Toddler Hit By 100mph+ Baseball Recovering


  • I know that you’re trying to report on the news but her family is trying to see their kid who was just hit with the force of 100 mph and shoving a mic in their face won’t help the situation.

  • Girl: you suck
    batter: what you said?

  • Lmao imagine that, you’re having fun and you hit a ball and it’s a home run and you’re super happy and WAM you shatter the skull of a toddler

  • How was no one laughing

  • yeetus feetus child got hittus

  • She should've caught it.

  • Lol

  • F

  • That’s a L

  • Had i been the dad, i would've made the catch of the year saving my little girl's life

  • They just point the camera at the concerned family entering the hospital just the news wanting ratings

  • this is entertainment not even joking

  • how tf isn’t there nets surrounding most of the stadium makes no sense

  • fuck that little kid! why did she get in the way of the ball?

  • The thumbnail speaks for everyone

  • Why did I think "Toddler" was a player's name?

  • Parents fault

  • see you all again in five years when it's recommended to us again.

  • They where stunned by what happend. Shit not me I knew that was coming ?

  • I would have felt so bad I wouldn't have lived

  • Poor thing 🙁

  • I mean dosent that cross your mind when taking kids to a sport that launches rock hard balls at 100 mph to where ever the bat takes it?? At least be in front of them at the moment. DUM DUM

  • Imagine trying to interview the family as they walk into the hospital.

  • Is that not kind of funny? How the fuck do you 1. HIT A DAMN BABY OUT OF CHANCE and 2. JUST CONTINUE THE DAMN GAME lol

  • "You should have gone for the head"

  • Me: Snipes noob in cod

    Todd Frazier: impressive, but what about this?

  • When I was a toddler I was hit by a 100 mph flip flop

  • Lol

  • they’re going to sue the baseball team?
    those parents are psychopaths, like, it was an accident, don’t be dramatic.

  • 2:01
    drinking game: take a shot of tequila every time she blinks

  • I don’t know why but this made me laugh

  • I sure hope the baseball is okay

  • Parents should pay attention instead of being on their phones

  • We’res the net

  • Is the ball okay?

  • See everyone in 2 more years.

  • Haha

  • Lmao that very funny

  • Baseball is for boomers KEKW

  • Player: in so so so so sorry


  • Don't bring a toddler to a baseball game

  • ive had worst

  • ????????

  • Fetus deletus

  • Awww I hope the poor girl is okay 🙁

  • Let's just put everyone in a big bubble suit…

  • Why does that chick sound like that one reporter from channel 5 in family guy the Asian one

  • Dang… that’s sad

  • It really took a baby getting nailed by a 100 mph baseball for them to consider putting up safety nets? Smfh

  • Kids in Syria be gettin hit by 100+ mph missles

  • Headshot

  • Family: About to probably lose a childs life
    Asshole news reporters: AlLoW uS tO iNtRoDuCe OuRsElVeS

  • Based late term abortion

  • Ok this is cool

  • i hope the baseball recovered

  • They should have metal and plastic fences because the ball keeps on going for at least 5 inches if it hits the net in that 5 inches it could hit a person


  • Goes to show video games don’t cause violence

  • My uncle did the same thing but his balls look different than the one in this video

  • 'We were really conserned. Like, conserned for a little kid.'


  • I was hit by a ball in 1st grade almost by the heart.

    Maybe a 10 – 25 mph ball but im fine

  • Haha boooom!!!

  • Yea but who won the game?

  • I love how worried the players were though

  • When I was a toddler I got hit by a 100mph concrete floor when I fell off a latter and split my head

  • god i wish that was me

  • In hindsight, how doesn’t this happen more often?

  • For some reason I read the title and thought its about the baseballs recovery after hitting a child

  • How isn’t he dead

  • Hey, here is a good idea… Dont the the kid to the fucking baseball stadium… Although this could happen to anyone, the kid is going it have a much harder time…

  • I just bought two leather baseballs. YouTube is warning me about organizing a school baseball game (baseball where I live is basically unknown) I guess.

  • 1. Why was I recommended this? I saw it when it was first posted.
    2. 0:24 man's gulpin water care free.
    3. I think she fully recovered 6 months after the incident. Not sure

  • "Baseball Recovering" Bruh

  • i was hit by a 300 mph belt when i was 4, if I can survive that. She can survive 100 mph.

  • Why bring a toddler to a baseball game matter of fact sit so close to the field with the toddler knowing the risks

  • Europeans: who would bring their toddler to a game like that?
    Americans: hold my double barreled shotgun

  • I thought this was The Onion

  • At least it wasn’t on purpose I can’t imagine his guilt and pain he is dealing with

  • I’ll save you guys a seat in hell

  • Toddler eliminated by baseball (154 meters)

  • …… hehe…. hahahahaha. harhar har. why is there no footage of her actually getting hit. common. somebody gotta have a recording.

  • Crazy to think about what an unpredictable world we live in! Safety nets NEED to be extended to prevent anything like this ever happening again. I feel so so sorry and I pray that she is doing more than okay.

  • Magdalena Doris is a hottie.

  • Im sorry, but if your a news channel and your chasing parents down who have just gone through that. Your obviously don't care about the family, only the content. Makes me sick, just give them the peace and space they need.

  • Everybody so shocked over this when thousands of people die from even more preventable things than this. Why are you guys so shocked?

  • ??

  • Of course, tragedies like these and I can still find a shitload of irrelevant arguments in the comments.

  • And that's why you should watch baseball games from the comfort of your home

  • Lmao noobs, i was hit by 150mph+ flip-flop

  • swag

  • The regret on their faces as soon as the ball went into the crowd…

  • Not gonna lie, the sound of the wind caused by the ball would have sounded just like a bullet wooshing past you, that would have been insanely cool though

  • Bet someone ran there just grab the ball to.

  • Maybe stop asking so many questions

  • I don't understand why people bring baby's/toddlers to movies sports events etc, they won't remember shit anyways

  • …….. She reminds me of my sister …………..

  • Yo that’s crazy almost like you shouldn’t take a kid to a baseball game

  • She was hit moments ago and you are asking the parents for a fucking interview outside the hospital

  • Everyone is talking about poor kid, batter must feel so guilty….how about the parent should've been aware enough to take the hit for the kid. During a ball game most people live to catch a foul or a homer…just my two cents.

  • I was hit by a baseball at a blue jays game once and let me tell you, it hurts

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