Toddler shoes for healthy little feet – review

well when Hi my name is Maria and I am the
founder of Pletuko baby shoes. This video is about our most popular designs of Petuko’s the Originals and our new European line Pletuko’s KK. Pletuko’s shoes are made of premium, non-toxic leather and are completely safe for your baby. Our Shoes have textured, flexible, soft rubber sole that gives your child the sense of barefoot walking, yet the comfort and protection their little feet need. Sole and top are hand-sewn, which provides ultimate quality and durability. Pletuko’s The Originals have no laces to untie or trip over. We use Velcro closures which allows adjusting, and are very easy to put on and off. Pletuko’s KK’s are made with a zipper, which embraces the whole foot and that make them easy to put on and off too. Our shoes go well with all your baby’s outfits. Once your little one tries them on, he or she won’t want to take them off. Visit our site Keep the feet of your kid safe and comfortable with Pletuko shoes. up

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