This Is Why People Often Mistake Change For Sacrifice

– Anytime it comes to
the subject of change, sometimes people mistake
change for sacrifice, and you know when it comes
to the subject matter of eating animals, this is something that people have normalized over the years. It’s ingrained into our culture and into just our habits and you know, a lot of people feel like
they’re gonna be missing out on something if they
even consider the change. So, for me growing up in
like a Latin upbringing, in our culture, eating
meat is totally normal. You’re actually weird if you don’t and I remember even as a child when I first became a vegetarian, my mother was just so
resistant against it. She almost felt like
it was an attack on her even though it was a personal choice that me and my sister
had made at the time. I find that sometimes, when you’re talkin’ to somebody
about veganism or whatever, there is this kind of instant
sense of defensiveness. But in all reality, it’s not
an attack on anybody, really. It’s such a tricky thing. I don’t think it should be
this hard to talk about. You know, remove the V word out of it and just like to talk about how we eat. You know, I think, I feel like there’s just
this stigma that surrounds the word “vegan”, that
turns a lot of people off and.. and it saddens me because I feel like when you take all that away, when you look at what’s really happening, there’s enough things there to inspire you to consider change or you know just to be informed as to what
you’re putting in you body and where it comes from as well as what it does to your body, too. There’s so many amazing examples of people that are vegan that are
living like amazing, thriving, healthy lives and are
operating at their maximum. So, it’s almost like all of our excuses are starting to dwindle. And then there’s you know,
the idea of the accessibility. That’s one thing that
I think is really cool. Living in L.A., it’s
really easy to be vegan because there’s so many
amazing restaurants and even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll go to these restaurants because the food is so delicious. But you’re seeing this wave of you know, vegan options at everything from fast food places to grocery stores. And it’s just made it really easy for everybody and I love that. At the core of everybody, we know with the exception
of some sociopaths I guess but like nobody wants to hurt anybody. Nobody wakes up and goes, “I’m gonna get off on
hurting an innocent being.” Regardless if it’s your species or not.

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