Things You Should Never Wear On An Airplane

Next time you’re taking a trip, give yourself
a minute to look around the airport. You’ll see fellow travelers rocking their
personal style, whether it’s comfortable sweats or glammed up maxis. But no matter what look you’re rocking, here
are some jet-setting don’ts we should all be aware of. It’s complicated Most trips on a plane mean you’ll be sitting
in a tight space for an extended period of time — and don’t forget the bathrooms, either. Make sure to avoid any outfits that will be
too complicated to get off and on in those teeny tiny lavatories. Hitha Palepu, author of How To Pack and founder
of the site Hitha On The Go says, “Jumpsuits are difficult to remove in teeny bathrooms. Also avoid short skirts or dresses and anything
low cut.” Kaarin Vembar, co-host of the Pop Fashion
podcast, recommended staying away from “anything that is very fussy. You want to be able to be comfortable!” Your best #OOTD Considering your Instagram habit, it’s tempting
to break out a brand new outfit for your flight. But relationship expert April Masini says,
“Never wear a anything, that if it gets spilled on, will supremely bum you out. It’s very easy to spill or get spilled on
when there’s turbulence and elbow-to-elbow seat mates.” “If you were in the dust bowl and got thrown
a bunch of pain on you what would that look like? me!” Save your outfit of the day for when you’re
officially off-duty! Highs and lows With the fluctuating temperatures on planes,
it’s hard to know how to dress. Masani notes, “Planes have a funny way of
getting chilly, so don’t wear something for hot weather, even if you’re traveling to a
hot weather climate, without bringing layers to snuggle up in during a plane ride.” But planes can also get pretty hot. Richardson says, – “Wearing layers means you
can adapt to whatever the temperature is on the flight is that day and throughout the
flight.” Meanwhile, Aaron Hockel, who travels extensively
for business — in sneakers — said one thing he never travels in anymore is flip
flops. He explained: “Let’s face it, airplanes can get very hot,
and that means sweating. It is incredibly embarrassing to smell your
own feet at the start of a five or six hour cross country flight with no options to cover
them up.” While we’re on the subject of footwear… Killer shoes When it comes to your feet and flying, go
for comfort over style. You never know how far away your gate will
be, so make sure you’re able to easily walk or run. Throw some cute heels in your carry-on if
you’re hitting a trendy spot as soon as you arrive. Redfin Chief Economist Nela Richardson says,
“It’s common knowledge that your feet will swell on a plane, so…I like to avoid heels
and wear shoes that are cute but comfortable, like a pair of mary-janes that have a good
insole, or a pair of stylish sneakers.” PJ’s There is so –much to do on the morning of
a flight, so sometimes getting dressed just seems like too much work. However, you’re still going out in public. Don’t show up to the gate agent in your jammies. Vembar says, “I know that airlines are such
a pain these days, but dress up a smidgen. It’s okay if you wear athleisure-wear, but
think of your fellow passengers and try to put on a fresh set of clothes before you board.” Heavy metal Going for a little sparkle? Don’t forget about getting through security. Vembar notes, “This one is a bit of a surprise,
but did you know that a number of sweaters that look metallic actually have metallic
threads woven through the garment? Not wearing this is more about the hassle
you will get through security, because you will absolutely be stopped before you even
make it to your gate.” Making scents Be mindful of your fellow passengers when
applying your favorite perfume or lotion before your flight. Vembar recommends, “Anything scented should
be applied with a light touch. This is being a good neighbor, because you
never know what types of allergies people have around you.” Baggy clothes When you travel, you wanna be comfortable,
so chillaxed clothing might seem like a good choice. However, it may also make you look a tad suspicious. Tracy Edwards from AAA Travel Sales told CBS
News, “Loose clothing will cause some delays because they think you’re hiding something
under there.” Save the mystery for Vegas! Get comfortable So what can you wear on a plane? Palepu says,”My go-to travel outfit [is] skinny
ponte pants, a longer t-shirt, a cardigan or blazer, comfortable flats…and a scarf
wrapped around my neck. I also like a full monochrome look with wide-legged
pants, matching t-shirt, and a draped trench all in the same color.” Think easy-breezy when you choose your look. Palepu says, “Maxi dresses are great when
traveling to a warm location, topped with a denim jacket. Just stuff the jacket in your bag and you’re
ready to hit the beach!” Too much jewelry will hold you up in security,
but wearing a great scarf instead can keep you warm and looking chic on the flight. Overall, just make sure you’re comfortable. Just not…too comfortable… Dress code Leggings may seem like the perfect travel
pant, but they could keep you from boarding your flight. In 2017, United Airlines landed in hot water
for not allowing two teenage girls wearing leggings to board. The airline tweeted, “The passengers this
morning were United pass riders who were not in compliance with our dress code policy for
company benefit travel.” But even if you disagree with the dress code,
it’s not going to change. Virgin America CEO David Cush told Fox News,
“In the end, the flight crew is in charge of the aircraft, and they have to make judgments
based on what they think is going to create the safest and most comfortable environment
for everyone on the airplane.” “It’s policy. I’m sorry.” Oh this is a very… this is a very strict
plane. That I’m on.” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  • what's your go-to outfit for a plane flight?

  • I wore leggings on a United flight. Huh?

  • I normally Where Jogging bottoms or a trendy tracksuit, with a non sleeved top underneath so when I get to the hot destination I'm cool 💞.

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  • Meh, i always wear a polo, jeans, shoes, a hoodie, a touch of bleu de chanel, and a backpack for my shit on a flight. Everywhere.

