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hi everybody Tony Cabrera here with choice TV sitting
next to me is steve cederquist of HGTV’s it show flip or flop hello Steve hey Tony thanks
for having me on the show is our pleasure I although i have i have a question for
you today very specific concern of mine ok I that concern is contractors who
back out of their contracts and run away with obscene amounts of money oh why is this such common practice
these male red flags everywhere yeah I get this call three times a week
I mean or more I mean it’s just contractors are doing that quite a bit you know I just think its people not
doing her homework you know do your homework check the license check the references
you make sure these guys that are coming to your own your home are legit you know you make sure they’re duly
licensed and insured and and all that you don’t want somebody there that are not insured that could be disastrous absolutely and there may be like a limit to how high your deposit your
contract should be with these people no the deposit and the contract can be
anything is your deposit on yeah it should never be over a thousand dollars
so ok that’s it so if a contractor comes in
and says hey I want five or ten thousand dollars that should be another red flag
letting you know he’s on his way to Vegas and it is what it is so yeah I don’t don’t get anything more
than a thousand bucks right at the signing of a contract regardless of how
much work they have to do and how much the ultimate contract will be carried
out contracts a million dollars thousand dollars at signing that’s a lesson learned a valuable
lesson from steve cederquist thank you very much see if you’re welcome Tony
thanks for me on the show hey you’re welcome you Cornerstone is a wise choice
everybody see you later thank you

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