Tips, Tricks and Ideas with Goomba Shoes in Super Mario Maker or “The Shoe Princess”

Long time ago and this story is true,
A kingdom was ruled by a princess in a goomba shoe. To rule the land the people chose her,
But there was an evil turtle named bowser. One day it happened her castle was under attack,
The soldiers weren’t able to hold the evil back. After a long fight the princess had to realize,
There was no way to escape from these evil guys. But the princess, with her far sighted view,
When kidnapped left behind her goomba-shoe. Luckily a hero entered the place not long
after the event, When he saw the empty room he knew what it
meant. He had to go on a quest through the dangerous
land To rescue the princess from bowser’s evil
hand, And maybe if successful he is able to snatch
a kiss, So are you ready? Let’s do this! (INTRO) If our plumber wants to save his princess
for good, he first needs to make his way through a confusing
wood. To make matters even worse as a whole,
In the middle of the forest there’s a bridge guarded by a troll. But before mario has to deal with the troll
he needs to solve the mystery of the forest. The trees here seem to contain pow-blocks,
but our plumber isn’t able to reach them. Luckily he has his magical companion the goomba
shoe with him, and performing a ground pound while in this magical device allows him to
sent small shock-waves to the side which lift small objects into the air. So here mario was able to lift the pow-block
onto the donut block which lead to a chain reaction and made the tree disappear. Wow, what a mysterious forest. But it looks as if this wasn’t the last
riddle of the forest. If our plumber wants to get past this tree
he needs to find a way to trigger a pow-block again, but it this time the pow-block is blocked
by a muncher and whenever lifted into the air, returned to where he just was. So mario has to figure a way out to get this
pow-block to the pow-block trigger contraption to the right. Luckily for him the solution is easy all he
needs to do is to push the pow-block below the muncher and the path magically opens up
for him and he is able to enter the forest bridge area. Sadly for our plumber there is no easy way
to traverse this bridge, as it is guarded by a gigantic troll, who punches everything
into the ground that comes close to him. It looks as if mario took damage here as well. Luckily for him there is a goomba shoe regain
door at the beginning of this room. It looks as if mario has to outsmart the troll
if he wants to reach the other side of the bridge. Luckily there are some p-switches in a cave
close to the river and by jumping out of his helpful shoe companion at the right time he
is able to reach them. All that mario has to do now is to wait until
the timer ends, because p-switches scare away trolls. With the troll defeated and the mystery of
the forest solved mario made a big step towards saving the goomba-shoe princess, but there
are still a lot of threats on his way. In order to reach bowser’s castle mario needs
to climb higher, Because the turtles home is behind a mountain
which spits fire. But deep inside this mountain a creature exists
Which has chain-chomps instead of fists. Traversing the fire-pipe mountain is really
no easy task for mario even together with his goomba-shoe which magically grew wings. The fire pipe mountain seems to be the natural
habitat of winged goomba shoes however the goomba shoes living here adjusted themselves
to the hot and horrible climate of the mountain, and started to shoot fireballs. That makes travelling through this mountain
even harder for our plumber. Turns out a lot of enemies become way more
dangerous if they are combined with a goomba shoe. But mario has no choice, the goomba shoe princess
is in danger and he has to reach the pipe mountain caves alive if he wants to save her. But deep deep inside the pipe mountain caves
an ancient beast slumbers. A beast which was locked away thousands of
years ago, a beast which mario just woke up. This unnamed creature immediately starts to
chase mario. Oh mario what have you done! There is obviously no way for mario to defeat
this creature, all he can do is run!. Sadly for him the fire pipe cave is a autoscrolling
cave, so he needs to dodge the threats until the saving exit door appears. That was close. After surviving the encounter with the beast
containing a chain-chomp Our hero finds himself in front of toxic swamp. This place is the home of a horrible hag living
in a tower, From their she poisons the swamp with her
magical power. This hag only allows to enter the swamp whom
which Shows her an incredibly complicated way to
trigger a p-switch From our ongoing series without an end
The goomba shoe solution is what I proudly present. Hooray, this allows mario to enter the swamp. The swamp is a toxic place full of poisoned
cheep-cheeps, spiked clouds and and ouchy plants. Mario’s only chance to cross this swamp
is fire-clown car. Once again the princess’ magical goomba
shoe helps him alot here, becaus eif mario pilots a clown car while sitting in a goomba
shoe the clown car transforms into a super clown car, becomes bigger and shoots fully
charged fireballs by default. So all that mario has to do is to dodge the
toxic water and the toxic clouds and he should be able to reach the hags tower alive. If mario wants to defeat this evil witch he
needs to solve a small puzzle room. The evil hag hides herself in an unreachable
spot on a monty immobilizer to avoid teleporting. It’s not possible to reach her there. But luckily there is a goomba shoe hidden
in this room. Together with this shoe mario is able to defeat
the muncher and to trigger the p-switch from far away. Once the p-switch is gone he is able to get
even closer to the witch and to defeat her with another ground-pound-shoe-shockwave. And now the final challenge for our hero awaits,
he stands in front of bowser’s castle gates. Mario survived this wild chase
The goomba shoe princess is locked up in this place. But before mario is finally able to rescue
the princess once again he needs to find a way to enter the castle as the drawbridge
is currently up and there is no way for him to enter the castle. Luckily there is a drawbridge contraption
to his left. All that our plumber needs to do here is to
jump out of his beloved shoe, so that the shoe triggers this p-switch, which opens up
the castle entrance. Now our plumber has to abuse this sawblade
as an elevator to get to the next floor. Sadly for him he just missed the saw-blade-elevation-cycle. But bowser has already created hundreds mario
courses and left him some question blocks here to play around, so that he has something
to do while he waits. Bowser usually wants to kill our plumber but
it looks like he doesn’t want that mario becomes bored. Once the blade elevator is back mario is finally
able to reach the last obstacle. Bowser blocked the entrance to the next room
with two bullet blasters, hm I have no idea how mario is goi… oh! It’s almost unbelievable, mario made his
way through the forest, he survived an encounter with the ancient beast in the fire-pipe mountains,
he even traversed the toxic swamp. Bowser already fled, but before he ran away
he ordered his son to defend the imprisoned goomba shoe princess. But mario doesn’t need to kill bowser jr,
all he needs to do is to survive until the last door between him and his princess opens. Mario is trapped in a gigantic living cage. This cage is carried by a goomba shoe and
rapidly jumps around. Our plumber is able to control the direction
in which the shoe jumps a little bit by placing himself to the right or the left, and that’s
really fortunate for him because bowser junior spits fireballs in his direction. Luckily he only has to survive until a p-switch
timer expires to save the goomba shoe princess. Together with the goomba shoe’s help in
this stage, Mario was able to rescue the princess from
her cage. Many now praise the work of the shoe, But the shoe
was you. I hope you enjoyed this little video if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel like for my rhymes i
should be thrown in a cell And want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see
you soon. Goodbye.


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