  • Pair of jeans and a light t-shirt with a jacket on my waist and comfortable Nike shoes…..normal.

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  • I don't care what my fellow passenger wears. It does not effect me at all. I only ask that you be clean and not reek of perfume/cologne. You and your toddler could wear matching Spider-man pjs and would give no fucks.

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  • Plane has never been hot i freeze my butt offf even with a freaking sweater i just bring my blanket i swipe from delta, attendants be so mad when I'm on a southwest flight with a delta blanket 🤷🏾‍♀️ its cold !!!!

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  • I learnt this days 1 thing about traveling with the kids. 2 little boys/ girls? Let wear both of them the same clothes, exactly the same colours. No matter there are no twin. If you can t find 1 of them in the airport because you was looking for the pasport, than you can simply say " have you seen a other boy with the same clothing as this kid"

  • I will give you some advice from an old boy ;
    Be respectful of others and dress to be comfortable when flying..
    Ooo and bye the way;
    One thing I hate is when someone has "Flatulence" at 30000 feet you have nowhere to run ;
    If you know you suffer from it do something about it ;
    Thanks …

  • Most of this is common sense. However I did hear people used to dress up a lot more than now.

  • t shirt
    pullover or hoodie
    leggings or joggers
    trainers or comfy boots

  • i like wearing open shoes/sandals because either way i will take off my shoes when i'm on the plane. my feet don't get smelly when i wear open shoes

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  • I wear like a normal day.

    – Tank top/T Shirt
    – Jeans or joggers
    – hoodie
    – sneakers

  • I don't get it … what's wrong with wearing leggings on the plane? Why did the airline consider it unacceptable dress code?

  • Can't thank you enough for including perfumes on the not-to-wear list! They can trigger migraines (my case), set off an asthma attack or cause someone's allergies to act up. Please treat the airplane/airport as a scent free zone out of consideration for your fellow passengers. They will really appreciate it <3

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  • charlie Whatever you wear is your freedom of choice. But I must admit some women in
    so called skinny jeans are not very flattering. So goes the styles and the sheep that follow.
    Some call it thunder thighs!

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  • Some of these don’t apply to those of us who can afford first class.

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  • Unless you live in Trenton Ontario then you'll wear pjs. Trenton trash as we call it. Everyone wears pjs here, it's the norm.

  • It's time to say to hell with the big airlines and travel by boat, bus, rail. TSA does nothing but grope children and steal bit coin

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  • You are probably talking on DEAF EARS, But I have to share this,, on a Vacation to Miami Beach, A woman got up during the flight and headed for the bathroom, all of a sudden, there was laughter, whispering and snickering, so in a few seconds I got the Birds Eye view as to why. She had on short dress, no underpants,,,,and the dress was stuck at the upper part of her cheeks. and there it was. I can even remember the 2 little beauty marks. You would have thought, someone would have pulled it out as she passed by, or told her, NOPE!!! The free show went on. We all were waiting to get a glimpse of her face,, I was not sure which looked better. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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  • I wear what I would most want to evacuate a plane in. Leather lace shoes or mary janes, stretch slim jeans a tee with long sleeves and matching hip length denium jacket. Nothing to get snagged, soles that can withstand heat for a period of time, pants that I can crawl on my knees in and not rip and will protect my legs when jumping down a slide and a jacket to protect my arms going down the slide or if touching hot metal. Hate to be morbid, but well, ya know.

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  • Things to wear that is comfortable

    1. Wear the most comfortable jeans you have and wear a shirt and wear a Hoodie if you dont want to wear it tie it around your waist and wear sneakers.

    2. Wear a shirt with comfortable jeans with boots

    3. Wear sweat pants and a hoodie with sneakers

    If you want to look girly

    1. Wear a purple shirt with red skirt and wear jeans with it and wear comfortable shoes

    2. Wear a pink shirt and wear a cute sweater over it and if it's hot tie it around your waist and wear any shoes

    3. Wear a red skirt and a cute shirt and wear brown boots

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  • You shouldn’t wear any type of tight clothing on the plane since it can restrict your blood flow and maybe even cause a deep vein thrombosis

  • But wide legged pants are too big for lavatory or a maxi dress

  • I have never had stinky feet from sandals is that a thing?

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  • No matter how i dressed if am comfortable. Safe landing is the most important ✌

  • I think for a long flight and you are going to a culture-sensitive continent, maxi dress with a jean jacket is the best.

  • All I wear is sweatpants, a tshirt,a hoodie, runners and socks XD

  • Why the hell is there flight dress codes?

  • I keep metal watches, bracelets and belts in my carry on until I get through security. I wear shoes/ boots that are comfortable and I get in and out of quickly. Always dress in layers (menopause)…you never know when a flash will happen. I also have a sweater coat my mother in law made me (thanks mum!) When a lighter cardigan is worn underneath, it is perfect for going from hot to cold climates. Also, I like leggings but being with the airlines, it is important you look professional. Wear leggings in place of tights. In other words, wear a long top that can pass for a dress. That works really well especially if you are moving back and forth between a cold and warm climate. You go from Toronto to Cuba in March and you take off your leggings and sweaters when you land!😁

  • Sweatshirt is my favorite!!!!!


  • No track suits please.

  • All I wear is a peach cardigan, peach shirt, peach short loose trousers, and peach shoes lmao

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  • Avoid maxi dresses and skirts because in those teany tiny lavatories you dont want your skirt or dress touching the floors where their could be body fluids

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