that’s an added benefit. Just remember though, if
the white is getting dirty, you just want to wipe it
down, so that it doesn’t look all crappy and whatnot,
that just looks sloppy. Footwear is just a really
great way to insert new life into your existing wardrobe. Be sure to checkout my
article where I’ll have all of my favorite shoes
that will fit any budget, I’ll link that in the
video description below. If you like this video,
remember, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
for more videos like this. Alright guys, I’ll see ya in the next one. Mwah.


  • Hello. Which one should I choose. A Dark brown suede penny loafer or driving loafer? Which will be more versatile. I already own tan Derbys and brown monstraps. I also own a dark brown suede chucka boot

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  • From personal experience, some of the brands shown here and in the article are better than others. For example, C&J shoes are an excellent buy even at full retail. They are all handmade in England and will literally last you decades: just ask my grandfather! For similar money, you have a brand like Tod's, which unfortunately in my experience is simply not worth the money. Yes they are very nice and very, very comfortable but the rubber studs in the sole wear down very quickly and the leather along the bottom and sides also wears down unsettlingly fast. They are very nice but VERY delicate and quite frankly can only be worn for short trips or occasions. If you really want them, buy them: I won't tell you how to spend your money because it's none of my business. It's just something to keep in mind if you're deciding between a nice pair of drivers OR monks or loafers.

  • Hi Ashely,
    Firstly, I want to say that i've unsubscribed from all of the other style, grooming channels and i'm only subscribed to you because you don't say bs crap and you get straight to the point, hopefully you will stick to just telling us the essentials and not other unnecessary crap like other youtubers. Also, I cannot wait for your grooming series, I hope its detailed and covers absolutely everything, shaving, skincare, dental hygiene etc. And I hope its out soon. Keep up the good work.

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  • haters guna hate
    am wearing sneakers every day

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  • Ashley I love your work and for a rough old head like me you inject a lot of great ideas. I love a nice pair of shoes but I'm never wearing any of these.

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  • I'm surprised by the choice of suede, given the relatively high upkeep but I may have to invest in a pair. I just scored a decent pair of G.H. Bass penny loafers which need some TLC but I'll rock them afterwards. Also, your hair was on point.

  • I'm a college student wondering what to wear that would attract women that is cheap and not dressing up clothing

  • Hi Ashley, amazing video. I was curious if a mid-brown shoe and a darker brown (more like chocolate) are interchangeable within styles. You seem to always suggest a deep brown shoe. I am looking at Magnanni boots which come both colors to match with dark denim. Please help!

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    your ranking puts the dressier shoes behind the casual ones. a more balanced approach is what i'd go for!

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  • Good list, I also like Puma Clyde canvas (diamond collection) sneakers (lightweight, stylish, and breathable) and Ralph Lauren Series 100 tennis shoes (more comfortable and classy than any Adidas or Nike) for summer and fall, besides a nice pair of Sperry Top Siders. On the same note, it will be nice if you made a video on how to tight laces for boat shoes, including the different cool and stylish maritime knots like double barrel, etc.

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