Todays Thing: Skating the Rideau Canal | CBC Kids

Hey, everybody.
What’s up? It’s Janaye and I’m hanging out
with my friend, Selena! And we’re on the Rideau Canal
in Ottawa, Ontario because it’s Winterlude
andToday’s Thingis… Both: Skating! [hoots] OK, Selena. So, I think you may
be a better skater than I am. So I was hoping that you could
teach me some of the things that I need to
know about skating. OK. So– OK. What’s the first thing
I need to know? You got gotta
learn how to glide, OK. So, like you got to put
your foot on like an angle. OK. And then you gotta
put your foot straight. Yeah. Yeah. Like that. OK. And then just push up
with your back foot. OK. GO. Just gotta glide. Oh! I did it! Awesome! OK. All right.
All right. I think I’ve got
the glide thing figured out. What else do I have to know? Ah, you gotta
learn how to stop. So you gotta put both of your
feet on an edge, like this. OK. Then you got that.
You gotta skate and then stop. Wow, you’re good. So, you gotta glide
and then some stop. [screams] Yay! What about tricks.
You got any tricks? Ah, yeah. There’s one
called the crossover. It’s called the crossover because you gotta
cross over your other foot. OK. Over. OK. And you have to skate in a
circle while you’re doing it. I’m going to do this
while I’m skating?Yeah.But my legs
are crossed. Well, you gotta do some glides
and then, like cross over.Gliding and crossing over. OK.Yeah.All right I’m coming.
Go ahead. OK, OK. Keep going.
[indiscernible mumbling] OK. I got to work on it. ♪ ♪ Selena:Skating!Both:
Cause that’s Today’s Thing! ♪ ♪

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