Things to Avoid When Shopping for Kids Shoes | Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics

You want the best for your kids, the best schools. the best teachers, the best sports teams, but do you know what to look for when choosing the right shoes for your kids? Children’s feet don’t fully develop until they’re 8 years old. Compared to adults, their feet are usually overpronated, flatter in the arches, and wider when weight bearing. Because of these factors their footwear needs are very different from adults. Here’s what to avoid, and what to look for the next time you’re shopping for kids footwear. Good shoes are designed with a specific flex point intended to align with the balls of your feet. If the shoes are to big the flex point will be at the wrong spot this forces your foot to bend at an unnecessary area that allows extra strain on your feet. Instead there should be only enough room for half the thumb width from the end of your toe to the end of your shoe. Shoes should feel comfortable immediately, and if they don’t it’s not the right fit. Breaking in a pair of uncomfortable shoes can lead to blisters and impairment of your child’s walking gait. Remember, kids don’t always know how to describe specific points of discomfort or pain, it’s important to check their feet and the fitting of their shoes every single time. Backless and slip-on shoes are convenient, but they do not offer any support or protection during playtime. Instead, a good pair of shoes should have laces Velcro, or some other type of fastening. Until your child knows how to properly tie-up their shoes stick with Velcro as laces can become a tripping hazard. Heels are not only difficult for kids to walk in, but they are particularly bad for proper foot development, and should be avoided at all costs. Your kids want to run around, play, and explore so look for shoes with textured soles like these, they will help prevent them from slipping. The sole should be sturdy enough to protect their feet from injury, yet flexible enough to allow their feet to bend properly. If you have anymore questions about your child’s footwear needs, come talk to a Kintec fitting expert today.

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